Friday, August 12, 2011

Payment gateway troubles continue in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is highly blessed with online payment inabilities. There's no way to make any sort of online transactions through internet while you are living in Bangladesh. The dilemma triggers freelancers and free-thinking people who tend to raise their freedoms. We had been speaking of this serious trouble for long.

The government never responded to our appeals. It doesn't mean that they didn't respond because they were unable to do anything on this issue, rather they didn't because simply they didn't have any knowledge regarding online payment system. Did you hear about the joke?
A mother asked her child "do not go outside the house".
Child "why, mother"?
Mother "If you go out then ghost will eat you up".
The result was the child never left house.

The same happened for our government and central bank. They didn't intend to know about online payment procedure because they were afraid if they do so then hackers will eat them up....... Holly joke..
But this is the fact.

After about ten years I heard something progressive on this issue. I just read in daily newspaper that the Central Bank is taking steps to ease online payment in Bangladesh. They said that any freelancer or software company can seek their payments through payment gateways like Paypal via licensed dealers from Bangladesh. People who does outsourcing jobs can receive money through dealers upto $500.

A nerd stumbled on mud and thought 'yea, I landed on earth'.... Isn't it?

Let me explain the situation. From now onwards, freelancers can fetch their hard working payments through payment gateway, but they have to use a third party who will steal their payments...This so called licensed dealers will charge significant amount [10-20%] of total payment for just payment processing. If a freelancer earns $200 then he has to loose $20-$40 just for using 3rd party dealers.

Why a single user can't use his own payment solution through any payment gateway? Because, some people can't steal your money.

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