Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fierce gun battle rages inside the headquarters of the BDR in Dhaka

Thousands of rounds of gunshots and mortar firing are rocking the BDR Headquarters and adjacent areas in Dhaka as “angry and aggrieved” BDR soldiers launched a violent and armed mutiny against their high command from around 7:45am. An army helicopter patrolling above the barracks was fired at, and mortar rounds were also fired. One soldier was heard addressing the mutineers by megaphone, saying they should fight the army "by any means". It comes a day after PM Sheikh Hasina visited the HQ to hand out medals. She is featured in photographs on the front page of some local newspapers, saluting the border guards.

One person has been killed and at least 16 people have been wounded in a mutiny at border guards headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh, reports say.

Local media have speculated that the revolt is over pay and working conditions. There is a heavy army and police presence at the scene, in the centre of the capital. The streets have been cleared and shops have been closed.

BDR Complex sealed:

One soldier was heard over a loud megaphone, saying: "Brothers, let's stay together. The army is trying to come in, and we will stop them by any means."

Officials at Dhaka's Medical College Hospital said one civilian had been killed. At least six people have also been wounded, although it is not clear whether any of them are soldiers. A large plume of smoke can be seen rising above a conference room inside the barracks in the Pilkhana area of Dhaka, our correspondent says.

Local media reports say that is where the mutineers have locked up their officers. Police were not being allowed to enter the complex. There were reports that troops also stormed out of the complex and seized the nearby shopping centre.

The government is said to have urged the mutineers to lay down their arms.

1 killed, 16 hurt by stray bullets :

At least one person was killed and 16 others were injured by stray bullets at the nearby areas of the BDR Headquarters during gunfights at the headquarters. The gunfight broke out at about 7:45 this morning with firing thousands of rounds of gunshot at the BDR Headquarters as “angry and aggrieved” BDR soldiers launched a violent and armed mutiny against their high command.
The identity of the deceased could not be known immediately.

The injured people, including a Dhaka University (DU) student, who received bullet wounds, were admitted to different hospitals in the city. Of the injured, Kamrun Nahar, a fourth year student of Bangla Department at the Dhaka University, Lance Nayak Abdul Khan along with two other BDR men, Monir Hossain, 18, an embroidery shop worker, and Akhter, 16, a tea shop worker, and five others were admitted to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH).

While other injured -- Rubel, 12, Shakil, 23, Sajjad, 35, and Ifad, a BBA student of United International University, and Sumon -- were admitted to Bangladesh Medical College Hospital.

Dhanmondi Panic :
Locals and commuters at Dhanmondi and surrounding areas have been under a panic situation since morning as numerous rounds of firing are going on at the BDR headquarters. Several rumours were spreading throughout the Dhanmondi area. People are gathering in several intersections as Police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have already blocked the road from Dhanmondi-15.

Many school and university students got stuck on their campuses. Classes had been suspended and administrations of the institutions are still under doubt what action would they take for the safety of the pupils. Army personnel had cleared Saath Mosjid road of Dhanmondi at around 12 pm.

Rebels seek general amnesty :
A rebel BDR soldier told the ATN Bangla over telephone this (Wednesday) afternoon that they want the government announce general amnesty for the rebel soldiers as precondition of any talks. He said that they demand immediate withdrawal of the army troops from the BDR Headquarter area otherwise the Parliament Bhaban and the Bangladesh Secretariat and residents nearby the headquarters will be destroyed.

Referring to their long deprivation, they told the viewers of the television that the BDR is not independent in the independent country. A fierce gun battle broke out this morning inside the headquarters of Bangladesh's border security force in the capital Dhaka after a mutiny by soldiers against their high officers. Thousands of rounds of gunshots and mortar firing are rocking the BDR Headquarters and adjacent areas in Dhaka as “angry and aggrieved” BDR soldiers launched a violent and armed mutiny against their high command from around 7:45am.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pakistan's Sharia law..finally...

Pakistan is a country of some combination like crazy, wild people, besides tribal along with the curse 'militant'. This country is suffering from unexpected acts from the very beginning. Democracy never existed there, not even now although a democratic government is ruling the country. If they were real democrat then in now way they could decree for Sharia law.

During the last democratic ruler Newaz Sharif the government approved Sharia law in tribal belt giving the tribal leader much power to dominate the weak, specially the women. We have the result in hand. Lots of women were raped for so called family reputation, deceived. "Mukhtaran Mai" is the symbol of this inhuman torture. These women are really cursed as they had no choice, they couldn't move out alone, let alone going for higher studies.
It was the gerneral situation in rural area.
But the modern town was not very different. Most of the girls had to marry against their will, in marriage life they were treated like animals, beating & pushing is a very common scene. Acid throw, gang-rape, merciless teasing are usual. Even wives from very reputed family were severly tortured. One of the leading human activist told that her husband used to slab her, box her for nothing, if she tried to say anything he began to kink her. Even infront of her parents her husband dragged her kicking from upstairs to downstairs.

The situation is that worse.

And in such connection Zardari government established Sharia law!!! That means the same inhuman acts will be repeated again and in legal way.