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GG14- Free Palestine

After establishment of Israel, it was engaged in a battle against Arab countries. When they were about to loose the war, they decided to attack nuclear bombs on Arabs, USA resisted them & provided advanced fighter planes & necessary arms that ultimately made Israel win. And after their victory, Israel forcibly occupied more lands; they grabbed about 80% lands of the entire Palestine where UNO proposed 2 countries- one for jews (56%) & other for Muslims (44%). Since then, Palestinians are out of home, without a country. Everyday Palestinians get up from sleep with a hope to be free, but their only hope ends at night with cries. They don't have any home to dwell, they grow up in UNO raised refugee colonies, no ground to play, no dream to live.

Bill Clinton took a very bold step to setup peace in this land, but it was insufficient. In 1993 Palestine starts as a free country with some area according to Oslo truce. The new nation had very limited space to dwell, Jordan & Israel never returned their occupied lands to Palestine. And the country was divided into 2 distant place- Gaza & West coast, their only communication was crossing Israeli border with their permissions. And the borders were highly guarded by Israeli police, to go from one village to another, Palestinians needed permission from Israeli guards. Thus, Palestine was no longer free, rather a guarded jail.

Moreover, Israel never returned their occupied lands to Palestine. Besides, Israel still continues to occupy more lands in west coast area to make housing scopes for Israelis, and they do so inside Palestine breaking international laws set by Geneva convention.
Israel tends to close its borders at their will. For example, one fine morning Israel's PM got up with bad dreams, so he became furious at Palestine & asked the guards to close the borders (there could be Hamas itching). All communication between 2 lands of Palestine got stuck immediately, their jobs & medical & transportation got stuck for uncertain period. When UNO pressed Israel to withdraw its decision, they removed border restrictions after some more time. By this time, Palestinians lived their lives in hell.

Assume that a pregnant woman from west coast visits Gaza, after certain period she wants to get back to her family for delivery. But something happened and mighty Israel immediately closed all borders. What that woman can do? She has no way to get back to her family, inadequate medicine & very poor facility for her new baby, even there's chance for death during child-birth.
    Guess that a businessman received a delivery order from Gaza to West coast. He began to work, prepare necessary goods, make vehicles ready for transport & make crew ready to complete the transaction. But all on a sudden, invincible Israel closed its borders for indefinite period. What can be happened to the poor businessman? Hell striked his forehead, the goods were spoiled, crew remained unpaid, vehicles charged him extra amount and his business was meant for shutdown.
    That's how Palestinians live in their country. Oh! That's a free country!! Isn't it?

But these chutia things can't long forever. It must end. We've to make sure that Palestine gets its complete freedom. To get effective freedom Palestine needs the following attributes:

1. Complete control over West coast:
West coast is divided into several tiny zones. Israel plotted huge number of housing for Israelis in this land and thus divided it into several tiny colony-type areas. They occupied the land that's entirely for Palestinians. This is complete violation of a country's existence according to Geneva law.
    First of all, Israel must return these occupied areas grabbed by the house-builder-jews to Palestine. If they don't then UNO and the western front must abolish the Geneva convention, because its of no use.
    If Palestine gets the hold of entire West coast then they can make better infrastructure and ensure a safe border for the citizens. Jew house-builders must return to Israel where their wives kicked them out.

2. Safe passage, 24/7 open borders:
To set Palestine completely independent, a safe passage must be built within Israel. This passage must connect West coast and Gaza. For the safety of the passage UNO soldiers can be employed to ensure uninterruptible communication between these 2 lands. And most importantly, this passage must be open all the time. That means Israeli borders must be open for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

3. A sea port:
Palestine needs a sea port for themselves. They must use the sea-area of their zone. The fishermen must go deep in sea for fishing; their ships must sail out for international trading. All sorts of facilities have to be ensured in a sea-port. Palestine must have their own ships, navy & necessary equipments.

4. Two airports:
Palestine needs 2 airports for enhanced communication. One will be in Gaza and the other airport will be in West coast. The airplanes will use the sky of the safe passage between these two lands set by UNO. The passage has to be wide enough to carry airbuses. Palestine will never enjoy the taste of freedom until they can have their own airports and safe traveling.

5. Jerusalem issue:
Palestine demands Jerusalem and Israel demands it too. Thus, it became the most tough job to settle the ownership of Jerusalem while both promised to have it, Palestine promised to make it their capital. But for the sake of peace in these entire lands, I have some better options.
    Jerusalem will be free from both Israel & Palestine. Am I crazy? No, I'm not. Jerusalem is the Holy-place for all 3 religions- Muslims, Jews & Christians. Thus, Jerusalem must be available & always free for both 3 religions, so that the followers of these 3 religions can visit this very holy city anytime.
    Israel blocked roads of Jerusalem for Muslims during holy Jumma on Friday as they desired. Thus, Jerusalem can't be within Israel as it can't allow free movement for all religions. In the same manner, I'm afraid if Palestine gets hold of Jerusalem then followers of other religions may face difficulties & restrictions.
    That's why I want the Jerusalem city to be governed by United nations (UNO). Neither Palestine nor Israel will possess this holy city. If UNO mission controls this city then all followers of all religions will enjoy all sorts of facilities in this holy city.
    And most importantly, the everlasting battle between Palestine & Israel for the hold of Jerusalem will end forever. Thus 2 countries can stay in safety beside each other.

