Monday, April 11, 2016

Google placed junk links on SERP

Google placed junk links on SERP or they changed their policy.
I searched for 'what is a good quality backlink' and found 2 links on the 1st page are junks. The top link promped a disgusting page asking for captcha to view the page! What a joke!!
Same goes for another link on the 1st page.

Both links are-

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bangladesh Bank fund heist

Bangladesh Bank lost $101 millions from its forex reserve of Federal reserve bank of Neywork in February 2016. Its the biggest central bank's reserve fund heist and probably the first one set up by malware.

 5 orders and 2 destinations:
 Total 5 orders carried out from 35 orders by thehackers.
$20M traced to Sri Lanka (since recovered) and $81M to the Philippines. The international transfer desk of the intermediate bank, Deustche Bank, blocked a further $850 million in 35 transactions.

  The hacking procedure:
Hackers or insiders (the old snakes) attempted to steal $951 million from BB's account in Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The thieves chose a suitable time when Bangladesh Bank's offices were closed, sometime between February 4-5. The perpetrators injected malwares or spywares [briefly described in my recent novel 'Hemonter parod'] and managed to compromise Bangladesh Bank's system, to observe how transfers are done, and gained access to the bank's credentials for payment transfers, which they used to send about three dozen requests to the FedBank to transfer funds to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. 35 transactions worth $851 million transfer were prevented by the banking system but five requests were granted; $20M to Sri Lanka (later recovered), and $81 million lost to the Philippines on February 5, 2016. This money was laundered through casinos and some later transferred to Hong Kong.

The hackers entered Bangladesh Bank's network system breaking their ancient firewalls in secret. Malwares are adept in hiding their existence from anything, operating systems can't recognize even latest anti-malware programs can't detect them. The hackers used those latest malwares [later its disclosed that the hackers got the malwares ordered to attack]

  Srilanka's transfer reversed:
The $20 million fund to Sri Lanka, was transferred to Shalika Foundation, a SriLanka-based non profit organization. The hackers misspelled "foundation" in their request to transfer the funds, spelling the word as "fandation". This spelling error gained suspicion from Deutsche Bank, a routing bank which put a halt to the transaction in question after seek clarifications from Bangladesh Bank.
Later the fund was recovered succeffully. BB was lucky for the spelling mistake, else more disaster may ensue.

  Philippines' transfer converted into Peso:
The money transferred to the Philippines was deposited in five separate accounts with the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). The funds were then converted to Philippine pesos, returned to the RCBC and consolidated to an account of a Chinese-Filipino businessperson. The conversion was made from February 5 to 13, 2016. The four U.S. dollar accounts involved were opened with the RCBC in May 15, 2015 with a view for this theft, which remained untouched until February 4, 2016.

After 4 days vacation BB returned from hibernation on 8th feb, and contacted both Swift & Rcbc to hold the transaction. But $58.15 million was already withdrawn by RCBC's Jupiter Street Branch, branch manager didn't bother Rcbc's order for hold on the accounts.

  Investigation in Philippines:
The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) launched an investigation and looked into a Chinese-Filipino who allegedly played a key role in the money laundering of the illicit funds. The NBI is coordinating with relevant government agencies including the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).

  After stealing:
Bangladesh Bank chief governor Atiur Rahman resigned from his post amid the current investigation into money laundering on March 15, 2016. Before the resignation was made public, Rahman stated that he would resign for the sake of his country.

  Few questions and obviously no answer:
1. The theft occurred on friday, public holiday. 8 workers alias IT section employees discovered that all computers & printers connected to Swift account are malfunctioned and they failed to start them.
They stayed there for the whole day, nobody knows what they did in 8 long hours. Either they never alerted the bank or the high command never felt anything to do.
After 24 hours, on saturday BB learned about the pathetic transactions and contacted Federal reserve bank. Atleast they informed only after 24 hours of the transaction!
If the requests were sent immediately or on friday
 then either the transactions could be stopped or reversed back to BB's account. All payment gateways do hold transactions for some specified time for authenticity.

