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Surefire ways to cure Cough and rattling of mucus

I suffered from cough for weeks, cured by taking syrups, while Basok syrup worked better than others. But mucus continued to trouble, tried several medicines but all worked for temporary. Monas-10 [as per doctor's prescription] played well for a week, but stumbled soon.
 Then I tried some natural solutions that worked for some time, but still its a tempo.

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Then I switched to my favorite option, homeopathy. Ipecac solved cough problem within a week, but mucus persists. Then I found two amazing combinations - Antimonium Tart and Hepar Sulph.
 Mucus decreased dramatically after a day, decreased to handful no of occurences after 2 weeks and almost diminished after 3 weeks. Lungs are quite light, doesn't feel the need for deep breath after evening-walk.
* Mucus is gone totally after 4 weeks.
 Duration of doses - 30 days.
 Next medicines - Kali Bichrome

Antimonium Tart can be given to those patients who have rattling of mucus in chest on coughing. The bronchial tubes in chest are full of mucus but it cannot be coughed out.
Antimonium Tart in detail.
 Hepar Sulph is used for rattling of mucus that is worse in the morning time. For patients requiring Hepar Sulph, chest congestion  gets worse by cold air exposure.
Hepar Sulph in detail.

Antimonium Tart saved many lives, specially children in early homeopathy treatments. But still doctors failed for many cases leading numerous death because of chest congestion & extreme cough & rattling of mucus. Then Hepar sulph was introduced along with Antimonium Tart that dramatically reduced death troll and save huge lives. Since then, these couples are used for rattling of mucus & serious chest congestion.

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Brian Holmes said...

Cough and mucus is such a problem, especially the mucus which I had for a long time. I wish i had known about this solution at the time. Thanks for the informative post.