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What's next, to win world cup or to win 1 match? :
Do you want journalists to write 'glory of 2008/2010 victory'? (Means once BD defeated a big team 2 years ago or 4 years ago). Or you want them to win regularly? (Means no glory for 1 match)Its time to decide such things. If you want to win 1 match in 2 years then only all-rounder is enough for you. But if you want to win all matches & clinch world cup ... Read More

What to do to make Bangladesh a balanced team? :
After closely watching last few months activities of BD team, I came to conclusion that there's a mighty group in the team. Captain's role: Mushfiqur Rahim is a young team captain of BD team. He was appointed at younger age due to some critical reasons. We hoped that he could learn quick & become a good captain ... Read More

T20 world cup 2014 'tukitaki' :
This world cup is different from previous versions. Sub-continental low-bouncy pitch gave it a whippy look. Some matches impressed me. Women's team achieved 2 victories: Bangladesh women team won twice, against Srilanka in group match and against Ireland. They placed 9th defeating Ireland. Salma, Romana performed consistently ... Read More

Sakib's outstanding stupid interview and few issues :
I'm really sorry to write on this issue as I don't have anymore option to avoid treachery to my nation. I'm really sorry, because next 3 blog posts including this one will curve some people's satisfaction to a level of anger. I had no intention to write anything on this T20 world cup cricket 2014, so avoided posting any words on my blog or twitter. I was in peace; but a stupid interview published on front page of a delicious daily newspaper forced me to write ... Read More

Why did Bangladesh loose in last cricket series against Srilanka? :
Bangladesh washed in white in last 3-match ODI series against mighty Srilanka. Uncounted cricket gigs, heads, analysts and think-tanks already reviewed the series and made inner sights. So, I'm not gonna kick the bash! I'll just try to write my words from a public point of view. First 2 matches were close, 1 was really close. But in 3rd match Bangladesh played ... Read More


Miss USA 2010 - Rima Fakih is a muslim girl (Lebanon) :
Rima Fakih crowned Miss USA 2010 beauty pagent. The breath taking beauty achieved her title after long funny & ugly scandals of the corresponding beauty contest. Rima Fakih is a muslim girl, she originated from a muslim family and she herself is a muslim. Rima's family is originated from Lebanon (called as land of beauty in Middle east). The beauty, grace ... Read More

Mehjabin wins Lux channel i superstar 2009 award :
Mehjabin Chowdhury won the most exciting beauty contest Lux channel i superstar 2009. After 6 months competition the beauty contest ended with Gala-round a few hours ago. Mehjabin became lux superstar 2009, while Ishana won 1st runner-up crown and Swarna won 2nd runner-up crown. The gala round was composed of 5 final beauty contestants. Chaity, the superstar 2008, crowned the new beauty winners. The new superstar, the most beautiful pageant ... Read More

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