Monday, February 1, 2010

The unique features of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest and most fashionable operating system launched by Microsoft to over 500 million of people in the universe. Computer users always look for the upcoming newer features by windows operating system because windows operating system covers 97% computers’ operating system in the world. Blessed with newer features Windows 7 is a matter of attraction to the end users specially for the young people who love to extend their application experience beyond decades. This article will demonstrate the amazing features of Windows 7.

File sharing in windows operating system is beyond limitation. Home Group, using this feature users can connect to their friends and families more easily. If two or more users have windows 7
running and want to share printer, photo, video, games then they can do so without any hard work. Sharing files became more easy with Windows 7, users just have to know the interface and icon to launch the associated program, create a home group and transfer files or movies of any length regardless of bandwidth. This feature is password protected, so nobody can interrupt your privacy nor track what you are doing with your friends in the Home group.

Now you can jump to any file or folder you tend to use frequently. Jump Lists is another extended feature of Windows 7. It enables you to go straight to the documents, songs or websites that you use to open everyday without complex browsing. With this feature, you can reach the website immediately that you use frequently through internet explorer 8. Windows Media Player 12 shows the list of frequently played music or tunes that you like more.

Accessing computer from remote area is now at your hand. Remote media streaming is another feature of Windows 7 that let you watch your favorite video, listen to your favorite tunes. Even when you are away from home, you can enjoy the music and video clips with this feature. You will not experience the difference between home and abroad.

Your fingers can control your computer, perform all the jobs needed for you. Windows Touch is the most powerful feature of Windows 7. Touch screen facilities are available in the previous versions also, but this feature overrides all sort of previous assumptions. You can do any job on a computer if it has touch screen option and windows 7 are installed on it. Using your fingers you can direct windows components to follow your orders and execute thereby. Windows 7 enables multi touch technology for the users that extends user’s comfort. If you want to zoom anything just place your two fingers paired on the screen of a multi touch compatible computer.

Windows 7 provides users more attractive functionalities like parallel processing applications that enables multiple processes run together without rambling the operating system. Parallel batch process makes the processes even faster, align all the processes onto one pack, use CPU cycles effectively reducing empty cycles, thus assures full use of processor. Copy, move, operations are more faster on this operating system than the previous versions, pipelining made it more convenient.

Wide accepted functionalities have made Windows 7 winning operating system. With enhanced performance, newer functionalities, queer visual display, touch screen, multiple process parallelism Windows 7 is going to win the hearts of the customers allover the world. 2010 is going to be the year for Windows 7.