Monday, June 3, 2019

Surfing Dhaka- Our Tour To Dhanmondi area & Sodorghat

We went to Dhanmondi-32 to observe Shekh Mujibur Rahman's house (Bongbondhu museum). It took 2 minutes walk from main road.
A mid-sized monument of Mujib's portrait is placed on the left side of road, locker room is beside it where one has to keep bag & cellphone for security. Get a ticket and token for bag, then cross the road, the house is on the right side of the road. Guards would stop to pass by a metal-detector door to come clean, the next phase is quite irritating, you have to stand before wall so that the cameraman can take your photo-snap for further tracking.

The house-front is exposed with green field marvel grass, Sheuly-tree ropes upwards. 3-staired building contains lashing corridor on 1st floor coded with enough space for tubs of flowers. Mujib used to stand in the corridor & speak to people who stood in the grassy-fields. Downstairs is prohibited for visit, so we went upwards, followed direction marks.
Main-stairs are locked down, glass sheets are placed on stairs to keep bullet-marks alive. When blacksheeps shot, Shekh Mujib slided on stairs, those marks are still there. 1st-floor consists of marks of bullets, found in doors, windows, ceilings & floors; blood signs are available in clothes & wood. Besides these, the memories of the great family, consists of beds, cupboards, sofa, tv, cloth-lines of various types, gifts, paintings... 2nd-floor consists of drawing room & another big room.
Walls are decorated with several photographs of Mujib family, each of them conveys signs of history. These images are enough to introduce one to the historic era.
An extension building is placed just by the side of the main building, where current Mujib family members reside like Shekh Hasina. There are some collections of memories, but couldn't enter as a chela of AL stopped us.
On-exit we took some snaps before Mujib's tiny monument and collection of paper-clips.

Mouly was bored first when I took her to the historic house, but soon became engaged, learned a lot. At the corridor she praised the concept & Mujib's talent for such architecture.

Then we walked along the Dhanmondi-lake side, felt hungry, after few minutes got 'jhalmuri', ate sitting at banyan-root, then we took some photos, the views were amazing. We passed the bridge over lake and walked through lake-side garden. We looked for 'kulfi' but watched it pass from distant area, then took 'kola-vorta' that's mixed with 5-6 types of vegetables like banana, boroi, guava, lemon and more, she ate with happiness.
The lake-view is alluring, sun-rays glits over lake-water, the garden is exposed with various trees. We sat on tree-roots for some time, watched the ripples of lake. Then we walked among trees, this area is ideal to pass time, couples were dating like all-time. There are boats for ride, priced per hour, planned to ride next time.

We got into a bus that took 2.5 hours [dhakai-jam, gift of Dhaka] to reach Sadarghat that usually takes an hour. We entered Jagannath university and showed her some spots quickly, academic block, canteen, register block, sculpture and that spot where I sat for hours to proofread my first published novel.
Banglabazar stands just before lunch-terminal, showed her the alley.

Then we entered 'Sadarghat' where all routes of lunches arrive. Burigonga river is so polluted that the dark-black water spreads bad-smell. Number of lunches was docked, uncounted people were passing by in busy gaits, goods were being carried, small boats used to carry goods & people, hawkers used to jump by windows, we enjoyed the scenario. Then a big-lunch began to enter the terminal through very narrow-space, the moments were really hilarious.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Recent projects -Business intelligence and E-commerce portal

After some break, I restarted my programming career at Shurjomukhi Ltd. I'm grateful to Fida vai for his help, he gave me a break while all showed their back.

    Dfd +phase:
 My first project was to develop a Business Intelligence (BI) for Trust bank. The project was already half-done and I arrived in 2nd phase, so I had no clue how to advance. For first few days I had to sink in unknown zone. Then I began to swim in water, gradually explored DFD & database, soon things became very clear to me. Database was designed in efficient manner, so all hazards turned into bulbs; and thanks to data-flow-diagram (dfd).
It was a big project of 23 crore bdt! While deploying into server, we had to sit for hours as Trust bank officials made us wait for nothing. Other programmers became very angry, but it didn't touch me much as I was trying to shape things into phases. Soon my efforts saw some results, those guys who used to nab me first, praised me later.

    Logic + core vs framework
I know php and worked actively for about 5 years, in core php. But frameworks began to replace core php, so everybody began to conclude that php is nothing. When I stepped into job, people who're very juniors used to mock me. But when a framework came into my grip in few months, I realized that I can work in any framework and did so.
  Logic & architecture are extremely important for programming, not just putting some codes. It needs some deeper digging, all doesn't have that. People often forget these things and come up with some stupid ideas to judge!

    Office environment:
SRJ schedule was greatly flexible, 10am-6:30pm, latency was relaxed while performance was counted (that every office should look for), but 6-days [Saturday half] panicked us all while all programmers look for 5-days schedule. Environment was noise-free, good for coding. But my desk was in bad shape, spotted just before air-conditioner that drove me into deep cold troubles. My colleagues assisted me to adapt in frameworks.

    Pathetic laptop:
A laptop was placed at my desk when I joined SRJ, its pathos touched me. A 2nd-hand laptop lost all colors, coated with devastating scraps on entire half zone, served me for 6 months! Still I amaz how I worked with it!! I disliked it from day one, but nothing to do. I never worked on such thing ever before & want it to be the last bullshiet. Anyway the ugly & super-slow device did run somehow till I worked there.

    E-commerce project:
Newtech International Ltd. dropped me an e-commerce project that they need to start for some new area. I took some preparations for making job-portal as per early words, but it got changed. And I had to dive into something that I never made! Challenges & sweats crawled by me, but decided to follow steps in order to make it done.

