Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why did Bangladesh loose in last cricket series against Srilanka?

Bangladesh washed in white in last 3-match ODI series against mighty Srilanka. Uncounted cricket gigs, heads, analysts and think-tanks already reviewed the series and made inner sights. So, I'm not gonna kick the bash! I'll just try to write my words from a public point of view.

First 2 matches were close, 1 was really close. But in 3rd match Bangladesh played well, flavored with shiny batting, but still they lost. Because Srilanka played just better, it was their day.

I'll write about first 2 matches only.
There're some faults with BD cricket team like catch-missing, loose fielding and so on. So I'm not gonna trigger those old school stories.

1st match: Srilanka won by 13 runs.
In 1st match our target was pretty low, top order batsmen walked in proper line. At the end, tail-enders (mainly bowlers) came to bat who're not good at batting. So, they needed protection. The set batsman on the other end would support them.
But did they get any support?
No, they didn't.

There's a set batsman, Mushfiqur, who was playing really good and basically he's a batsman. In such connection, his core duty is to keep the strike as long as possible and play big shots. He should face 5 balls & take a single at the last ball. Thus, the tail-ender batsman (basic bowler) remains safe & Bangladesh doesn't loose anymore wicket.
But the shocking part is, the set batsman took singles on 1st or 2nd ball of the over. And the amateur batsman (bowler) had to play rest of the over. Thus last wickets fell off quickly.
And Bangladesh lost the match.

2nd match: Srilanka won by 61 runs.
Target was big (290) but not unreachable.
In 2nd match our players did bat well, really well. Some of them made moderate scores, but failed to linger it further.
But why can't they make big score (100+)?
Because they played stupid shots.

2 batsmen played well & 2 seemed prominent, then THAT happened. They made 2 faults-
1) Pulled ball over heads to get over-boundary. If you pull ball for 6, then 60% chance is to get 6 and 40% chance is to give catch. That means, when you pull a ball, you wisk 40% probability to AXE ON YOUR OWN LEG. All 4 players axed on their own...

2) When a Bangladeshi batsman gets a a boundary or over-boundary, he thinks he's the boogy tiger who can beat any ball. He tends to repeatedly beat the ball for boundaries and throws his wicket.

#1 fault can be solved if you care. Learn from Sangakkara, who made 100 from 14 boundaries and not a single over boundary. While our 4 players made 20-80 but hit several sixes!
Is it a joke?
Stop pulling ball for sixes. Look for gaps and place balls there to get 4. That's how you can survive & so the team.

#2 trouble should be taken seriously. Bangladesh team should issue a strict order.
When a player scores a boundary, he must not go for another boundary for next 2-3 balls, he must take singles. Its better to take this strategy, ONE BOUNDARY FOR AN OVER, if you get a boundary in an over that's enough, you must not beat again. 9 runs (4+1+1+1+1+1) is more than enough for an over.

I just wonder, what the player on the opposite end does when he views his mate is jumping for repeated boundaries. Why doesn't he forbid him? Why doesn't he remind him of 'axing on his own...' case.

Lastly, consistency in team line-up is necessary. You can't change players whenever you want. In 3 matches, 3 different pace bowlers were called replacing one another. None of them could adjust, so lost bowling strategies.
We need 1-2 powerfull pace bowlers who can frighten the opponents & take wickets. Sadly, we don't have those quality bowlers. And we have one, but team says that he's not fit, though he plays fine when get chances. Bangladesh cricket team has to make out 1-2 consistent pace bowlers who can terror the opponents.

To my eyes, Bangladesh should have won the series by 2-1 if they could overcome the above issues.