6. Israel must return occupied lands:
Both Israel & Jordan occupied 44% of the total proposed land by UNO according to 1948 structure. So, these 2 countries must return these lands to Palestine, so that they can build better country.

Israel's safety:
Israel will be never safe if they fail to assist in building an independent & healthy Palestine toned with good communication & safe transportation. If they continue to block the ways like last 70 years, they will continue to suffer from sudden attacks from Hamas. It will never end. If they destroy 100 under-ground tunnels, then Hamas will build another 500 tunnels in next year and use those to attack Israel. So, for the safety of Israel an independent Palestine is a must.

GG14- Some factors made Arab countries mum about genocide

Arab countries are silent about Israel's miraculous brutality for a century. They never ever dare to break this dilemma although their neighborhood country is always burning. Most important thing is, the third world countries & distant Muslim countries always protest those inhuman activities. If they can do it then why Arabs set their pants wet?

When I was a child, I read some brutal news on newspapers. The news was about Israeli brutal tortures against the civil people of Palestine. I heard several processions passing my house in the next morning for the sake of the suffering mankind. I was a fan of Yasir Arafat and PLO, so went out on road. Then I noticed that my entire country burst into protest. Besides, our neighborhood non-Muslim countries like India, Nepal, and Srilanka too joined the protest. East Asian Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan made strong appeal against Israel. But amazingly, I found that Arab countries were all silent at middle front; they didn't sound a single word.
The Arab league that's designed for Arab's betterment, shamelessly failed to even discuss the issue, let alone bringing a resolution.
The same fate is still continuing, I didn't find any change. But why this Arabian betrayal?
Some factors play the role for their mumbling:

1. Oil:
All Arab countries' economy depends on oil export. If they can't export oil, then their economy would break down. They fear that if they protest then the western front may reduce oil importing from their countries. This fright made them dumb.
    Western front damaged Iran's economy at the first time while they banned oil importing from Iran. By that time, the people of Iran suffered seriously; they lost jobs, many went poor. But it was a temporary effect for them, soon they bounced back by their versatile efforts.
    To my eyes, Arabs are the pawns of the Western front. But they could use oil as their weapon. If all Arabian countries would reduce exporting oil to the Western alliance, then they would fall in sever disaster because their living, transport & economy entirely depend on oil.

2. US banks:
US banks play major roles in middle east. USA restricts any sort of bank transactions whether purchase or sale to use US banks only. That means if they purchase oil from Arabs then they must pay through US banks and the Arabs must have accounts in those US banks. Thus they can control Arab's movement. And bloody Arabs began to store their money in US banks, their trusted partner!
If USA thinks to punish any side then it simply fridges his US bank account. The victim side loses its entire earnings forever, there's no chance of getting it back.
    The United States President Carter issued Executive Order 12170 in November 1979 freezing about $12 billion in Iranian assets, including bank deposits, gold and other properties. Some assets — Iranian officials say $10 billion, U.S. officials say much less — still remain frozen pending resolution of legal claims.  
    If the Arabs begin to use neutral banks like Swiss banks or Singapore then they may overcome their tragedy.

3. Arms:
Arabs like to spread their weapon collections to rule over each other. So, they import arms from the Western front; USA supplies most of the demands, EU does the rest. Even Israel exports arms to the Arabs! Thus, Western front controls entire arms market of Arabs.
    This poor strategy made Arabs the slaves of the western alliance. If the Arabs switch their arms sources to Russia & China, then they can recover their lost strength. But its close to impossible, because Arabs hate communism, so, they can't work with Russia or China. That's why Arabs will remain slave to the western alliance forever.
    Besides, Arabs are misusing their money to purchase arms. Because they don't need those advanced arms as they're not participating in any war. To balance Shea-Sunni clash, political & intelligent steps are enough.

4. Economy:
The economy of the Arab countries depends on mainly oil. Tycoons invest in US & EU markets & make big profits; it helps their economy to grow. Day by day Arabs are using share markets, Airlines, Goods market for making large profit. A good amount of Arabs live in western countries; they dwell, do jobs, earn & send money to their families. These inter communications between Arabs & western alliance made Arab’s economy stronger. Traveling is another key to Arab’s economy, to be explored next.
    If the Arabs act against the western alliance, then they'll watch their economy doom in few days. Most importantly they can't choose alternative countries for their invest & job market. That's why, western alliance will continue to rule the Arabs.

5. Travel:
Travel plays major role in Arab's economy. Several Arab countries entirely depend on travel for their economic growth like Egypt, Turkey, and UAE. And most rich travelers are from the western alliance. Moreover, western businessmen invest big amounts in these Arab countries for developing infrastructures. That's why, Arabs' can't stand against the western front whatever happens to the Muslim world.
     More than 12.8 million tourists visited Egypt in 2008, providing revenues of nearly $11 billion. The sector employs about 12% of Egypt's workforce. But when 2011 uprisings took place, the national industry of tourism declined. Visitor numbers decreased by 37% in 2011 totaling 9 million visitors, while it was over 14 million in 2010.
The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens to defer travel to Egypt and U.S. citizens living in Egypt to depart. EU and other western countries followed the policy. Egypt's economy slashed down due to tourism disaster.

