Sunday, October 28, 2007

New cheat style on Job Issue

Cheat people are cheating with innocent, job-seeking people in Dhaka. Specially these cheats are targeting the newcomers to Dhaka who comes here to seek a job for their livelihood. They use to publish ads on newspaper, bulletins in the same words, same language, even their tricks are the same. They ask the people that they can serve job if anyone registers in their booth. When people registers they ask for money to arrange all necessary things for that job & finally provide a false job with fake address.
You can find the details here:

I found another interesting cheat style on 'Bdjobs'. Some cheats advertised on 'bdjobs' & 'jobstreet' (both are well-known job portal in Bangladesh) seeking some freelancer for contract based works on data editing. The ads were very impressive, anyone can earn tk10,000 working from home. Their job is to fetch a cd from them & edit the data from scanned image using OCR(optimized character recognition) technique. They would provide the softwares needed for OCR, the freelancers are to edit the data & check back with scanned image & finally submit the cd with corrected data to the job providers. Each cd can earn tk6000 & one can take maximum 2 cds, it indicates that anyone can earn tk12,000 per month, and the job is completely freelance. We estimated that to complete 1 cd takes only 1 day or 10 hours, 5 days if done 2 hours per day. This was nice enough specially for people in this country's jobless job-market. But the key problem is: they demanded only tk10,000 for for providing 2 cds monthly & tk5000 for providing 1 cd monthly.
Knowing the key-trick we realized the situation and got back to our places. Some of my friends were curious, they plotted to collect information. And they found some amazing scenes, about 200 people submitted money to the company, very few of them could retrieve their money, others lost everything. Those who submitted their cds' the cheats reasoned that their worl was erroneous & cut off their estimated payment.
This cheats' firm's name is "Chayaninfosys limited", earlier 4 months ago its name was "didital think". 4 months ago when we went to their office found that they shifted their office from Dhanmondi to Lalmatia due to some strong reasons (we discovered later what the strong reasons are).
Actually there's no freelance job available in Bangladesh. So, everybody should overlook any ads regarding freelance jobs wherever the ad may be placed (even if its placed on bdjobs/jobstreet).