Monday, August 30, 2010

3 impressive shots can make you smile

What is the best idea to refresh your mind?
Smile, smile and smile.... lol..
While surfing through web I found some amazing photos taken by amateur photographers. Among the pics, three shots impressed me a lot and made me think how amazing they are!

1. Flying camel(!) seeks last minute chat:

2. The beauty of animals - Sweet dog kisses tiny cat:

3. Attractive walkway for all kinds:

How to draw picture

To draw picture is surely requires artistic skills as well as clear vision & paradox. The following images are an example of power of arts:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Guess Who Is Trying To Trademark The Word “Face”? (And Guess Who Is Trying To Stop It?)

When it comes to trademarks, Facebook is proving to be a bully. It is going after Teachbook in court for using a similar name, and already forced Placebook to change its name. But that is only half the story.

It is not just the word “book” at the end of a company or product name that Facebook might object to. If it has its way, the word “Face” at the beginning of a name might also bring out its lawyers. In fact, Facebook is currently trying to register the word “Face” as a trademark. (It already owns the trademark on “Facebook”). Facebook took over the trademark application for “Face” from a company in the UK called CIS Internet Limited, which operated a site called Presumably, Facebook bought the application sometime around November, 2008, which is when its lawyer started dealing with the USPTO.

However, at least one person is objecting to this trademark: Aaron Greenspan. Yup, that Aaron Greenspan, Mark Zuckerberg’s classmate at Harvard who laid a claim to helping create Facebook, which he later settled. Greenspan now has his own company, Think Computer, which is behind the mobile payments app called FaceCash (watch the TCTV interview with him).

If Facebook gets the trademark for the word “Face,” that could spell trouble for FaceCash. “The possible registration has implications for my company (not to mention hundreds of others, including Apple, Inc.), so I’ve decided to ask the USPTO for an extension of time to oppose it,” he explains in an email. Apple, of course, owns the trademark to “Facetime,” the video calling feature on the latest iPhones.

Although Greenspan owns the trademark to “FaceCash”, he wants to protect his ability to use the word “face” in future products. He also wants to make sure Facebook won’t go after him. Given it’s track record of vigorously defending its trademarks (which it is encouraged to do by the law or else risk losing them), that could become a very real possibility.

Getting an extension of time to file an objection is not the same as actually blocking the trademark. But “face” is a pretty generic word and Facebook doesn’t actually use it on its own, only in combination with “book.” If Facebook doesn’t get “face,” maybe it will have better luck with “like.” It has at least 14 applications to trademark that word as well.

This post is taken from TechCrunch.

Monday, August 9, 2010

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Chimbuk hill calls for your visit

I heard about Chimbuk hill since my childhood. Chimbuk hill is in Banderban district in Bangladesh. I knew that this hill is a famous for its beauty, exciting attractions, clouds calls and thrills. The following images will make you feel the call from the heart of Chimbuk!