6. Power zone:
Potent Arab countries love to dominate weak Arab lands using their power. Saudi Arab leads the middle east, but rise of Iran shot their belun. Besides, Shea-Sunni clash play vital role in creating power zone.
    Western alliance uses this power-lust of Arabs carefully. Till now, they successfully made circles of Arabs against each other.
    Saudi Arab allowed Israel to use its sky to attack other Arab lands. Saudi Arab, Kuet, Qatar allowed their lands for usage against Iraq.

7. Dubai:
Dubai is raised with the blessings of the Western alliance. In very short duration, Dubai became the center point of all sorts of travel, festivals, meetings, jobs & enjoyment. US companies are investing big amounts & gain bigger profit from Dubai. Few examples are as follows:
- More than 1000 US firms have a presence in Dubai, from Bechtel and ExxonMobil to Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery.
- In December 2010, The Mubadala Development Company made an additional investment of $500 million in The Carlyle Group general partnership. The Carlyle Group first sold Mubadala a 7.5% stake in its general partnership in September 2006.
- The UAE is the largest operator of Boeing’s 777 aircraft. In November 2011, Emirates Airlines placed a $24 billion record-breaking order for 50 Boeing 777-300ERs.
- The Mubadala Development Company and General Electric have multiple cooperative projects, including an $8 billion joint venture in high technology.

One of America’s biggest investment banks, Bank of America (BofA) Merrill Lynch asked Americans to look for high-performing jobs in Dubai. They said "950,000 new jobs in Dubai is feasible that Dubai’s population could more than double over the next ten years".

There won't be any Dubai if US & EU begin withdraw their projects and restrict Dubai investments in their corresponding regions. That's why, UAE will never criticise Israel!

For the above reasons, Arabs are the pawns of the western alliance and they can't protest any inhuman acts of Israel.

GG14- The golden frog made Hollywood celebrities mum

Our favorite celebrities always stand on the front line for any cause or events, mostly for good reasons. They love to grab attention of media doing charity works, run campaigns, speak against odds and fight evil things. They always tend to grab so called the golden frog.
    But this time all celebrities except rear few mysteriously remained quiet that put some question marks to us. Allow me to decode few things...

Jewish vengeance:
a) Mel Gibson's bad luck:
Mel Gibson is the mighty actor of hollywood since last 30 years. He won Oscar, Caan, gramy awards for acting. Besides, he's a powerful producer & director. His directed films grabbed golden deer in box office as well as critics (i.e. Passion of Christ, Brave heart). Mel's films series 'Lethal Weapon' rocked HBO TV channel for a decade. He was the best actor for repeatedly 10 years in a magazine's people choice category. Moreover, he's extreme rich & owns 2 islands alone.
    Mel Gibson was drunk once, while police caught him, out of rage he said 'Jews are responsible for world-wide wars'. Just this speech fired the jews community, their brotherhood jumped on him with their claws & jaws. They made sure that Mel doesn't get any chance in his day to day life or occupation. Being passionate due to jewish attacks, Mel Gibson was compelled to beg to the jews fraternity for his drunk-time speech.

b) Megan Fox's career was annihilated:
During her shooting of Transformer-3, Megan Fox was irritated for some reasons & out of rage said the director 'Hitler'. The term is too silly to take action. It was her teenage & she was at the peak of media attention, thus, this tiny matter can't be an issue. But it was a big issue to the jew producer Steven Spielberg who immediately dropped her from the film.
    Later Megan's career was about to terminate. She didn't get anymore role in any film, lost her image from media, festivals & promotional campaigns. By that time her beauty & grace made her present in all sort of media everyday. But after her drop, she was wiped out from media (some journalists claimed that the jews fraternity took care of it, [unconfirmed source]).
    However, Megan realized her faults & the power of jewish brotherhood. So, she pardoned to the director and finally got a role in a film after about 3 years.

Hollywood is dominated by the jews:
The above 2 real life examples prove the influence of the jews fraternity in hollywood. Most producers, directors, studios & media are dominated by the jewish fraternity. They're more powerful than ever before. Some critics said that its impossible for one to stay in hollywood if he/she comments against Israel.

Celebrities feared to loose the golden frog:
Celebrities love to enjoy the golden frog, media's attentions & opportunities. Most media are possessed by jewish brotherhood. So, the celebrities didn't want to mark themselves against them and loose their golden frog. When Israeli forces brutally murdered babies, committed genocide, doomed entire Gaza city, still they shut their mouths.
    I wondered why the top-leading celebrities who always speak against violence are silent. But when I noticed these scenarios, curtain of darkness fled before my eyes.
    Remember the quotation from Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who was awarded the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, has candidly identified the reason: "The Israeli government is placed on a pedestal [in the US], and to criticize it is to be immediately dubbed anti-Semitic," he said. "People are scared in this country, to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful -- very powerful."

Penelope & Havier couple talked!
I like sexy Penelope cruz for her beauty, unique movements & sweetness. She & her husband, Havier Bardem spoke against the brutal torture of Israel. It fired the jewish fraternity, they jumped on them. After they published their letter, most hollywood production houses rejected to work with them, and a producer said 'he won't work with none of them in rest of his life'. Actor John Voyet felt too ashamed for the couple's speech!Details-
    I believed that the western countries are much developed & can judge things. But they way they treated with this couple kicked my concept! Actually they're worse than the 3rd world countries.

