Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dinner with the most powerful bird on this earth

What is the most powerful bird or searched or wanted bird on this earth? If you ask the History, it would reply you without any hesitation. THAT IS PHOENIX. Phoenix bird is a burning topic to human community from the very ancient time. People believe that this bird has an emerging value & spirit on the nature. The myth began from the Greek community (Greeks claim that the idea grew up in their community first), later Egypt claimed the bird's existence, India is the last decade to offer the claim.

The most typical question is what is Phoenix. Phoenix is a sort of bird what has unique trend over other birds, consisting of tomb nest covered with gold colored feathers. The feathers are strong enough to support it against the strong wind, make it strong enough to fly long distance, even it can fly from India to Egypt without any rest. This bird lives 500 to 1000 years long, at the end of its life cycle it turns into ashes, feathers are flocked down into oval exposure. After the magical bird dies, a new life (some says evolved egg) replaces the ashes of the dead bird and produce new life. This bird is then recognized as Fire-bird. The magical criteria made it immortal in the history, produced large community of Pagans for spiritual rituals.

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