2. BB hibernated for 4 days from 4th to 8th february. On 8th feb they requested Philipines bank to halt the fund, but it was pretty late. What did BB roll in these 4 days?

3. After this ground-breaking history, BB never felt any need to inform the government or ministry. This is the biggest joke of the month!
 The hacking news flashed by 25th feb in Philipine's newspapers, then everybody knew what happened. If it was not published then I'm sure nobody could know a word about the theft.
BB governor Atiur Rahman never felt the need to inform Finmin or even PM about the scandal, hid it for 1 long month!

Jessore rolls in swift change

Day by day Jessore is changing and that's too quick to guess. After 3 months, while return I was puzzled because I couldn't recognize some lanes. Everything is changing and so this town, but its rolling really fast.

Jessore is going to be ponds-free, almost every alley had a pond even 5 years ago. Now that's a forgotten past, hardly you can see a pond after long distance. My own area was gifted with 8-10 ponds including a big one that's so beautiful and of our fascination.
Big Jarul tree exposed in purple flowers in spring, we had to stop for a while to cross it, it was so charming, and other trees on all sides gave it queer shape. An old-fashioned kutir was beside the pond, marveled in evening at gloomy light. Various colors formed clouds enchanting over blue sky, most expected scenario above the big pond. That's all history now!

Most building were 1-staired or 2-staired, now they're being replaced by 5-6 stairs. If you visit  an alley after a year, you'll be in shock. The main area by zero-point is moving couple of times faster. All buildings are replaced by 8-9 stairs. And day by day Jessore is getting hasty, no room to breathe.
House rent too accelerated, raised by 50% by 5-6 years.

The town is full of markets, every year newer markets are being built. And most crazy part is they don't lack customers! Nobody can say how many markets are in Jessore presently.

Hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers overwhelmed the town. More than 100 Hospitals and diagnostic centers operate now and all are full of patients! There's no room for vacancy.

Easy bikes changed vehicles story in the town. Vans are vanished from Jessore, which was one of leading vehicles even 2 years ago. Rates of rickshaw & easy-bikes flied several times in very short time.

A good part is roads of Jessore are getting better. Lots of construction works are going on. The cursed road between Dhormotola-Doratana is built really well, hope it would serve for minimum couple of years. Many others roads of the town are under-construction, passers-by will experience better roads.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sanam Re- earth song

Sanam re film shots are full of earth songs. Nature exposure in divine shapes are brought into the film that made it stand out in the crowd.
 The movie script is not good enough to keep viewers engaged, hence one may not view it for 2nd term. But the lashing natural beauty of the film & songs would surely trigger some 2nd-term viewers, even grab a dvd collection.

Few divine shots are depicted below:

Top films of 2015

The best documentary film of the year, will be in very short list of all time. The scenes, camera works, story line & direction are just outstanding, absolutely flawless. Real life is  depicted without pampering, a master piece.
How two siblings in remote rural area passed their day to day life, dreams, struggles and harsh realization are brought up successfully.
The director did excellent for his 1st job.
Gariwala bagged about 15 international awards.

This film is a queer one from beginning to end. It is based on a rare side of the society, perfectly portrays living of those neglected people who're always overlooked & never see any media light. Pran rai did his best to blend with the character, Mamunur roshid was outstanding as usual.
The movie is somewhat black & white type, script runs slowly but elevates gradually, may be boring to some people. But its a flawless work.
It's another good work from Kakoli, but she won't get an award for this because she doesn't have SAFA type backup.

  Zero degree:
The 1st half of the film is aspiring but the 2nd half is bittering. A very promising start slipped from its goal, poor script.
Anjan Aich, the director made several high grade film before, and surely he'll make more, this one is just an exception.

I downloaded 2 copied from youtube, but all were fakes. I want to see it.
Reviewers said that this film slipped from Agnee's glorious path. To remind, Agnee, the 1st installment of the series earned 8-crore in just 3 days and in Bangladesh only.

