Sunday, July 15, 2012

Twisted moments in a rainy afternoon

The midday was clumsy after my hard-work for the last project. I was so busy with my work that took my breakfast at 11:45am. But I had no other option as I had only a few hours to finalize the project. However, things are done right. I decided to rest for an hour after taking lunch. But something grabbed my eyes, shifted to the window and caught soothing scene outside. So, I parked my limbs at window, pushed the pillow to rest there. Oh, I just love my room as it's blessed with 2 sided road-view's windows. One window covers the East road and another peers to North road. The position is really charming to gaze the people on road as well as natural scenes.

I found dark-pitched clouds in the sky, both sides are covered with such clouds. And a little gap peered mighty sun with a deem orange light, the sunlight reflected over the clouds. I couldn't help locking my eyes on that sight. 2 minutes in a row, I failed to shift my eyes. The life is full of events, some are attractive and some are odds. But you must learn to enjoy something good and natural. That's the pleasure of mortal life.

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