Friday, April 1, 2016

Sound eyes and Qigong exercise

Do you have eye-burn or heated eye-muscle or watery eyes? Almost 99 out of 100 people faced these symptoms once or more. If the troubles persist for long term then you must have eye-problems, if not cured quickly then you're sure to taste serious eye diseases, some may turn irreversible leading to blindness.
 So, its needed for you to be concerned about your eye health. However, you can bid goodbye to eye troubles if you can exercise your eyes for 5-10 minutes a day.

Qigong exercise:
Some gigs invented qigong in China. Due to its simplicity & effectiveness, soon it spread all over the world.
 Several different dimensions of qigong dominate bounty of eye issues. But I like the following easy steps-
 1. Blink your eyes slowly for 10 times. Open & shift eyeballs from up to down and close, repeat for 10.
 2. Hold your sight fixed at any dot for 30-60 seconds.
 3. Stand in corridor or garden, find li'l distant trees from you, and begin to count the leaves, stop at 100. If you have much patience & time, then continue 100 count for another term.
 4. Look at the near leave for 5s, then find the rear distant leave [as far your eyes can support without hurting] for 5s. Repeat the cycle for 5-10 times.
 After completion, massage your eyes, eye-muscles, & eyebrows slowly, very slowly.

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