Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dinner with the most powerful bird on this earth

What is the most powerful bird or searched or wanted bird on this earth? If you ask the History, it would reply you without any hesitation. THAT IS PHOENIX. Phoenix bird is a burning topic to human community from the very ancient time. People believe that this bird has an emerging value & spirit on the nature. The myth began from the Greek community (Greeks claim that the idea grew up in their community first), later Egypt claimed the bird's existence, India is the last decade to offer the claim.

The most typical question is what is Phoenix. Phoenix is a sort of bird what has unique trend over other birds, consisting of tomb nest covered with gold colored feathers. The feathers are strong enough to support it against the strong wind, make it strong enough to fly long distance, even it can fly from India to Egypt without any rest. This bird lives 500 to 1000 years long, at the end of its life cycle it turns into ashes, feathers are flocked down into oval exposure. After the magical bird dies, a new life (some says evolved egg) replaces the ashes of the dead bird and produce new life. This bird is then recognized as Fire-bird. The magical criteria made it immortal in the history, produced large community of Pagans for spiritual rituals.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to get a "Freedom-fighter certificate"

Freedom fighter certificate (1971) is the most expected certificate now-a-days. If anybody can manage a certificate then he can get access to several types of facilities offered by Bangladesh Government. In the past we have seen uncounted number of people getting listed as freedom fighter although they never fought in 1971, nor even dream of it.
People are buying this certificate like dogs and offer delicious bucks of money to get one for them.
Th freedom fighter list was updates 5-7 times in the past 38 years. Every update of listing added 20,000 to 80,000 people as freedom fighters. The real freedom fighters use to claim that there were only 100,000 - 120,000 real freedom fighters who fought for the independence in 1971. But every update of "The list" invent newer and newer freedom fighters.
One of my friends told that while he was working in "Muktijodha Sochibaloy" for 2 years at his early job. During this time he faced many 'funny things' (as identified by him), numerous people from numerous corners came to secretariat for a certificate among them 90% were fake. He said that, one day a suited-booted guy came to see him, talked for a long time and finally offered 50,000 BDT for a certificate. He refused the briber very decently, but he began to appeal continuously. Finally he claimed that he was a reputed member of Jamat-e-islami, and need a certificate for freedom fighter status, offered my friend more exclusive offers. But he was something honest and refused finally.
This case is just a snap-shot of what happened in last 38 years. There are uncounted numbers of such incidents.

Don't worry, if you need a certificate you can get very easily. To get one for you just follow the steps:
1. Make a balance of tk-75,000 only.
2. Join a seminar, conducted by Jamat-e-islami. Introduce yourself to some powerful members of Jamat.
3. Donate a few bucks to Jamat's fund.
4. Convince them, explain why you need a certificate so badly and assure them that if you get a certificate then you can devote yourself to Jamat's activities.
5. Buy an attractive 'tupi' and place tk-75,000 only into the tupi. While talking just give it to him (the leader you are interacting).
6. Sit back and relax. You will get a FREEDOM FIGHTER CERTIFICATE in less than 15 days.

1. If you interact with Jamat then you are risk-free. Nobody can track you for fraud activities, your money won't loose in anyway, by hooks or by crooks you will get the desired certificate.
2. You will gain more power backed up by Jamat.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6th :: India supported Bangladesh as Free Nation

December 6th, 1971, is a memorable day in history of Bangladesh. In this day India supported Bangladesh as a Freeland, new established country in the map of universe. People of this country were eagerly waiting for this day for long time.
Freedom fighters fought for this country for 9 long months, suffered from deem to esteem, did all possible things to make this country free. 3 million people died due to torture of Pakistan (so called Islami republic who didn't hestitate to kill human for the sake of muslim, a true animal-land). Millions of women were tortured by Pakistani armi and our pride 'Rajakars' (more powerful than the freedom fighters). During this independence war people of this country suffered a lot, but never gave up their hopes, the result is ultimate and they gained it by their own try. Freedom fighters were fucking Pakistani army in every sector of Bangladesh, Pak army escaped like dogs.
By this time a strong confessed backing was urgent. Top politicians of Awami league including acting President of Republic Bangladesh, Prime minister of Republic Bangladesh wrote to Indian government several times to support Bnagladesh officially. If any country supports officially our Independence could achieve another decade. Indira Gandhi officially announced their support fro Bangladesh in Parliament in this day. She explained from bean to nuts what happened in East Pakistan and why India is supporting Bangladesh. With this support Bangladesh got a strong backup, able to face US rejection in UNO.

Winter blow down finally

Due to scorching heat in summer this year everybody guessed that this winter would be coldly one, but the fact is yet there's no sign of winter. After quite long time winter began to blow down.