Friday, November 25, 2011

My 1st novel is in half-way

After writing 2 books (in english & distributed through amazon), 1 short story, and 2 short stories (in bangla), I`ve decided to write my 1st novel and publish on the upcoming `ekushe book fair`. Things are rolling fine, I`ve already plotted the story, made 4 main characters, more than 30 subordinate characters and main event through which all characters will enroll. I started a week ago and already finished the first half, hope to complete rest by next 4 days. I`m waiting for the sculpture made of words.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

`Ekhane probesh nishedh` _ hit of this eid

Another Eid passed with boring, stupid, nonsense and irritating dramas. I heard that an idiot actor acted in only 50 dramas and all are showed by 15 chanels. However, I found 2-3 dramas that were really good. `Ekhane probesh nishedh` tops the list, its of 7 episodes, showed on DESH tv. The drama was a thriller & touchy one, 180 degree turn from other bullshiet dramas. The series based on 6 friends travel, one was missing & others were totured by ghosts, suspension revealed at final stage. I enjoyed it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are all lawyers characterless?

Anisul huq stood for the alleged murderers of Lokman hossain. Lokman was a very popular & honest mayor of Norsingdi, recently murderd by some AL terrorists. All accused people are closely related to top AL leaders, MPs & minister. They killed Lokman for loosing position to him. Anisul is a promising lawyer who dealt with several serious cases like `bongobondhu murder` case. He did his job with honesty & intellect. Since then I had good idea about him, though I don`t trust any lawyer. But he`s shameless.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A touchy half-misty evening of `Hemonto`

Home, sweet home. Everytime I come back to Jessore, feel something special. I went out for a walk in an evening of `Hemonto`. And the spectacular nature lashed my eyes with extra-ordinary appeal. It was little misty, not too misty to block things from vision, half-mist spread thin layer of cloth allover. The leaves of tree seemed undiscovered shed in thrilling moonlight, the moon shined over trees, looked little ghosty. The passers-by, cycles, ricksaws were passing on the road in a touchy environment.