Monday, June 28, 2010

Create your website in 2 minutes with website builder

To start a new website is a complex task for most people either personal or business personnel. It needs a lot of work to create a powerful niche website & clear understanding of the detailed procedure. Everybody wants a quick & reliable solution to this dilemma. Why not pushing the disaster into waste tub? 

Let's consider the requirements for a successful website. What do you need to create a powerful niche website to stand out in the crowd? A niche website needs the following components:
- Attractive logo
- Impressive banner consisting a message
- Strong page layout, two or three columns layouts are preferred
- Advanced graphics and 3D effect to stand out
- Correlated images to enhance site navigation
- Quick navigation, links should be gained with one or two mouse clicks

It needs a lot of efforts and hard work to create a powerful website. Three ways you can cope with this dilemma:
1. Design your website by renowned developer companies.
2. Purchase attractive templates from template directories and shape it at your own.
3. Employ a freelancer designer to design your website.

All three choices would cost you a lot. If you want to purchase a package or customize package from a renowned company, they will charge you several thousands dollars.And an expert freelancer will charge you several hundreds bucks to design an attractive niche website.

However, a website builder can cope with this dilemma allowing you to create a stunning website with a few mouse clicks. No longer you have to learn about website design nor you need any prior knowledge about web design & programming. You can create your own niche website with free website in less than 2 minutes! What are waiting for? Build your website for free now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Top 10 Enterprise Security Risks

Network administrators are besieged today with a growing list of security risks, and analysts warn that too often they get caught up in battling one or two vulnerabilities and remain blind to a league of others.

Security officers have been battling worms, viruses, denial of service attacks and hackers for years now. When you add the threat of cyber-terrorism, employees using Instant Messengers and downloading full-length feature movies onto their work PCs, the list of risks is multiplying far faster than security budgets or staffs can keep pace.

SilentRunner has created a Top 10 list of risk factors that security administrators should guard against. Here's what has made their short list of vulnerabilities:

1. Email Attachments -- Workers opening an attachment could unleash a worm or virus onto the corporate network, and a new evolution of viruses means that they can propagate themselves even without a user double-clicking on them;
2. VPN Tunnel Vulnerabilities -- A hacker who worms his way into the VPN has free and easy access to the network;
3. Blended Attacks -- Worms and viruses are becoming more complicated, and now a single one may be able to execute itself or even attack more than one platform;
4. Diversionary Tactics -- Hackers may strike a set of servers in a target company and then when security administrators are busy putting out that fire, they slip in and attack another part of the network;
5. Downloads from Web Sites -- Workers frequently misuse their Internet access in the workplace, downloading games, movies and music and even porn. It opens the network up to attack and sucks up valuable bandwidth;
6. Supply Chain and Partners Added to the Network -- An administrator may grant access to the network for a partner company and then forget to close that access point when the job is over. The same applies to employees who are leaving the company;
7. Microsoft's SOAP -- The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) doesn't have security specifications built into it, warns Silent Runner's Woolley;
8. Renaming Documents -- An employee could save business-critical information in a different file, give it a random, unrelated name and email the information to her home computer, a friend or even a corporate competitor. Monitoring software that checks emails leaving the company might fail to pick up on the outgoing message if the subject name has been changed;
9. Peer-to-Peer Applications -- In a peer-to-peer environment there is an implied trust between servers. That means if a user has access to one server, he automatically has access to another if the servers share trust. Woolley points out that hackers or rogue employees can gain access to one server and move freely throughout the network;
10. Music and Video Browsers -- These are browsers that automatically will connect the user with related web sites -- all without the user's permission. A music browser, for instance, may note that the user likes jazz so will connect the user to other jazz sites and executable applications, putting the network at risk and potentially using up huge amounts of bandwidth.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Miss USA 2010 - Rima Fakih is a muslim girl (Lebanon)

Rima Fakih crowned Miss USA 2010 beauty pagent. The breath taking beauty achieved her title after long funny & ugly scandals of the corresponding beauty contest. Rima Fakih is a muslim girl, she originated from a muslim family and she herself is a muslim. Rima's family is originated from Lebanon (called as land of beauty in Middle east). The beauty, grace, perfect figure, extra-ordinary talent & killing smile made her perfect crown holder. Despite of very low score (8.3) in swimsuit category, she achieved her deserved role.

Miss USA 2010 beauty contest is burdened with ugly competition. First the crown went to Miss California, but her ugly promotion snatched her title. She exposed her body like a playmate, took several shots that are available only on Playboy magazines. After receiving her title, her ugly promotion materials were disclosed and the jury board decided to snatch away her title. Then they selected Miss Michigan 'Rima Fakih' as the winner of Miss USA 2010 beauty contest.

Stunning images of Rima Fakih:

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some stunning photoshop works

Its my hobby to surf through web and find something interesting. Of them, I prefer Flickr most, to find attractive images either natural or artistic. I found some images that are edit with photoshop to give stunning look.

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