Some too protested...:
Taylor Swift said her words against the Israeli brutality that put her into rage of the jews. Jew fans began to attack her in social media. She was so afraid that she removed her tweet quickly.
    Madonna did her job as always! She too protested the inhuman genocide.
    I can't remember the name, a female celebrity wrote against the brutal treatment in her fanpage. And a jew commented on her status suing her death sentence. She removed her status & began to live carefully.

Steven Spielberg has 2 faces:
Spielberg showed some peculiar activities instead his unique capabilities of creating extra-ordinary films. He made his position in the history forever.
    But few things made him stand before question marks. After reviewing those marks I asked myself if he's double faced.
    Spielberg dropped Megan fox for nothing (so called 'Hitler' issue). Her career was about to terminate after that incidence.
    Spielberg made a winning film, based on 2nd world war named, Schindler's list. He did great, showed how a German businessman saved hundreds of jews from Nazi murderers. But he didn't make anything against Israel that brutally murdered about 50,000 Palestinians, this time over 2,100 deaths in Gaza genocide.
    During Beijing Olympic, Spielberg claimed that he rejected China's offer to protest its lineage with Sudan, as Boshir did inhuman treatment against the opponents. But China rejected his claim saying that they never approached him!

But most unfortunately, he remained damn quiet about Israel's aggression in 2014. While Israel murdered over 2,000 people, injured over 23,000 people, demolished Gaza city, and broke all sorts of international laws, he should have raised his voice.
    These things confirm that Spielberg has 2 faces and his voice is biased.

Friday, September 26, 2014

GG14- Why did US politicians remain silent during genocide?

The craziest part of the genocide was the pin-drop silence from US politician's side. Not a single person dared to pronounce a single word against murderer Israel. It may sound weird, but this is the truth and there are significant reasons behind this silence. Let me explore the issue...

Lesson from Hilary Clinton:
Hilary is always an interesting & attractive figure in US politics. Besides her talent made her a precious figure in USA. And I'm sure that most politicians follow her role during Israel issues.
    Hilary always knew the power of jews fraternity in USA and their brutal support for Israel. That's why she made a major change in her decisions during her Newyork Mayor campaign. By that time Israel attacked arms-less Palestine for nothing (for so called itching factors led by Hamas).
    The whole world burst into rage, so, it was elementary that she would protest as she & her husband backed Muslims in Bosnia genocide against Serbia. But Hilary knew that Jews were powerful in Newyork city and they possess media, corporate affairs & their brotherhood had the ability to make changes in NY city and their number was rational big. Thus, She acted smart and instead taking a hand against Israel, she rallied before UNO headquarters and protested against Hamas itching in loud voice and blamed PLO for this itching. This role helped her greatly to become the mayor of NY city against popular mayor Rudy Giuliani (who played brave role during 9/11).

President Obama didn't have a choice:
Barack Obama was one of the bravest presidents in the history of USA so far I've counted. He's the first who dared to speak against Israel. Not just that, he also made Israel's Prime minister wait for hours to give a lesson for brutality against Palestine.
Details news-
Moreover, he talked for independent Palestine. But these brave roles costed him much.
    Jews fraternity stood against him in every step. They managed the Conservative opponents to launch so called TEA-PARTY campaign against Obama for nothing. They didn't have any issue except some foul stories. And the jewish brotherhood financed the most of the expenses (unconfirmed source). The campaign went so viper that democrats lost most positions in Senate and Obama's popularity touched the minimum support line. Situation worsened and Obama had to appeal to the Americans with tears in eyes (because he did so many good jobs but slashed at the back for jewish vengeance) for the 2nd-term Presidency campaign.
    Obama claimed in his early days that the opponents were protesting & blocking all his steps & bills for nothing. These shiets happened due to his 1st-time Israel motive.
    However, he learned his lesson soon. After that, he curved his motive against Israel and slipped away to scold them during 2014 Gaza genocide. Besides, he assisted Israel with more arms & missiles & money.
    Obama knew that Israel was committing genocide & inhuman acts, but he had no choice to speak against them. If he had done so, his late days will turn in miserable hours. That's how he repaid his first mistake about the jews.

The Republicans are at the service for Israel:
This happens always. The Republicans have hearty relationship with Israel. Whatever happens, they'll see in one eye & that's for Israel only. So, they would play golf in joy during genocide, that's natural. For example, the replublicans criticised Obama for making Netaniahu await for hours in his office and they joyed & clapped when Netaniahu spoke in senate.

Jewish lobbyists & attorneys:
Everybody knows that US senate is highly influenced by the lobbyists. Most decisions taken in senate were pre-defined by the lobbyists. And Jewish lobbyists play the major role both in number & influence. Their houses control US senate.

    Jewish lobbyists control most power houses of the United states. They are extremely capable of running successful campaigns through media & civil groups. Their abilities are always proved in numerous elections.
    Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who was awarded the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, has candidly identified the reason: "The Israeli government is placed on a pedestal [in the US], and to criticize it is to be immediately dubbed anti-Semitic," he said. "People are scared in this country, to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful -- very powerful."

