Sanam Re- earth song:
Sanam re film shots are full of earth songs. Nature exposure in divine shapes are brought into the film that made it stand out in the crowd.  The movie script is not good enough to keep viewers engaged, hence one may not view it for 2nd term. But the lashing natural beauty of the film & songs would surely trigger some 2nd-term viewers, even grab a dvd collection ... Read More 
Eye-catching Greenland:
Greenland is the largest island in the world. Everybody knows the fact, specially the kids who have to undergo Current Affairs Exam. But the largest island is also the source of soothing beauty and eye-catching sights to lit a dark eye. ... Read More 
Some funny shots
These snap-shots amazed me a lot. ... Read More

Eye-catching lighting
I've seen lightings in numerous shapes & numerous styles. But these lightings are sure to lash your eye-balls. ... Read More

3 impressive shots can make you smile
What is the best idea to refresh your mind? Smile, smile and smile.... lol.. While surfing through web I found some amazing photos taken by amateur photographers. Among the pics, three shots impressed me a lot and made me think how amazing they are! ... Read More

How to draw picture
To draw picture is surely requires artistic skills as well as clear vision & paradox. The following images are an example of power of arts ... Read More

 Few amazing shots!
Let your head spin for a while with these amazing photographs ... Read More

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