Saturday, September 27, 2014

GG14- Free Palestine

After establishment of Israel, it was engaged in a battle against Arab countries. When they were about to loose the war, they decided to attack nuclear bombs on Arabs, USA resisted them & provided advanced fighter planes & necessary arms that ultimately made Israel win. And after their victory, Israel forcibly occupied more lands; they grabbed about 80% lands of the entire Palestine where UNO proposed 2 countries- one for jews (56%) & other for Muslims (44%). Since then, Palestinians are out of home, without a country. Everyday Palestinians get up from sleep with a hope to be free, but their only hope ends at night with cries. They don't have any home to dwell, they grow up in UNO raised refugee colonies, no ground to play, no dream to live.

Bill Clinton took a very bold step to setup peace in this land, but it was insufficient. In 1993 Palestine starts as a free country with some area according to Oslo truce. The new nation had very limited space to dwell, Jordan & Israel never returned their occupied lands to Palestine. And the country was divided into 2 distant place- Gaza & West coast, their only communication was crossing Israeli border with their permissions. And the borders were highly guarded by Israeli police, to go from one village to another, Palestinians needed permission from Israeli guards. Thus, Palestine was no longer free, rather a guarded jail.

Moreover, Israel never returned their occupied lands to Palestine. Besides, Israel still continues to occupy more lands in west coast area to make housing scopes for Israelis, and they do so inside Palestine breaking international laws set by Geneva convention.
Israel tends to close its borders at their will. For example, one fine morning Israel's PM got up with bad dreams, so he became furious at Palestine & asked the guards to close the borders (there could be Hamas itching). All communication between 2 lands of Palestine got stuck immediately, their jobs & medical & transportation got stuck for uncertain period. When UNO pressed Israel to withdraw its decision, they removed border restrictions after some more time. By this time, Palestinians lived their lives in hell.

Assume that a pregnant woman from west coast visits Gaza, after certain period she wants to get back to her family for delivery. But something happened and mighty Israel immediately closed all borders. What that woman can do? She has no way to get back to her family, inadequate medicine & very poor facility for her new baby, even there's chance for death during child-birth.
    Guess that a businessman received a delivery order from Gaza to West coast. He began to work, prepare necessary goods, make vehicles ready for transport & make crew ready to complete the transaction. But all on a sudden, invincible Israel closed its borders for indefinite period. What can be happened to the poor businessman? Hell striked his forehead, the goods were spoiled, crew remained unpaid, vehicles charged him extra amount and his business was meant for shutdown.
    That's how Palestinians live in their country. Oh! That's a free country!! Isn't it?

But these chutia things can't long forever. It must end. We've to make sure that Palestine gets its complete freedom. To get effective freedom Palestine needs the following attributes:

1. Complete control over West coast:
West coast is divided into several tiny zones. Israel plotted huge number of housing for Israelis in this land and thus divided it into several tiny colony-type areas. They occupied the land that's entirely for Palestinians. This is complete violation of a country's existence according to Geneva law.
    First of all, Israel must return these occupied areas grabbed by the house-builder-jews to Palestine. If they don't then UNO and the western front must abolish the Geneva convention, because its of no use.
    If Palestine gets the hold of entire West coast then they can make better infrastructure and ensure a safe border for the citizens. Jew house-builders must return to Israel where their wives kicked them out.

2. Safe passage, 24/7 open borders:
To set Palestine completely independent, a safe passage must be built within Israel. This passage must connect West coast and Gaza. For the safety of the passage UNO soldiers can be employed to ensure uninterruptible communication between these 2 lands. And most importantly, this passage must be open all the time. That means Israeli borders must be open for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

3. A sea port:
Palestine needs a sea port for themselves. They must use the sea-area of their zone. The fishermen must go deep in sea for fishing; their ships must sail out for international trading. All sorts of facilities have to be ensured in a sea-port. Palestine must have their own ships, navy & necessary equipments.

4. Two airports:
Palestine needs 2 airports for enhanced communication. One will be in Gaza and the other airport will be in West coast. The airplanes will use the sky of the safe passage between these two lands set by UNO. The passage has to be wide enough to carry airbuses. Palestine will never enjoy the taste of freedom until they can have their own airports and safe traveling.

5. Jerusalem issue:
Palestine demands Jerusalem and Israel demands it too. Thus, it became the most tough job to settle the ownership of Jerusalem while both promised to have it, Palestine promised to make it their capital. But for the sake of peace in these entire lands, I have some better options.
    Jerusalem will be free from both Israel & Palestine. Am I crazy? No, I'm not. Jerusalem is the Holy-place for all 3 religions- Muslims, Jews & Christians. Thus, Jerusalem must be available & always free for both 3 religions, so that the followers of these 3 religions can visit this very holy city anytime.
    Israel blocked roads of Jerusalem for Muslims during holy Jumma on Friday as they desired. Thus, Jerusalem can't be within Israel as it can't allow free movement for all religions. In the same manner, I'm afraid if Palestine gets hold of Jerusalem then followers of other religions may face difficulties & restrictions.
    That's why I want the Jerusalem city to be governed by United nations (UNO). Neither Palestine nor Israel will possess this holy city. If UNO mission controls this city then all followers of all religions will enjoy all sorts of facilities in this holy city.
    And most importantly, the everlasting battle between Palestine & Israel for the hold of Jerusalem will end forever. Thus 2 countries can stay in safety beside each other.

6. Israel must return occupied lands:
Both Israel & Jordan occupied 44% of the total proposed land by UNO according to 1948 structure. So, these 2 countries must return these lands to Palestine, so that they can build better country.

Israel's safety:
Israel will be never safe if they fail to assist in building an independent & healthy Palestine toned with good communication & safe transportation. If they continue to block the ways like last 70 years, they will continue to suffer from sudden attacks from Hamas. It will never end. If they destroy 100 under-ground tunnels, then Hamas will build another 500 tunnels in next year and use those to attack Israel. So, for the safety of Israel an independent Palestine is a must.

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