Mohua shundori
Poddo patar jol

 Waste of time:
Piprabidya [very poor film, horrible script based on SAFA logic].

  Parbona ami charte toke:
This movie raised good buzz, everybody was expecting its release and surely it pleased all.
Its a funny film that cultivated 2 neighborhood's stories in very funny & natural way. It kept us tuned from first to last, never felt boring nor pampering.
No doubt that this film will live for decades, you'll get excitement even after years.

  Shudhu tomari jonno:
Biggest film of the year, earned 15-crore from box office. The script is great & exceptional, different from other as usual stories. 4 characters are brought up gradually without breaking flow. Fun, family issues, romance, real life movements & tragedy made the movie very special. In a word, its a flawless film.

The film is based on India-Pakistan division, focused the cruel implementation of border lines. It beautifully portrayed a brothel, inhabitants living and their life-giving protest against inhuman tortures for vacating the house.
 In a word, the film revolves through touchy script, portrays real life disasters in appropriate manner. Specially the finishing can kick anybody even stone's back to pay tears across eyes.
 But the film lacked smooth flow, sometimes it seemed to be boring. While watching I had to switch channel several times due to very slow start.

  Asha jaoar majhe:
The critics highly praised the film, audience too hailed it.

 I'm looking for its download copy, but not available. We want to see this movie in a tv channel because its worth it.

Beporoyaa- did well as per box office
Angaar- average
Besh korechi prem korechi- lacked a good script

A fictious film features an intelligent father to turn impossible things into possible to save his family. The unbelievable tension between Ajay & police, custody, clever moves & intellectual steps held the nurves of the viewers from first to last. While watching for the first time, we even forgot to look aside, it so fascinating.
 There's no doubt that this movie will live for decades. Tabu & Ajay did their best. Every minute of this film is thrilling.

A journey by taxi and silly father-daughter matters from our real life are tightly featured in this film. All 3- Deepika, Irfan & Amitav did their best. This movie would tie viewers from beginning to end.

 Bajirao mastani:
Epic film, portrayed well & making is a master-piece.

 Bajrangi vaijan:
Biggest bollywood film of the year, focused India-Pakistan issues successfully. A brother risked his life to save his unknown sister and dropped her at home. Difficulties in border & clashes along with funny sequences made it unique.

Tanu weds manu returns- Kangana bagged awards for her double roles.

MI5- Tom rocks again
Star wars- movie of the year
Revnant- Leonardo got his 1st oscar
Hot pursuit- Reese lacked a good script
Mad max: fury road- really madness, but liked it.
Hobbit 3- Excellent piece of work.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sound eyes and Qigong exercise

Do you have eye-burn or heated eye-muscle or watery eyes? Almost 99 out of 100 people faced these symptoms once or more. If the troubles persist for long term then you must have eye-problems, if not cured quickly then you're sure to taste serious eye diseases, some may turn irreversible leading to blindness.
 So, its needed for you to be concerned about your eye health. However, you can bid goodbye to eye troubles if you can exercise your eyes for 5-10 minutes a day.

Qigong exercise:
Some gigs invented qigong in China. Due to its simplicity & effectiveness, soon it spread all over the world.
 Several different dimensions of qigong dominate bounty of eye issues. But I like the following easy steps-
 1. Blink your eyes slowly for 10 times. Open & shift eyeballs from up to down and close, repeat for 10.
 2. Hold your sight fixed at any dot for 30-60 seconds.
 3. Stand in corridor or garden, find li'l distant trees from you, and begin to count the leaves, stop at 100. If you have much patience & time, then continue 100 count for another term.
 4. Look at the near leave for 5s, then find the rear distant leave [as far your eyes can support without hurting] for 5s. Repeat the cycle for 5-10 times.
 After completion, massage your eyes, eye-muscles, & eyebrows slowly, very slowly.

Surefire ways to cure Cough and rattling of mucus

I suffered from cough for weeks, cured by taking syrups, while Basok syrup worked better than others. But mucus continued to trouble, tried several medicines but all worked for temporary. Monas-10 [as per doctor's prescription] played well for a week, but stumbled soon.
 Then I tried some natural solutions that worked for some time, but still its a tempo.

