Monday, May 6, 2019

Recent projects -Business intelligence and E-commerce portal

After some break, I restarted my programming career at Shurjomukhi Ltd. I'm grateful to Fida vai for his help, he gave me a break while all showed their back.

    Dfd +phase:
 My first project was to develop a Business Intelligence (BI) for Trust bank. The project was already half-done and I arrived in 2nd phase, so I had no clue how to advance. For first few days I had to sink in unknown zone. Then I began to swim in water, gradually explored DFD & database, soon things became very clear to me. Database was designed in efficient manner, so all hazards turned into bulbs; and thanks to data-flow-diagram (dfd).
It was a big project of 23 crore bdt! While deploying into server, we had to sit for hours as Trust bank officials made us wait for nothing. Other programmers became very angry, but it didn't touch me much as I was trying to shape things into phases. Soon my efforts saw some results, those guys who used to nab me first, praised me later.

    Logic + core vs framework
I know php and worked actively for about 5 years, in core php. But frameworks began to replace core php, so everybody began to conclude that php is nothing. When I stepped into job, people who're very juniors used to mock me. But when a framework came into my grip in few months, I realized that I can work in any framework and did so.
  Logic & architecture are extremely important for programming, not just putting some codes. It needs some deeper digging, all doesn't have that. People often forget these things and come up with some stupid ideas to judge!

    Office environment:
SRJ schedule was greatly flexible, 10am-6:30pm, latency was relaxed while performance was counted (that every office should look for), but 6-days [Saturday half] panicked us all while all programmers look for 5-days schedule. Environment was noise-free, good for coding. But my desk was in bad shape, spotted just before air-conditioner that drove me into deep cold troubles. My colleagues assisted me to adapt in frameworks.

    Pathetic laptop:
A laptop was placed at my desk when I joined SRJ, its pathos touched me. A 2nd-hand laptop lost all colors, coated with devastating scraps on entire half zone, served me for 6 months! Still I amaz how I worked with it!! I disliked it from day one, but nothing to do. I never worked on such thing ever before & want it to be the last bullshiet. Anyway the ugly & super-slow device did run somehow till I worked there.

    E-commerce project:
Newtech International Ltd. dropped me an e-commerce project that they need to start for some new area. I took some preparations for making job-portal as per early words, but it got changed. And I had to dive into something that I never made! Challenges & sweats crawled by me, but decided to follow steps in order to make it done.

 The environment is mixed; not that sour like Surjomukhi where everybody was hostile & used to back-bite, but there's noise always as co-workers used to talk for their projects that made difficult to concentrate. And I had to work alone, no helping-hand is given as said in early meetings. So, it was hazardous to me for this large project.
 I was given an amazing fresh new laptop that pleased me a lot.
 After hard works for months, I could build the backbone system. Next thing was to integrate cart & transactions. Laravel doesn't have any good solutions for such jobs, after searching for several weeks I discovered 'Crinsane' package that helped me out, but it's only half-complete package. So, I had to dig into deep and make things at my own!
 We're looking for a secure way to deal with REST api calls, needed to build an extra layer to make the system safe. So, I used 'passport' bundle that's built on top of Oauth-2.0 to create 3-tier authentication.