Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let me bamboo into PSC.....

PSC chairman 'Sadat Hossain' repeated his 'Ajij style' attempt again. He refused the admit cards for the candidates for 28th BCS Preliminary exam (specially who passed in 27th BCS & attended 27th BCS viva, and sons/daughters of freedom fighters). This g-r-e-a-t guy proved the old proverb 'Rabon has 10 heads, if u cut one, another will replace it', and

the most recent version of Ajij (teko Ajij) who was former Chief election comissioner damazing about 200 crore of the government.

This man cancelled 27th BCS qualified people & took the interview for the 2nd term. In that exam he threw away all candidates who qualified for the 1st time. In the 2nd result all new faces enrolled into who never quallified in previous exams. That's why the protest is going on and the victims are starving infront of Shahid-minar (the place considered as the most significant momentum of Bangladesh).

But this time the great 'PSC' exceeded all sort of boundaries that a human being can be abide by. The chairman 'Sadat' realized that this government is behind him, so whatever he does No one can do any harm to him. So, he advanced one step forward. He cancelled all the forms submitted by the candidates who qualified in 27th BCS written exam & appeared at the interview followed by the written test. And he took his mighty decision to be more powerful one, he denied the applications from sons/daughters of our pride 'freedom fighters'.

On protest of the candidates they issued some admit cards in special(!!!) format. They marked the top of form by red color, and signed at the top-right corner as "special consideration". In my early age I witnessed many boys who failed in the exam & requested their teachers to let them appear in the final exam, in such case the teachers

wrote the title 'special consideration'. But I can't understand the candidates who passed & qualified in previous 2/3 BCS exams (most tough exam of Bangladesh) how can be considered to seat for exam with this so brand 'special consideration'.

Why don't sponsors call on him, make a telecast program and give him an award for his "best handling personality". This is really a jame, I never hard of it. 'Sadat' is the man of producing intellectual ideas, 'the guesser' who knows much before who can qualify or not, 'the terminator' who is the only man after Hercules.

PSC is now surrounded by hundreds of police forces, no one can enter into the building, le alone claiming for their acts. If anybody attempts to talk to the officials of PSC police is performing their action by bitting by pushing by throwing. If anybody missed playing handball, would go there to learn how to play it.

One of the candidates claimed to me that (he qualified in previous 2 BCS written exams & faced the interviews) his application form is rejected by PSC. I asked him why & how it happened. He told me that PSC said he did mistakes while filling the forms!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I'm not so dare to ask him why he wasn't careful enough to

fillup the form, as I know that he passed in last several BCS exams (both preliminary & written), and he passed from the most reputed university of Bangladesh. I just wondered 'devil doesn't need any reason to harm'.

Finally I really don't know what's waiting for these guys fate. As this is Bangladesh, and I have seen it from so close than any other guy (specially political situations as I had to stay in University hall), I know that there's nothing for the victims. There's only one rule 'jor jar muluk tar (fortune is fo the mighty bastards)'.

If you think that really its a matter to take into consideration, pls pass this message to all people you know and ask them circulate it. At least we can say what happened to us whether we can't make it stop or not.