 Articles on mucus:
>Mucus (Snot, Phlegm) Color, Function, Coughing, and More
>3 Ways to Get Rid of Phlegm in Your Throat Without Medicine

Then I switched to my favorite option, homeopathy. Ipecac solved cough problem within a week, but mucus persists. Then I found two amazing combinations - Antimonium Tart and Hepar Sulph.
 Mucus decreased dramatically after a day, decreased to handful no of occurences after 2 weeks and almost diminished after 3 weeks. Lungs are quite light, doesn't feel the need for deep breath after evening-walk.
* Mucus is gone totally after 4 weeks.
 Duration of doses - 30 days.
 Next medicines - Kali Bichrome

Antimonium Tart can be given to those patients who have rattling of mucus in chest on coughing. The bronchial tubes in chest are full of mucus but it cannot be coughed out.
Antimonium Tart in detail.
 Hepar Sulph is used for rattling of mucus that is worse in the morning time. For patients requiring Hepar Sulph, chest congestion  gets worse by cold air exposure.
Hepar Sulph in detail.

Antimonium Tart saved many lives, specially children in early homeopathy treatments. But still doctors failed for many cases leading numerous death because of chest congestion & extreme cough & rattling of mucus. Then Hepar sulph was introduced along with Antimonium Tart that dramatically reduced death troll and save huge lives. Since then, these couples are used for rattling of mucus & serious chest congestion.

>Top 6 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Congestion
>Coughs Treatment with Homeopathy

How to keep sinus clear in 3 easy steps

Sinus troubles are very common to most people, specially who use spectacles.

The sinuses are hollow pockets within the bones surrounding the nose. They produce mucus, which drains into the nose. If your nose is swollen due to inflammation, it can block the sinuses and cause pain, congestion, post-nasal drip, a cough, and tooth or facial pain.

 Deal naturally:
You can deal with sinus issues using natural and home-made solutions. These natural treatments work great and prevent from any side-effects.
 1. Drink water a lot, try to drink more cold water and remain hydrated. 10 glasses a day is good while 12g is better.
 2. Take hot water vapor. It helps the sinus system to flush stored musucs & dust.
 3. Use Nety-pot. Nety-pot works like real charm  to flush nasal passage and cleanse mucus, dust & pollen materials. Taking saline water drop once a day can keep you safe from allergy.

 Useful nasal drops:
-Oxymet (10 ml); made by Opso saline ltd.

 Handy articles:
> Sinus Pressure- 10 Natural Remedies for Sinus Pain
> Is It a Sinus Infection, a Cold, or Allergies  _ Everyday Health
> Mucus (Snot, Phlegm) Color, Function, Coughing, and More

Bacteria and boils

Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food”. Its true for all time if you don't hotch yourself to medicines.
 Bacterial issues are pretty common in our day to day lives. Most antibiotics drugs use to kill good bacteria and produce drug-resistant bacteria. However, you can balance between good & odd bacteria by selecting proper natural food.

 Helpful articles for natural food-
> Top 10 Natural Antibiotics Hiding In Your Kitchen
> 5 Home Remedies that Fight Bacteria, Naturally - Organic Authority

 If you have a bacterial imbalance in your bowels but can't handle soured milk products, try some of these other traditional fermented foods:
Pickled cucumbers.
Pickled garlic.
Pickled beets.
Pickled radish.
Pickled corn relish.
Korean kimchi.

