Monday, June 3, 2019

Surfing Dhaka- Our Tour To Dhanmondi area & Sodorghat

We went to Dhanmondi-32 to observe Shekh Mujibur Rahman's house (Bongbondhu museum). It took 2 minutes walk from main road.
A mid-sized monument of Mujib's portrait is placed on the left side of road, locker room is beside it where one has to keep bag & cellphone for security. Get a ticket and token for bag, then cross the road, the house is on the right side of the road. Guards would stop to pass by a metal-detector door to come clean, the next phase is quite irritating, you have to stand before wall so that the cameraman can take your photo-snap for further tracking.

The house-front is exposed with green field marvel grass, Sheuly-tree ropes upwards. 3-staired building contains lashing corridor on 1st floor coded with enough space for tubs of flowers. Mujib used to stand in the corridor & speak to people who stood in the grassy-fields. Downstairs is prohibited for visit, so we went upwards, followed direction marks.
Main-stairs are locked down, glass sheets are placed on stairs to keep bullet-marks alive. When blacksheeps shot, Shekh Mujib slided on stairs, those marks are still there. 1st-floor consists of marks of bullets, found in doors, windows, ceilings & floors; blood signs are available in clothes & wood. Besides these, the memories of the great family, consists of beds, cupboards, sofa, tv, cloth-lines of various types, gifts, paintings... 2nd-floor consists of drawing room & another big room.
Walls are decorated with several photographs of Mujib family, each of them conveys signs of history. These images are enough to introduce one to the historic era.
An extension building is placed just by the side of the main building, where current Mujib family members reside like Shekh Hasina. There are some collections of memories, but couldn't enter as a chela of AL stopped us.
On-exit we took some snaps before Mujib's tiny monument and collection of paper-clips.

Mouly was bored first when I took her to the historic house, but soon became engaged, learned a lot. At the corridor she praised the concept & Mujib's talent for such architecture.

Then we walked along the Dhanmondi-lake side, felt hungry, after few minutes got 'jhalmuri', ate sitting at banyan-root, then we took some photos, the views were amazing. We passed the bridge over lake and walked through lake-side garden. We looked for 'kulfi' but watched it pass from distant area, then took 'kola-vorta' that's mixed with 5-6 types of vegetables like banana, boroi, guava, lemon and more, she ate with happiness.
The lake-view is alluring, sun-rays glits over lake-water, the garden is exposed with various trees. We sat on tree-roots for some time, watched the ripples of lake. Then we walked among trees, this area is ideal to pass time, couples were dating like all-time. There are boats for ride, priced per hour, planned to ride next time.

We got into a bus that took 2.5 hours [dhakai-jam, gift of Dhaka] to reach Sadarghat that usually takes an hour. We entered Jagannath university and showed her some spots quickly, academic block, canteen, register block, sculpture and that spot where I sat for hours to proofread my first published novel.
Banglabazar stands just before lunch-terminal, showed her the alley.

Then we entered 'Sadarghat' where all routes of lunches arrive. Burigonga river is so polluted that the dark-black water spreads bad-smell. Number of lunches was docked, uncounted people were passing by in busy gaits, goods were being carried, small boats used to carry goods & people, hawkers used to jump by windows, we enjoyed the scenario. Then a big-lunch began to enter the terminal through very narrow-space, the moments were really hilarious.

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