Sunday, October 12, 2014

Borboti's discovery began

After long waiting, finally Borboti saw the light of earth. Due to high pressure troubles, the baby in the womb was less weighed than standard, so, I named him 'Borboti', vabi hesitated if she'd scold me, however took it easily with marvel smile. The operation was successful though I missed while he's fetched to the cabin for the first time for couple of minutes (late, as usual! ki ar kora!!). Now I'm uncle to the three.

On October 8, at 1pm Borboti took birth with cries & staring. Just after birth, he consistently stared with big eyes, blinked & stared again, shook his both hands to both sides like swinging and opened his mouth repeatedly. What could he say at that moment? I'm hungry, hu hu hungry, eat eat, khabo khabo...

Borboti couldn't sleep for first 2 nights. Knowing this, I went to see him in early morning & recognized the trouble. The cabin room was just beside the road (actually 'on the road') and the road is always busy, specially big buses & trucks pass the road with non-stop whistles. Moreover, the window remained open, thus the incredible sound made him awake all the time. I can't say why they chose this irritating room. [But the view is amazing in evening, river & big trees toned with vast sky & clouds, high church, gasping lights of vehicles through the road made the room awesome, except sound. The view at night is so marvel!]