Saturday, August 20, 2011

Google Adsense policy about 'iframe' review: Disaster to custom layout

I was updated about the recent changes in google Adsense policy 2 days ago. They said that they made some changes in their policies in order to provide better result. Some handy changes were there, but one update caught my sight and that's 'iframe'. They restricted the use of iframe and issued a ban on putting ads in iframes.

What is 'iframe'?
Iframe is a special frame that feeds onto a single page without creating layout troubles compared to simple 'frame'. The advanced javascript code allows users to maximize webpage potential with stunning design and layout. It highly increase the beauty of site.

Scope of iframe for ads:
But for ads, it has further usage and obviously greater significance. Bloggers or webmaster use to separate a fixed portion of page for promoting ads. And they can alter ads as necessary with a single command.
Assume that, you have 500 pages and ads are running on all of pages. Now, you want to alter ads text or banner or position or implement newer ads on the projected slots. Without iframe, you have to manually change all 500 pages to alter the ads.....Are you crazy? While using iframe, you could fix the dilemma with a single change.
Who's gonna roll 100 balls for 100 times while he can roll all once??

Google's policy is going to backfire:
Google's policy changes may trigger backfire. Bloggers would be unable to cope with this dilemma, more sufferings are coming to custom layout webmasters. They have to alter their websites and fix webpages repeatedly to obey the policy. Also, it will trigger site navigation a lot. Disaster is the only outcome for such policy.

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