Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Step down semi-hero Mushfiq

Another expected defeat from Bangladesh cricket team. Although their dampening tendency got stuck due to heavy protest from our little boy 'Mushfiqur Rahman'. When all batsmen threw their wickets for nothing, only this tiny man dared to stand.

The cashing: Zimbabwe made a total of 250, not too tough to elevate. But they made it really big compared to Bangladesh when they failed to cross the boundary of '190' in last two matches. Zimbabwe players started slowly, then began to beat and made 250 while their last 83 came of only 10 overs. In reply, Bangladesh entered the field and left [comical show] as early as possible.
Mr. A- "why did they do the mock show"?
Mr. B- "Its their characteristics. When they entered the field, they realized that they need to go toilet. So, they hurried".

Semi-hero Mushfiq: Only Mushfiq dared to protest, stood rigid against tough pace attacks. He was calm, confident and played shots when necessary. He took every ball seriously, left tight balls and hit loose balls. Thus, he made his first hundred in his career, 101 from only 99 balls. The total innings is under pressure while he didn't have any support from his teammates.
He should be the hero for the day. But tragedy didn't let him to be. While he needed only 6 runs from 5 balls he became restless and tried to pull the ball and got caught. But the fact is he had plenty 5 balls, he could wait another 4 balls to take this shot. If he stayed then definitely he would get a loose ball to beat. But, alack it didn't happen.
He failed to raise victory. That's why he is our 'semi-hero', not the 'hero'.

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