Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Google looses chat popularity for its restricted mania (gtalk error)

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Google is loosing significant users from chat (gtalk) as they allow only Chrome browser for chat. For other browsers Google says that 'Unable to reach Gmail, Please check your internet connection'.

I always prefer to chat on Yahoo messenger for their wide variety and many privileges. Yahoo community is great and helpful; you will never feel bore with Yahoo chat community & chat rooms. At the same time, Yahoo is consistently updating their support & technology improvements on chat application. However, is Google doing so? Do you think that Google is worth the same value as Yahoo?

No, I do not think so. Google has several limitations on chat feature. They have some serious problems that never tried to overcome; rather they imposed newer restrictions time to time. The latest act is 'Chrome mania'.

Yes, Google only allows 'Chrome' browser for chat (gtalk), discards any other browsers. First, I thought that it is my internet connection problem as I am from Bangladesh and internet speed is so poor here. 2-3 months ago, it was very common to see 'chat invisibility' now, but after some hors chat is available. I realized that it happened due to slow connection for those hours. However, the situation worsens for last months. I never found gtalk available on my Gmail, from any browser. I tried using Firefox mozilla, Opera, Internet explorer; but never watched gtalk alive in the gmail menu. I was completely fade up with this trick. After 2 months I installed Chrome, it took 45 minutes to download the installation filed from Google server! What a waste of time! Then I run Chrome on my computer and amazed that gtalk is available! I was overwhelmed, wanted to check back. Therefore, I opened Firefox, Opera and Chrome at the same time and found that gtalk is available on only Chrome. Google shows the message 'Unable to reach Gmail, Please check your internet connection' in all other browsers.

Thus, it was obvious to me that Google restricts their chat feature for other browsers. They allow only Chrome for their gtalk feature. It may be successful for the people leaving in countries of high-speed internet connection like United States, Europe. However, for countries of low speed internet connection, it will not work that great. Certainly I’m not going to install Chrome for 45 minutes every time. Not just me, more users are leaving gtalk and use Yahoo chat more and more. Google is significantly loosing users and their trust. People are getting annoyed on Google.