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Free Palestine:
After establishment of Israel, it was engaged in a battle against Arab countries. When they were about to loose the war, they decided to attack nuclear bombs on Arabs, USA resisted them provided advanced fighter planes necessary arms that ultimately made Israel win. And after their victory, Israel forcibly occupied more lands; they grabbed about 80% lands of the entire Palestine where UNO proposed 2 countries- one for jews (56%) & other for Muslims (44%). Since then, Palestinians are out of home, without a country. Everyday Palestinians get up from sleep ... Read More

Some factors made Arab countries mum about genocide:
Arab countries are silent about Israel's miraculous brutality for a century. They never ever dare to break this dilemma although their neighborhood country is always burning. Most important thing is, the third world countries & distant Muslim countries always protest those inhuman activities. If they can do it then why Arabs set their pants wet? ... Read More

The golden frog made Hollywood celebrities mum:
Our favorite celebrities always stand on the front line for any cause or events, mostly for good reasons. They love to grab attention of media doing charity works, run campaigns, speak against odds and fight evil things. They always tend to grab so called the golden frog.
    But this time all celebrities except rear few mysteriously remained quiet that put some question marks to us ... Read More

Why did US politicians remain silent during genocide?:
The craziest part of the genocide was the pin-drop silence from US politician's side. Not a single person dared to pronounce a single word against murderer Israel. It may sound weird, but this is the truth and there are significant reasons behind this silence. ... Read More

Dumb Ass force led by Israel faltered efficiency level:
Israeli force acted as a Dumb-Ass force in this war. Their fighter planes bombed & dropped missiles in Gaza targets, causing huge destructions; and ground attacks coded with tanks that destroyed entire Gaza city. Thousands of people died, almost a hundred Palestinians died everyday. ... Read More

Israel revenged in Nazi style:

Gaza genocide 2014 in picture:

Hamas committed sin:

No comment can ever describe these photos:

9 years Palestine's girl killed in brutal way:
No comment can ever describe this photo. This is a palestinian girl killed by Israel.
Hadeel AbdulKareem Elsemary.. 9 years old shot from an Israeli tank while she was playing in the street on 11th June ... Read More

Pakistan's Sharia law..finally...:
Pakistan is a country of some combination like crazy, wild people, besides tribal along with the curse 'militant'. This country is suffering from unexpected acts from the very beginning. Democracy never existed there, not even now although a democratic government is ruling the country. If they were real democrat then in now way they could decree for Sharia law ... Read More

Mystery of Benazir's murder:
3 days passed, but still Benazir's murder is in mystery. A militant group said yesterday it had no link to Benazir Bhutto's killing, dismissing government claims as a bitter dispute erupted over how the opposition leader was killed. A close aide to Benazir Bhutto told AFP Saturday she saw a bullet wound in the Pakistani opposition leader's head when she bathed ... Read More

Benazir's murder: The end of Pakistan's stability:
Benazir Haque was the last symbol of democracy in Pakistan. Although she was blessed by the 'West power-house', she was the only lady who can stand against unfair activities like 'moulana, mufti, fotoa' etc. The terrorists were displeased at her from the very beginning. They began to threaten her since the day she declared to return to her country. But she ... Read More

Italy plans for prostitution penalty:
The overall criteria of prostitution in Italy is worse than any country in European region and the situation is worsening day by day. 'Luisa' is one of the most beautiful leading prostitutes in Italy. She revealed her harsh reality to a secret reporter of local magazine. According to her: she came to Rome for work from her hometown Florence. But soon after arriving Rome she faced ... Read More

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