Monday, October 11, 2010

My first WAP surfing :: The pros and cons of Opera Mini

Usually I'm addicted to 'web' version not 'wap'. I'm using internet through mobile operators for more than a year, but never used wap on my mobile. I used 'edge modem' to cope with connection dilemma. In this sense, I'm little boring, used internet through mobile SIM but didn't use the mobile SET!! Huh ha...

Anyway, finally I browsed internet through my mobile set. Although it happened due to my extreme need. I went to my hometown 'Jessore' for the holy Eid festival. I took my old laptop that I always use to do, but a terrible thing happened. Suddenly my laptop cracked!

There's no alternative to use phone to browse internet as I had contract with several clients and need to interact with them. So, I started my mobile internet browsing... You know I always hate slow usage either computer or laptop. I was delighted to surf therough Web from my handy Nokia set, but the surfing is not that enjoyable! I almost knocked off by the slow & tedious typing & low support for WAP culture. However, time erased the annoying tendency. I began to enjoy Wap browsing.

Then, I installed 'Opera mini' and experienced its tricky performance. Usually a website kills 150-300 KB on an average, while Opera mini compress the site apperance to only 5-10 KB. Very large websites may kill more bandwidth, like ebay takes 150-180 KB for opera mini while it takes 800-1400 KB in web surfing. I enjoyed this feature very much.

But Wap surfing has several significant limitations. It is unable to support many necessary features extremely needed in real life. I found the problems as:
- It can't copy url from particular site. Its needed to bookmark for further usage or make reference (like twitter).
- It can't copy particular text from a website. If you visit some websites and find very useful content, you want to copy it. But with wap, you simply can't make it.
- It doesn't allow url shortening (extremely necessary for twitter posts).
- It can't utilize 'right mouse' features.

Despite these drawbacks, wap browsing is really awesome. If you didn't enjoy it, it your turn.