Thursday, April 16, 2009

Title tricks to hit the frontpage of Reddit:

Title tricks to hit the frontpage of Reddit:
Titles play the most significant role in Reddit as users judge a submission reading only title. There’s no option to describe ur post-title in Reddit, so u need to be very careful while choosing a title for ur post.
Keep in mind that Reddit users love longtail titles rather than short titles unlike Digg. Any long title with catchy promotion grabs more attention.

List of some good titles that hit frontpage:
- Even better: I'll admit that legalizing marijuana would be good for the economy, if you admit that 90% of you don't give a shit about the economy, and just want it legalized because prohibition is an ethical outrage. Marijuana prohibition is simply indefensible
- Defamation of "Religion" is now a Human Rights Violation
- For most of you, burning candles for Earth Hour will emit more carbon than a single lamp with a compact-fluorescent bulb.
- Last year, for my birthday, my brother made me a goatse cake. This year, he made this
- My new #1 reason for legalizing marijuana is so that every other article on the front page won't be about legalizing marijuana.

And a trick that always work:
Now I will teach you how to get 1k uniques a day from Reddit now if you overdo it, you will get banned they have never banned my URLS may be because I submit from different accounts but as long as you get 1k a day who cares. In worst case they will ban you from submitting to a category.

Now we will find interesting stuff that we can post on our blog and promote it on Reddit. My favorite and one of the best trick is to use Stumble to find images, all you have to do is in your StumbleUpon Toolbar click the the button that says Stumble Images and it will show you tons of nice interesting pics, anytime you hit a nice one, download the image on your pc and then post it back on your blog with a new title.

Once that is done go to with your 1st account your main IP and then click Submit new link and then in title field put a title as long as possible, the longer the better, if you put short title you will not get any traffic. So for example –

Bad title - beautiful nature image

HOT title - I know you have seen a lot of nature images but I guarantee nobody around Reddit have ever seen anything like this before, because good come by hard..

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