    Remember the story of 1948 when the king of Saudi Arab requested US president Truman to stay neutral about Israel issue. Truman replied 'he didn't see any arab lobby in his country that can make him win in the next president election'. He knew the power of jewish lobbyists. And this happens always.
    In his book Jewish Power, Goldberg writes that in the United States the "Jewish lobby" for decades played a leadership role in formulating American policy on issues such as civil rights, separation of church and state, and immigration, guided by a liberalism that was a complex mixture of Jewish tradition, the experience of persecution, and self-interest.

    Former New York Times journalist Youssef Ibrahim writes: "That there is a Jewish lobby in America concerned with the well-being of Israel is a silly question. It is insane to ask whether the 6 million American Jews should be concerned about the 6 million Israeli Jews, particularly in view of the massacre of another 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. It's elementary, my dear Watson: Any people who do not care for their own are not worthy of concern. And what the Israel lobby does is what all ethnic lobbies — Greek, Armenian, Latvian, Irish, Cuban, and others.
    Jewish attorneys play vital roles in US courts and they second Israel's acts without any question.

Constant source of arms:
Palestine-Israel war is the source of constant arms deals. The longer the hostile countries fight against each other, the longer arms business will see the gold result. It's one of the major reasons why this war never ends.
    The United States is the largest single supplier of military equipment to Israel. According to the U.S. Congressional Research Service, between 1998-2005 the U.S. accounted for the vast majority of Israel's arms transfer agreements, accounting for $9.1 billion out of $9.5 billion worth of agreements.[30] Israel deals directly with U.S. companies for the vast majority of its military purchases from the United States

    Israeli sales of weapons and military systems hit a record high last year of $7.5bn, up from $5.8bn the previous year. A decade ago, Israeli exports were worth less than $2bn.
    A new documentary, called The Lab, has led the way in turning the spotlight on Israel's arms industry. It claims that four million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have become little more than guinea pigs in military experiments designed to enrich a new elite of arms dealers and former generals.

That's why US politicians never dare to stand against Israel.

GG14- Gaza genocide 2014 in picture

Israel committed genocide in Gaza. Israeli armed forces brutally murdered over 2,000 Palestinians and injured another 23,000 people in cool head. They attacked most dense area of Gaza where huge number of people resided. After the attack, the entire area became tombstone.
    Some proofs of the genocide...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GG14- Dumb Ass force led by Israel faltered efficiency level

Israeli force acted as a Dumb-Ass force in this war. Their fighter planes bombed & dropped missiles in Gaza targets, causing huge destructions; and ground attacks coded with tanks that destroyed entire Gaza city. Thousands of people died, almost a hundred Palestinians died everyday.

Dumb-Ass force projected against humanity:
Israeli Dumb-Ass force sued serious crime against humanity. They just didn't stop there, leveraged their cruelty level to genocide.
They didn't keep any building alive, most buildings & constructions were destroyed. Entire Gaza city doomed in deaths, blood & clustered bricks.
The dumb-brute soldiers killed over 2,000 people (500+ babies), injured over 23,000 civil people & terrified millions of people. The savages didn't take pity on the last words of crying & injured people & children.
They made million people homeless for nothing.
Breaking law of war, they destroyed UNO raised schools where thousands of people took shelter causing several hundreds of deaths.

Such crimes are against humanity and act of genocide. These dumb didn't follow any war-code, rather massacred the law of humanity.

Mass civil murders vs. zero Hamas:
The Dumb-Ass force led by Israel murdered over 2,200 people but couldn't harm Hamas. Among those 2,200 Palestinians, only 50 people were linked to  Hamas, the rest were civil citizens of Gaza. The war was called against Hamas, but Israeli force killed civil people instead Hamas militants.

If you calculate, then you'd find that Israel's efficiency level is only 2.27%. The Dumb-Ass force killed 100 civil people to touch only 2 Hamas militants. What a level of efficiency!

More than 23,000 people of Gaza were injured during the battle. But merely very few Hamas militants were injured among them. If I calculate the efficiency level, then I'd find that the Dumb-Ass force was less than 1% efficient in injuring Hamas.

0% focus strength of the Dumb-Ass force:
Israel focused on Hamas targets, their camps & underground tunnels. But after the war, while we looked at the outcome, we found laughable result from Israel's side. They failed to focus their target approximately (let alone efficiently) and destroyed entire Gaza city. To target 1 Hamas target, they demolished 50 buildings.

That's a building, not a tunnel, buddy:
Israel annihilated most of the buildings of the city. They said that they targeted tunnels. But if you have working eyes and take a look at the annihilation points then you'd find that the destructions were of residences of the civil citizens. There's no trace of Hamas tunnels. Even a barking bitch can realize this fact.

The Dumb-Ass force demolished dense area and reasoned that they got tunnels! But actually there were no tunnels, all were people's residence. Such attacks in dense areas caused thousands of deaths & injuries to the civil people.

Again, I've the ask the efficiency level of the Dumb-Ass force. And I must say that they buildings they annihilated were not tunnels.

Dumb-Ass force terrified Gaza:
Israel's plan was to create terror the citizens of Gaza, not to demolish tunnels. If they had any real motive to diminish the under-ground tunnels, then their attack must be limited to focused area. But it was not limited.
More than 500 babies were murdered for nothing (proof of the efficiency level of the Dumb-Ass force). Now the children of Gaza fear to play in ground, to leave house, even to dwell in refugee camps. The babies can't sleep, cry out in sleep after bad dreams.
The Dumb-Ass force attacked every possible area of the city destroying the landscape. They killed mass people, injured uncounted people & annihilated million people from their houses. This is the real terror, not a protection.
Thus, Dumb-Ass force terrified Gaza.