 The environment is mixed; not that sour like Surjomukhi where everybody was hostile & used to back-bite, but there's noise always as co-workers used to talk for their projects that made difficult to concentrate. And I had to work alone, no helping-hand is given as said in early meetings. So, it was hazardous to me for this large project.
 I was given an amazing fresh new laptop that pleased me a lot.
 After hard works for months, I could build the backbone system. Next thing was to integrate cart & transactions. Laravel doesn't have any good solutions for such jobs, after searching for several weeks I discovered 'Crinsane' package that helped me out, but it's only half-complete package. So, I had to dig into deep and make things at my own!
 We're looking for a secure way to deal with REST api calls, needed to build an extra layer to make the system safe. So, I used 'passport' bundle that's built on top of Oauth-2.0 to create 3-tier authentication.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Our bonding to Chitra

Khanpur stands at the border-line between Jessore and Magura districts. Chitra river divides 2 districts & the village falls for Jessore side. Khanpur is about 15-minutes cng-ride distant from Shimakhali bazar, the road improved from disaster when I first visited. Amazing Chitra shapes it, and the green gardens & fields made it a beauty that's folds are rich in simplicity & warm-hearts.

Moumita Mouly at the bank of Chitra river.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Less-known facts about Cataract Surgery -one needs to know

My mom had to undergo cataract surgeries for both eyes in consecutive two months. The severe experience taught us something about pain & stress from surgery. Earlier, we knew that cataract surgery is one of the easiest surgery where
- 90% patients use to recover eye-sight
- No difficulty during or after surgery
- Effortless procedure

But OMG! My experience peeled nuts for another hidden chapter.

   Maa's surgery:
Maa's operations were carried out in Birdem hospital, the leading hospital in our country for diabetes patients. First operation was performed in March & the later in April (1 month gap between 2 operations). Dr. Ashraful performed the surgeries who's a leading surgeon.
 Our schedule was in February, but it delayed due to Maa's extreme level of diabetes. Doc had to raise insulin doze by triple to lower her blood-sugar level and sugar normalized after 40 days!
 We started at 7am in one fine morning to avoid heavy traffic [marvel nasty gift of Dhaka], took 2 uber cabs. Protha, Porja & Auro enjoyed the trips, some vomits happened though, and it’s the first Dhk-visit of Moumita Mouly after our marriage.
 Nurse took Maa into cabin to prepare things before surgery about an hour ago where 4-5 patients were already waiting [they should reduce wait-time because the waiting & painful sound from OT horrified them]. Doc was really good, carried out surgery fast without difficulty. Nurse brought Maa with blindfold to us after few minutes (they should keep the patients for some more time there as they probed for severe pain just after surgery), handed us prescription with some drops & medicines, but without anything to stop the severe pain.

   Hidden chapter disclosed:
After arriving at home, I came to know that Maa's eye pain was increasing, there's no sign to reduce. We called, but doctor said that there's nothing they can do at this moment as pain-killer would make the situation worse. I knew about the hilarious facts about aleopathy pain-killers & their extreme side-effects.
 By this time, Maa's eye began to pain terribly, she felt extreme pointing pain that's like stitching into eyes. She couldn't even talk due to extreme level of pain. She tried to sleep, but it didn't help at all. Rather pain became intolerable in evening.

The hidden chapter about surgery was disclosed to me!
But I needed a solution...
I needed to stop the pointing pain into eyes.

I searched for solution in my favorite medicine-type, Homeopathy. At first, I was uncertain to get a solution as there's no room for surgery in Homeopath.
But I got the solution and that's from Homeopath!

Ledum Palustre can stop pointing pain in eyes. I hesitated first, but gave 2-3 drops, then waited.
After few minutes Maa claimed that her pain (specially pointing-pain into eyes) reduced a lot. Another dose was given that almost stopped her severe pain and she rested in better tone.

Ledum Palustre, 30 potency can heal pointing eye pain after surgery, take 4 dozes.

Every patient had the same problem: The next day, we took Maa to Birdem to set power for her lens. There she met with other patients who were feeling stitching pain into eyes, they couldn't bear but had to. And a patient who came from long distant area, claimed that she got her operation 6 months ago, but still she feels pointing pain into her eyes!
If they knew the amazing facts about Homeopath!

For those who're going to undergo cataract surgery now or later, take a tiny-bottle of Ledum Pals and say goodbye to extreme pointing pain of cataract surgery.

O! Falgun coming

Another falgun is coming. Lots of memories are striking my mind, still loose myself often.
Falgun brings gentle breeze and warmth to nature, flourish everywhere from deadly winter. Trees, flowers and marvel wind sweep the life into heavenly feels. Girls expose in yellow/orange costumes & flowers.
  It makes me nostalgic, takes me back to those days.

I remember those days when leaves fell in steady swing at noon under enjoyable sun. This scenario made me start writing. Our home-side garden exposed in various colors of tree-leaves.

 Remember those afternoon & evening walks by the alleys, fields & ponds and rail-lines. Still miss the kissing breeze by the rail-cross coated with small-pond and wide field.
That morning when I walked through Cnb-colony & discovered unseen area separated by gates.

 Evening stands on my 2 feet by Karbala pond where enjoyed ripples, air & stars of sky. Failure pathos used to hit me.
Miss the old rain-tree where I used to stand & gaze surroundings, saw stars fill the sky and distant vehicle-lights coming closer on road.

 Missy moments sometimes strike me for the journey of my life.