Touchy marks from July to September:
The duration is quite long for me as I was aloof from blogging by this time. But water didn't stop flowing through Padma & occurrences didn't vapor out. I nearly forgot most things except few that I must recall ... Read More

13 hours journey tasted our nurves:
It took 13 hours to reach Dhaka from Jessore. The journey was delayed and cursed. I experienced 2 longer journeys earlier, 16 hours and 17 hours due to getting stuck at 'chor'. But this one was really irritating. 'Morning shows the day', the proverb is well accepted by all. But unfortunately I don't believe it, rather my trust is in 'Afternoon proves the day' ... Read More

Twisted moments in a rainy afternoon:
The midday was clumsy after my hard-work for the last project. I was so busy with my work that took my breakfast at 11:45am. But I had no other option as I had only a few hours to finalize the project. However, things are done right. I decided to rest for an hour after taking lunch. But something grabbed my eyes, shifted to the window and caught soothing ... Read More

A new seed brings heavenly delight:
Yesterday was a lucky day for me due to 2 happy events. One confirmed my bonding and other brought new seed to our family tree. A cute, beautiful baby girl took birth in the afternoon. She`s daughter of my eldest brother. This tiny life brought immense pleasure branded with touchy looks, soft & extreme little hands & legs, lousy but stylist facial movements ... Read More

A touchy half-misty evening of `Hemonto`:
Home, sweet home. Everytime I come back to Jessore, feel something special. I went out for a walk in an evening of `Hemonto`. And the spectacular nature lashed my eyes with extra-ordinary appeal. It was little misty, not too misty to block things from vision, half-mist spread thin layer of cloth allover. The leaves of tree seemed undiscovered shed in thrilling moonlight ... Read More

My home joyrney duration doubled due to road disaster:
Generally, Dhaka to Jessore trip takes 5-6 hours. But this time it took only 10 hours!! Just double the usual turnaround time. But still I am happy to complete the journey beyond its turnaround time. ... Read More

I'm feeling worried due to death of Tarq Masud and Mishuk Munir:
Today is not a bright day, you know. The day conveys black symbol due to the loss of some great people from our community. Bangladesh will have to remember them for long because they don't have any replacements. Two great sons died today due to terrible road accident ... Read More

Winter blows down finally:
Due to scorching heat in summer this year everybody guessed that this winter would be coldly one, but the fact is yet there's no sign of winter. After quite long time winter began to blow down ... Read More

*Bus-mantra at Bijoy-soroni in Dhaka:
If I ask the God 'who r the most sufferer people in Dhaka', he would answer 'Mirpur'. If I ask the same question to a ghost it will instantly reply 'if not Mirpur then why I'm there, for rolling what balls'.
This is the real scenario of people of Mirpur zone. Hundreds of bus rush on busy road daily, they use 2 lens to pass through 'Bijoy-soroni' to reach Farmgate. Earlier there was no ban-order on any of the roads. In such condition (earlier) we had to face regular jam at 'bijoy-soroni' ... Read More

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