The western front stood by the side of the Dumb-Ass force:
After all these inhuman activities, Western front still thinks that Israel's Dumb-Ass force did the right things. The BACKER continued to back, European Union didn't hop in for aid in Gaza, international organizations failed to stand for the victims, human wrights organization forgot the definition of humanity (never scolded Israel for the genocide). And finally UNO played its puppet role approved by the BACKER.

GG14- Israel revenged in Nazi style

Israel passed the line of animalty:
After the push of Hamas, Israel began to revenge the assault and started war in full swing. First they sent updated fighter planes to bomb & drop missiles in Gaza targets, causing huge destruction. Thousands of people died, almost a hundred Palestinians died everyday. Later they approved ground attacks coded with tanks that destroyed entire Gaza city.

Israel launched merciless air strikes:
Within 24 hours from the Hamas push, Israel began air strikes. They sent hundreds of latest fighter planes to drop bombs & missiles onto the targets of Gaza. At first, their targets were Hamas locations, warrior personnel’s homes & possible militant area. But soon they spread their reach and began to attack civil people's homes to terrify them. Thousands of people died, almost a hundred Palestinians died everyday.

But Israel didn't stop there, leveraged their actions further. Israeli planes bombed over schools, colleges and even hospitals. When they thought they need to spread more terror, they began to attack United Nation's conducted schools where thousands of civil people took shelter.
    Mighty Israel didn't care for any international law or humanity. They did in their own style as they did several times and they dared to do so because they always know that they have none but one BACKER.

Israel began ground strikes:
When air-strikes massacred half of Gaza city, Israel planned to cause more sufferings to the Palestinians. So, they sent armed forces aided with modern weapons & latest technology & latest tanks for ground strikes. More than 100,000 armed soldiers joined the war; they severely damaged the most of Gaza.
    These young soldiers are raised with hatred & brutal instincts towards Palestinians since their birth. Israel provided them their unique chances to translate their brutal hatred into real life. Thus, these soldiers didn't hesitate to murder civil people in cool brain, they didn't care for child or women or old buddies.
    Israeli army destroyed the entire Gaza city, collapsed most of the buildings & constructions, broke down the city landscape into ashes. They massacred most houses, schools, colleges, universities and even hospitals. But such brutal acts didn't please them enough. So, the angry animals attacked UNO conducted schools & hospitals breaking any sort of international law. They made injurious crime against humanity.
    Israel sent their best army to murder & injure Palestinians of all ages regardless of any fury. The dumb-brute soldiers killed over 2,000 people (500+ babies), injured over 23,000 civil people & terrified millions of people. The savages didn't take pity on the last words of crying & injured people & children.
    Most importantly Israel failed to damage Hamas, rather they murdered civil people. They highly failed to track down Hamas militants, teared apart entire Gaza city except Hamas camps. Besides, they made crime against humanity; they attacked most dense apartment where civil people lived, not Hamas militants.

Israel digged the tunnels of Hamas!
Israel named the war 'operation protective edge' with a motive to destroy all tunnels of Hamas. But did they make it? In naked eyes, NO. Israeli armed forces massacred entire Gaza city but they failed to destroy most tunnels. Instead they massacred buildings, schools & hospitals.
    Are all tunnels digged by Hamas destroyed by Israel? NO. Most tunnels are intact yet regardless of the brutal attacks. And to target tunnels, they destroyed constructions that's out of their goal!
    Several news sources confirmed that Israel massacred buildings & houses in very dense area where huge people lived. Did Israel (especially Netaniahu) lose their eyes to compare the differences between buildings & tunnels. That's a building buddy where people dwell, not a tunnel.
    Even if I accept the argument of Netaniahu that all tunnels are collapsed, then I can't get the answer of the next question. War is over, Hamas is back to its position. Can Israel guarantee that Hamas won't create another tunnel in next few days. What if they dig 100 more tunnels in next 5 years? Does it mean that Israel will attack again after 5 years?? Is it Israeli common sense???

A terrorist nation broke truce for nothing:
Israel acted as a terrorist nation. They broke the truce of 3-days non-violence for nothing, reasoned   of a kidnap of 1 soldier. But later it was discovered that the soldier died in battle field, Israeli PM Netaniahu himself claimed the fact. But for the sake of this kidnap, Israeli forces broke the truce immediately after the peace-talk and attacked on Gaza more seriously. They massacred a UNO school where thousands of Palestinians took shelter killing hundreds.
    Who can begin to massacre based on a fake news? And who can kill hundreds of men & destroy UNO school? Definitely a terrorist group. So, Israel acted as a terrorist nation. They acted nonsense and broke all sorts of international laws for war. Only terrorists can do so.

Israel spread lies all over the world:
To shed their murders, Israel spread lies all over the world. They possess most of the media in potential countries, thus manipulated news in their favor throwing lie & fake news. They ran fake campaigns throughout Israel and hid their brutal activities to the general citizens of Israel.