I found a case -
 "My sister has been getting these pus filled boils on her body for a few years now. She has been to the doctor and they told her there was nothing she could do for them except to bring it to a head and drain it. She will get 6 or 7 at a time and they seem to be slow in coming to a head. she says they are extremely painful. Some of the boils look purple in color, but some are just red and sore to the touch. She tends to get them on her face, the crease of her upper thigh and under her breasts. She sometimes gets them in the genital area, but most of them are where the thigh meets the buttocks. These boils are causing horrible scars and she is extremely worried about them all of the time. The boils she has now are not in the early stages. Some have come to a head but most of them are swollen, red and extremely painful. She says that if she accidentally touches one; the pain is so unbearable it brings her to tears. "
  Read the full story here-
> Painful and recurrent boils - ABC Homeopathy Forum

Echinacea angustifolia is the key medicine that can solve recurring boils, as per homeopathy.
 Read details -
 Other useful medicines are Hepar Sulphuris calcareum, Azadirachta Indica, Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 songs of 2015

   6 songs of 2015:
Few songs touched our heart while hundreds of good songs were gifted in 2015. Among them my preferred songs are listed below:

1. Saawan Bairi [Commando- a one man army]


2. Khamoshiyan

3. Parbo Na Ami Charte Toke [borbaad]

4. Banjara [Agnee2]

5. Bolte bolte cholte [Imran-Tisa]

6. Gerua

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hemonter Parod - My 1st novel

After publishing poetry book and writing several short stories, I decided  to write novel. I had numerous plots in my head [for several stories & novels & scripts based on real life things], initially thought to use those plots. But recent serious issues won over my previous plots and I made up my mind to explore those sticky things, so that general public can learn something. After working hard for months to prepare outlines & dialogues, analysis, review issues & completing research on the topics, I finalized the novel that acts to grow public awareness on malwares.

 Hemonter Parod is my first published novel. I started to write since early December and completed by early January, and the novel published on 1st February.

 Hemonter Parod revolves through 3 main characters, 2 lead roles run their lives parallel and situation takes the turn after third quarter. Pranto works as a computer programmer, but bashed by some serious malwares that eventually push him into severe troubles. Soon he learns about the dark sides of malwares & spywares that can kill any people's life or seize any organization or penetrate national security with its viper feature 'zero hour attack', begins to fight, when goons make it more complicated he interacts & resolves with bravery & extended focused head.
Hoimi is good at studies but blessed with splendid beauty. She passes busy time with her thesis works with a view to her upcoming career but things got heated up when she came to know a booming financial formula. With time she learns that the formula can be leading one, and to get hold of it some people like her teacher & thesis partner taste bitter injuries, even faces dangerous threat to herself.

The entire novel is based on real life and real things, so first I thought of making it a simple novel, but its neither romantic nor drama type. Therefore I concluded to make it a thriller revolving real things that matters unlike those typed thrillers with murders & crimes. Its all about our simple lives and real things, not fictious crimes. And I'm really happy to write it in my way.

While writing, I focused on balancing man-woman ratio throughout the novel, left same length & preference to both hero and heroine.

After completing writing, I had to run after publishers for weeks. Some publishers showed disgusting attitudes while some came up with greedy views. But I was really late to come up with my novel as Boi-mela is knocking at the door and the publishers didn't have the time. After vivid search, I got a publisher but without a book fair stall, but he helped a lot.

About the book:
Hemonter Parod
Md. Abu Tarique Lasker
Publisher- Nahid Ahsan Khan
 Nahid Prokashoni
 35, Banglabazar, Dhaka-1100
Cover- Tabassum Mehrin
Compose & Format- Rajib Ghosh
Price- Bdt 150 only

Monday, March 21, 2016


Unpublished posts





    Celebrating 100th post

This is my 100th post on this blog. 7 years ago, I started this blog out of hobby and began to write about things that interest me. Posts boomed on my spare time while got limited on busy mode. My hobby things soon branched to several topics and I'm glad that I could write when it was needed most.
I'm really happy to see its 100th post!

    Dream sees light:
When I began to write blogs, I got a dream and that's to publish my own written book on Amazon. Wao, its done!
Tim Tim, my first poetry book is published and live.

I'm not happy with this book & quality of poems as they're written too quick. I was in a hurry for my upcoming assignment, hence got only 3-4 days to write. It was really quick to think, make outlines, play verses and finalize all things. Anyway, I made it.
I'm sure that the next books will be much better and written well in fair amount of days.