Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pakistan's Sharia law..finally...

Pakistan is a country of some combination like crazy, wild people, besides tribal along with the curse 'militant'. This country is suffering from unexpected acts from the very beginning. Democracy never existed there, not even now although a democratic government is ruling the country. If they were real democrat then in now way they could decree for Sharia law.

During the last democratic ruler Newaz Sharif the government approved Sharia law in tribal belt giving the tribal leader much power to dominate the weak, specially the women. We have the result in hand. Lots of women were raped for so called family reputation, deceived. "Mukhtaran Mai" is the symbol of this inhuman torture. These women are really cursed as they had no choice, they couldn't move out alone, let alone going for higher studies.
It was the gerneral situation in rural area.
But the modern town was not very different. Most of the girls had to marry against their will, in marriage life they were treated like animals, beating & pushing is a very common scene. Acid throw, gang-rape, merciless teasing are usual. Even wives from very reputed family were severly tortured. One of the leading human activist told that her husband used to slab her, box her for nothing, if she tried to say anything he began to kink her. Even infront of her parents her husband dragged her kicking from upstairs to downstairs.

The situation is that worse.

And in such connection Zardari government established Sharia law!!! That means the same inhuman acts will be repeated again and in legal way.

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