Netaniahu vs. Hitler:
PM Netaniahu followed Hitler in all possible ways. - He started the war for nothing as Hitler did in 1939.
- Netaniahu ordered his armed forces to cause maximum havoc towards Gaza & they obeyed his order in brutal ways, destroyed entire line of Gaza. Hitler ordered his army to destroy the cities & they carried out his order in the same brutal manner during 2nd world war.
- Netaniahu's force killed over 500 babies. But Hitler didn't allow any baby-killing in any concentration camp. In this case, the BACKER's savage Netaniahu exceded Hitler.

I called Netaniahu a Hitler! Oops!! If Spilberg heard it, he won't take one in his film!!! (Steven dropped Megan Fox just for saying the term 'Hitler') So pathetic!!!!

Israel committed genocide in Gaza:
Yea, you heard me right! A genocide. Israeli armed forces brutally murdered over 2,000 Palestinians and injured another 23,000 people in cool head. They attacked most dense area of Gaza where huge number of people resided. After the attack, the entire area became tombstone.
    Some proofs of the genocide...

Israeli sins that's outnumbered:
- For just 3 deaths, Israel brutally murdered over 2,000 Palestinians and injured another 23,000 people in cool head.
- They brutally killed over 500 babies. Even their God of Israel would shade his face in shame to see that!
- They broke truce for nothing, reasoned a so called fake kidnap that ended into nothing.
- They massacred several UNO schools, broke law of war according to Geneva Convention.
- Israel destroyed entire Gaza city so massively that the landscape doomed, most buildings & construction were destroyed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GG14- Hamas committed sin

Hamas, a vegabond militant group that was created due to severe Israeli aggressions started a disgusting battle. Its nonsense activities destroyed Gaza's landscape, brought this city to a death-alley.

Hamas killed 3 innocent Israeli young people:
Hamas captured 3 innocent Israelis who were innocent & not linked to any hostile activities, and later brutally killed them. This news flashed out in short time that kicked warrior Israel (who are born to war) to start another battle.
    We're humans & simply can't second such animal type activities to slay people for nothing. Hamas did and usually they do so. Their chutia acts brought a serious disaster to the people of Gaza.

Hamas started the war:
Hamas pitched the opponents with brutal murders. Israel began an immediate attack on Gaza that ultimately led to the longest war in last 30 years.

Hamas fled during Israeli air attack:
While Israeli air attack started, Hamas fighters (who hide their faces in fear) fled into tunnels & secured themselves against bombs. Aggressive Israeli fighter planes poured uncounted number of bombs & missiles onto Gaza that trashed the city in a month.
    Over 2,000 Palestinians died in this war, over millions of people became homeless. But shameless Hamas hid their guts into soil stools. They could not bring down a single air-plane, nor could take a single step to reverse attack the air-strikes.
    Hamas can do just one job - to kill and hide & flee into hidden grounds.

Their Rockets found no target! (just flied & rotten in air):
After the war begins, Hamas began to shoot their rockets towards Israel. Some sources said that they got about 10,000 rockets pack to release. And they did their best; continuously shot rockets towards Israel that never saw any goal, didn't loose time to release stool to do their duty, didn't drink or eat except shooting, didn't sleep but dreamt of winning the battle in bright day-light.
    The 3,000 rockets shots by Hamas never reached any target except few 3-4. 99.9% rockets were destroyed in the air by Israeli missile defense systems. I believe that billions of dollars were wasted to buy those rockets from Hamas side that resulted into stools! Instead doing these assol acts, if they have used this money for Gaza's improvement then people would live in peace & prosperity. What a waste of money!

Hamas fled like rats against Israeli tanks:
After a week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netaniahu (man or animal, I'm confused) ordered for ground-attack. Thousands of tanks were used to destroy Gaza's constructions, about 100k soldiers did their best to destroy buildings & kill innocent people. They didn't measure any area, any race, any restrictions, didn't care for schools or hospitals.
    And when this aggression took place what our famous chutia Hamas did? Their fighters hid their faces into masks, took arms, ran into houses & tunnels. They ate & left stool on the same tunnels they lived. They never faught against Israeli soldiers, couldn't destroy any single tank, couldn't stop any military battelion. They just did one thing - ate, slept, dreamt & left urines & stools in the tunnels.
    The question is why they initiated the war while they don't have the ability to fight, even to stand. I don't know the answer and believe that no muslim knows it except politicians.

Hamas got 1 Israeli prisoner!
The mighty Hamas enprisoned 1 israeli soldier after 1 month's war! Finally they achieved their goals after millions of people's sacrifice.
    But what they got?
    Yea, they enprisoned 1 Israeli soldier! What an achievement! Who the hell on this earth can grab & nab an Israeli soldier?
    That's why they joyed, laughed, danced, shot bullets in joy and ralleyed on roads for their victory. But after 2,000 deaths, about 30,000 injured people & about half million people loosing homes this 1 prisoner became the winning-mark! What can be of more jokes???

(Reality) My thoughts about Hamas:
Did you hear the story of a frog? That's it -
Once a frog saw a cow & asked its father why it is so big. The father frog consoled the child frog saying that he's that big. So, he began to inhale his belly that seemed big; but the child wasn't happy that claimed its not enough for the cow. So, the big frog swalloed his belly further and further and further. But after certain tries, when it's belly could no longer adjust, just sxploded out killing the father frog.
    This is Hamas. This is their ability. They think that they can kill Israelis, even can destroy Israel nation; but when attacked they flee away and leave urines & stools into the tunnels like rats.

