Saturday, August 27, 2011

Newer contracts are on the way: How to get contract jobs

We are on the way to start a new beginning. We are going to start our new contract jobs with new contractor from Florida. We are really excited to elevate our web development firm to newer heights.

The most frequent query from outsourcing firms is
How to get contract jobs?
You have heard the so common question but wonder what is the solution.

What are contract jobs?
Contract jobs are the jobs derived from external contractors. In most cases, external contractors hire skilled workers from outside. Contractors use to outsource their jobs to get high quality jobs at low price.

How to get contract jobs?
If you are skilled worker then you can get simultaneous jobs on contract basis. You can get contract job as freelancer of firm.
As a freelancer you can enjoy your earning freedom using several freelance websites. These freelance job sites provide you numerous jobs and numerous contractors opportunities. If you can settle a list of good & powerful contractors then you are done. You can get huge high paying jobs per week.
And if you plan to get contrat jobs as a firm then you have to a lot of jobs. First, you must showcase your best quality works and set up your profile with all possible skill sets. You must deisgn your profile as powerful products.

Scope of contract jobs?
The scope is hilarious. You can get bounty of jobs at very limited time and earn high income. Once, I got a contract job that paid me $250 and it too me only 2 nights and 1 day to complete. Can you imagine!!!

How to get contracts?
There are lots of ways to get contracts. You can communicate job providers through Linkedin, Twitter and direct email. While communicating, send a short but focused email pinning your qualifications and offers. You must specify why they should hire you and what is your specialty.

My home joyrney duration doubled due to road disaster

Generally, Dhaka to Jessore trip takes 5-6 hours. But this time it took only 10 hours!! Just double the usual turnaround time. But still I am happy to complete the journey beyond its turnaround time.

You may ask why? Why its not bothering me while the journey should take half the time??

Let me explain the situation. The bus runs quickly, usually 60-80 Kph. But it was forced to run at 20-30 kph. You may wonder why? The answer is simple. The condition of roads were so terrific that I thanked God for not experiencing an accident. There were thousands of big holes in a few meters, repeatedly over and over. In some places the holes turn into big ditches and some places round ponds. You may swim the ponds. The roads condition was so bad that I did not expect to reach my home before 12-15 hours. But finally I reached before 10 hours.
That is really great.

Thanks to our Roads and Highway Department.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Google Adsense policy about 'iframe' review: Disaster to custom layout

I was updated about the recent changes in google Adsense policy 2 days ago. They said that they made some changes in their policies in order to provide better result. Some handy changes were there, but one update caught my sight and that's 'iframe'. They restricted the use of iframe and issued a ban on putting ads in iframes.

What is 'iframe'?
Iframe is a special frame that feeds onto a single page without creating layout troubles compared to simple 'frame'. The advanced javascript code allows users to maximize webpage potential with stunning design and layout. It highly increase the beauty of site.

Scope of iframe for ads:
But for ads, it has further usage and obviously greater significance. Bloggers or webmaster use to separate a fixed portion of page for promoting ads. And they can alter ads as necessary with a single command.
Assume that, you have 500 pages and ads are running on all of pages. Now, you want to alter ads text or banner or position or implement newer ads on the projected slots. Without iframe, you have to manually change all 500 pages to alter the ads.....Are you crazy? While using iframe, you could fix the dilemma with a single change.
Who's gonna roll 100 balls for 100 times while he can roll all once??

Google's policy is going to backfire:
Google's policy changes may trigger backfire. Bloggers would be unable to cope with this dilemma, more sufferings are coming to custom layout webmasters. They have to alter their websites and fix webpages repeatedly to obey the policy. Also, it will trigger site navigation a lot. Disaster is the only outcome for such policy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Step down semi-hero Mushfiq

Another expected defeat from Bangladesh cricket team. Although their dampening tendency got stuck due to heavy protest from our little boy 'Mushfiqur Rahman'. When all batsmen threw their wickets for nothing, only this tiny man dared to stand.

The cashing: Zimbabwe made a total of 250, not too tough to elevate. But they made it really big compared to Bangladesh when they failed to cross the boundary of '190' in last two matches. Zimbabwe players started slowly, then began to beat and made 250 while their last 83 came of only 10 overs. In reply, Bangladesh entered the field and left [comical show] as early as possible.
Mr. A- "why did they do the mock show"?
Mr. B- "Its their characteristics. When they entered the field, they realized that they need to go toilet. So, they hurried".

