Monday, March 18, 2013

Case study: A poor girl trapped by girl trafficker

Case study: A poor girl trapped by girl trafficker

During my stay at home, I heard a heart-breaking story, obviously its true. But this is not the only case, there are numerous and hundred times ugly cases occur almost everyday. Some we can count, most we can't and abandon those. I'll reveal the ugly truth today.

'Saleha khala' works at our home for long, shifted to mess for years, but still frequently visited my mother. Few months ago, she permanently began to work in our home since my mother's physical condition worsened. Saleha khala is very active woman, hardly can sit without doing anything, managed all jobs. Maa was very happy as previous workers caused lots of stupid troubles.

Saleha khala had a niece, coded with more than average look, age above 20, little torubled head, hardly can differenciate between good and bad. I just saw her twice, realized that she's a childish girl who just can't get tough social matters; her childish acts made me laugh, praiseworthy innocence. But this childish gift didn't favor her in real life. She was married twice and was abused by both husbands and their families. Then she began to stay at home with her parents and worked with khala.

Things were rolling fine until late November. Few weeks ago, she was seen with a strange man several times. Her parents interrogated her, she confessed that she's in a relation with the man. She added that he loves her & wants to marry her. But her father refused the relation and her parents & relatives forbade her to mix with him anymore. They knew her weak points & unusual intelligence, that's why tried to protect her from any sort of disaster. They told her to work with her aunt as usual & forget it.

The next days seemed to be good, nobody noticed the stranger around her. But the strike is yet to come. At the end of November, she earned her salary from mess & houses. Immediately she shopped some fancy girly items like earrings, 'churi', clothes. Her parents asked her, she laughed & said that these things will be needed. Nobody could doubt the upcoming nightmare. The night passed, her door was locked, everybody called her & after hours they found that she left the house.

Since her missing, her parents & Saleha khala took all sorts of steps to make her return, but all tries ended into smoke. They called the stranger's mobile, with whom she left, the whole day, but his phone was switched off. There was no sign, no trail. After 2 days, she called her home & said in crying voice that she's held as prisoner in a illegal girl trafficking camp. She said that the devil pretended to love her, took her out of town, then hijacked all her belongings including money, mobile & those purchased items. That's why she could not contact with her family. She said that the devil is out of camp & left the mobile somehow, she's using the scope. There were more girls fetched in similar fashion, kept altogether. The traffickers are taking them to India, will sell them there, may be to brothels or illegal locations.
A helpless girl's happy dreams as a bride ended into a brothel.
Perhaps no words can console...

Her parents & khala were about mad for some days, they began to search for her, even went to Benapol & border areas to find her. But you know, you can't find a needle in heysteck.

BSF is well known in killing hundreds of Bangladeshis while fetching cows from India. They shoot, kill, even torture in animal-type ways. But this time, I didn't see them doing their respective duties. Every month, hundreds of girls are trafficked to India illegally but you will never find that BSF killed a single human trafficker!

The question is why? Why they can kill cow traffickers but fail seamlessly to murder girl traffickers? Because they gain their shares everyday, ample money from Blackers & new girls! huh!!! This is the characteristics of BSF.

And what about our BGB? What do they do?? They just collect their shares, that's it. I don't know whom to blame. But I can say that there was no GOD for the girl to save her from monsters.