Monday, April 2, 2012

Brac Bank Review: A bank blessed with useless customer care center

Since my versity life, I know that all banks of Bangladesh are worthless. These banks can cause lots of pains to users but serve very little. But my recent harassment knows no limit. Brac bank is the ultimate  bank that made my legs kick on they fly.

I'm a client of Brac bank since last 3/4 years. I used their ATM card frequently since last year. Due to some reasons, I didn't make any transaction for about a year. By this time my card got expired.
But they never alerted me, neither by email nor mobile sms. When I tried to withdraw money, I found that my card is expired.

Role of Head office:  Then I rushed to this bank’s main branch located at Motijhil graphics building. They told me an amazing line “your card has been destroyed as it is stolen”.
Ha ha huh….

I took a breath and tried to figure out how it happened. I never received the card as I didn’t know at all. This card was belonged to them and the card was stolen from their store! What a security!!
And most funny thing is that I have to bear the cost to issue another card although they lost it!!!

Anyway, I agreed as I didn’t have any other choice. I asked them how to reissue another ATM card. A worker at the table told me that you have to do the following to get a card:
-    Fill and submit a requisition form.
-    It takes 5 business days to process the card, so I’ve to attend after a week.
-    Then they’ll provide me the password for the card.

I asked them if the processing can be done in local branch as Motijhil is too away from my home and I’ve to attend there again. He told me not to worry as “brac bank is an online bank [!!] and you can get your card from anywhere”. I decided to go to local branch.

The local branch:  Then I went to the local branch at Mirpur-1 [SME branch] 2 months ago for card renewal. I submitted a requisition form.  After 2 weeks, they said that my signature didn't match; so the card is not issued.
Then I resubmitted another requisition form on 14th March. An employee named 'Zakaria' accepted the form and told me that I should get the card after 5 business days, possibly on 21st March.

As per said, I went on 21st March and became astonished. He [Zakaria] said that the card is not issued yet due to some hidden reasons.
And this time, he took the receipt of the requisition form from me [that should be belonged to me] and asked me to come on 27th March.
I went to the branch on that day and my senses failed to follow his words. I don't know how to explain my feelings. Zakaria told me that the card is not issued yet; and they didn't receive any response from head office yet. When I asked him the reason, he replied that there's no reason; head office didn't provide any reason to him, they just replied the email.
What a joke? Why don’t we put them in circus??

But as a programmer, I know that every attempt must be concluded with a reason. If they really reject my requisition form then they must reason why it’s rejected. The head office didn't respond [as per his words] in 3 weeks for nothing.

What can be the reason?  Now I doubt 2 things on this issue:
1] 'Zakaria' didn't send my requisition form or any email to head office at all.
2] Brac bank is unable to provide expected service to its clients. 3 long weeks is really too long to cope with.

Customer care:  The joke is not completed yet. I sent an email to the customer care center of Brac bank on 27th March. I wanted an explanation for these insulting acts.
But OMG!
They didn’t care! Neither they replied my email nor did they send any sms. They didn’t even ask the local branch about the issue.
What sort of customer care it is!

And what sort of bank it can be??

Conclusion:  Based on the occurrences, I can’t but have to conclude that I must terminate my account immediately from this stupid bank. Although I’m not sure if they had stolen my money already or not!

Those who are the clients of brac bank, be aware of the scenario and your corresponding accounts.

Updates: After 1 month, I went to the local branch with my previous decision to terminate the account. But they told me that they had my card issued already. But they don't have the pin number, I've to go to the corporate office to collect the pin.
So, another journey to Motijhil. Finally I got all the things done in quick manner.

And I realized that all these unusual events occurred due to one man, that's 'Zakaria'.