Semi-hero Mushfiq: Only Mushfiq dared to protest, stood rigid against tough pace attacks. He was calm, confident and played shots when necessary. He took every ball seriously, left tight balls and hit loose balls. Thus, he made his first hundred in his career, 101 from only 99 balls. The total innings is under pressure while he didn't have any support from his teammates.
He should be the hero for the day. But tragedy didn't let him to be. While he needed only 6 runs from 5 balls he became restless and tried to pull the ball and got caught. But the fact is he had plenty 5 balls, he could wait another 4 balls to take this shot. If he stayed then definitely he would get a loose ball to beat. But, alack it didn't happen.
He failed to raise victory. That's why he is our 'semi-hero', not the 'hero'.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm feeling worried due to death of Tarq Masud and Mishuk Munir

Today is not a bright day, you know. The day conveys black symbol due to the loss of some great people from our community. Bangladesh will have to remember them for long because they don't have any replacements. Two great sons died today due to terrible road accident.

One is Tareq Masud, who is the leading personnel in producing pure films in Bangladesh. Hardly you can find anybody in our country who didn't hear his name. He made some immortal films and documentaries that would evolve for long long time. 'Matir moyna' is the best film made by him achieved numerous international awards.

Another one is Mishuk Munir, who is the son of our famous writer Munir Hasan. He was CEO of our first news channel ATN News. Besides, he was a media personnel working behind, enjoyed his tight schedule with camera work, journalism and photography. He acted as editor in several international newspapers and achieved high positions in international channels.

I'm deeply shocked for the loss of these two heroic sons. I hope that the whole nation is missing them.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Payment gateway troubles continue in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is highly blessed with online payment inabilities. There's no way to make any sort of online transactions through internet while you are living in Bangladesh. The dilemma triggers freelancers and free-thinking people who tend to raise their freedoms. We had been speaking of this serious trouble for long.

The government never responded to our appeals. It doesn't mean that they didn't respond because they were unable to do anything on this issue, rather they didn't because simply they didn't have any knowledge regarding online payment system. Did you hear about the joke?
A mother asked her child "do not go outside the house".
Child "why, mother"?
Mother "If you go out then ghost will eat you up".
The result was the child never left house.

The same happened for our government and central bank. They didn't intend to know about online payment procedure because they were afraid if they do so then hackers will eat them up....... Holly joke..
But this is the fact.

After about ten years I heard something progressive on this issue. I just read in daily newspaper that the Central Bank is taking steps to ease online payment in Bangladesh. They said that any freelancer or software company can seek their payments through payment gateways like Paypal via licensed dealers from Bangladesh. People who does outsourcing jobs can receive money through dealers upto $500.

A nerd stumbled on mud and thought 'yea, I landed on earth'.... Isn't it?

Let me explain the situation. From now onwards, freelancers can fetch their hard working payments through payment gateway, but they have to use a third party who will steal their payments...This so called licensed dealers will charge significant amount [10-20%] of total payment for just payment processing. If a freelancer earns $200 then he has to loose $20-$40 just for using 3rd party dealers.

Why a single user can't use his own payment solution through any payment gateway? Because, some people can't steal your money.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Facebook chat is irritating : Did you experience?

I hardly chat with anybody online. Its not because the interface doesn't please me, I don't chat just because I don't like to. The poor interacting consistency and irritating false statements make me sick. That's why I can count down how many times I sat for chat online.

But this time was very different. I had to sit for chat for my job as well as ongoing projects. So, I heavily used yahoo and google chat. But both two interfaces troubled me a lot. Yahoo forces me to download their high volume software that takes me an hour to download. On the otherhand, Google forces me to chat through only their browser, Chrome. And to download chrome it needs an hour.......

So, I didn't have much choice than to using facebook chat. For the first time, I initiated to use FB chat. And things really turned well, I didn't have to do much trouble, once I login into facebook then begin to chat with my job-mates. Things were so crystal clear until I found some serious things. Facebook chat is quite unable to relay all of your sentences simultaneously. It shows that it already transferred your statements successfully, at least the window shows up. But most frustratingly it fails to transmit your statements to other end. Your chat partner doesn't receive all of your messages, rather he/she may receive only a fraction of your messages.
This stupid interface really troubled me a lot. Then I decided to stop this dilemma and go for Skype.