Another point of view for Hamas:
If Hamas started the war for a reason like the bottom, then I'd agree that they had a good reason to fight:
- Israel continued to block all communication ways and made Gaza discrete. Thus people of Gaza couldn't look for jobs passing Israeli border.

- There's no port or airport in Gaza due to Israeli protest. The people of Gaza are facing serious difficulties for communication & income sources. Especially a port is extreme necessary and fishers need extended sea area.

- Hamas lost its existence due to its stupid jobs like participating in war against Syria government. Thus they lost their alliance with Syria, Iran, Egypt & other friendly countries. So, they needed to prove their existence. But such proof is really disgusting.

Touchy marks from July to September

The duration is quite long for me as I was aloof from blogging by this time. But water didn't stop flowing through Padma & occurrences didn't vapor out. I nearly forgot most things except few that I must recall.

Gaza genocide:
Modern arms-blessed Israel backed by the BACKER severely digged a genocide throughout Gaza, a poor area chosen by God to shed blood. I won't say much words here, details will be found here.

Bangladesh achieved wide area in the Bay of Bengal:
Bd was troubled about its sea-scopes due to strong protest from India & Myanmar, totaled disputed (25,602, In + 19,467, My) 45,069  square kilometers in the Bay of Bengal.
The huge ocean zone was out of our reach for decades. Finally we got it after long trials.

Fake 'formalin-MANGO' news killed the appetite of the summer season:
Most of the people avoided & some didn't taste mango, our most delicious local fruit due to formalin-fright. The scenario was really strange, all newspapers covered such braking news that we, the civil people had to stop taking mangoes. Satkhira, the Jamat zone supplied early mangoes wrapped with formalin to Dhaka and a leading newspaper published news about formalin; rest media jumped into it. The shocking part was yet to come.
    The government launched testing operation against formalin with unrealistic & useless tools that concluded in the existence of formalin in mangoes. They destroyed thousands of tons of mangoes out of useless test-reports. But due to massive protest from businessmen, lab tests were done & it was found that there's no trace of formalin in mangoes from Rajshahi zone. The farmers & businessmen of Rajshahi-ChapaiNawabganj area cultivate mangoes with severe care as it’s their main earning source. I never heard any sound of formalin in my 33 years life-cycle. But suddenly all mangoes became wrapped with formalin! That's the JOKE of the season!!!

The driest summer of the decade:
After my birth, I had never seen such dried summer. The heat was enough to fry eggs, scorching sun turned head to faint-stage, no tree-leaves moved, air circulation stopped & rain forgot to appear. Dhaka watched highest temperature in last 50 years while Jessore & Rajshahi zone experienced real disaster due to killing heat upto 45 degree Celsius.
    The heat was so severe that people feared to leave house, nobody dared to walk on road under sun. All sorts of crops were damaged for draughts.

River transport during Holy Eid:
Our holy eid-ul-fitre positioned in rainy season. Our big rivers become li'l oceans in rainy seasons, thus transport vehicles like lunch, ferry, boats, speed-boats become vulnerable. Every year lunch mishaps cause huge deaths & damages, especially in rainy seasons. Most people travel during eid festivals, so river transports became very dangerous this year. However the government took sufficient steps to manage the trafficking to reduce lunch mishaps close to zero, especially I highly appreciate helicopter patrols to ensure that the lunches are not overloaded.
    But Pinak-6 pours water in govt's achievements. The lunch sank in Padma killing about 70 people & many drawn into water. The worst part was the inability to fetch the lunch above water, our poor technology failed schemelessly.
    This accident showed our technical perils. Rescue ships like Hamja-Rustom took 2 days to pass only 70 miles to reach the spot. Ufffff, what a speed! Navy claimed their latest technology rich ships like Jorip-10 also doomed into acid tests.
    The most important part, we don't have any tools (like tiny submarine or search metals) that can work under water. Ours is a riverine country and we don't have such tools! Probably this is the biggest joke.

Less flood devoured wide river banks:
This year, rain came in late after causing severe droughts. The unusual environment caused ample panic to our land. But the course of rain was so steady little that we didn't except any flood this year. But after ending the rainy season, in Autumn India-Pakistan flooded and so we had it! Late flood remained for few days but it devoured huge land on river side. Thousands of acre land broke into the river. Lakhs of people lost their houses, had to accept floating lives in cities. But the relief works are too poor, almost there's no relief for the poor, homeless people.

Nancy panic:
Nancy panicked again, devoured multiple sleep-pills out of peril that led her to coma. Her neighbors carried her to MGC, later brought to DMC. Newspapers took it a case of suicide issue, but it was mistake. However, she recovered in a week.

Obsessed fate of my poetry:
On last Friday, I wrote a poetry on a topic crossed my mind at that moment. But it was so poor that everybody rejected to hear. After writing, I offered my mother to give me a minute to recite it but she was busy with cooking & rejected me immediately; then I approached my father who refused to hear & asked me to work instead writing poem.
    I was terribly obsessed, vowed to make somebody hear; so called 'vabi' & recited the '1-page poetry' that actually took about 1.5 minutes. In very terrifying stage (can't cope with my poem but had to hear those words!) vabi said somewhat good, but I knew how disgusting she felt at that moment!