Saturday, April 2, 2016

Top films of 2015

The best documentary film of the year, will be in very short list of all time. The scenes, camera works, story line & direction are just outstanding, absolutely flawless. Real life is  depicted without pampering, a master piece.
How two siblings in remote rural area passed their day to day life, dreams, struggles and harsh realization are brought up successfully.
The director did excellent for his 1st job.
Gariwala bagged about 15 international awards.

This film is a queer one from beginning to end. It is based on a rare side of the society, perfectly portrays living of those neglected people who're always overlooked & never see any media light. Pran rai did his best to blend with the character, Mamunur roshid was outstanding as usual.
The movie is somewhat black & white type, script runs slowly but elevates gradually, may be boring to some people. But its a flawless work.
It's another good work from Kakoli, but she won't get an award for this because she doesn't have SAFA type backup.

  Zero degree:
The 1st half of the film is aspiring but the 2nd half is bittering. A very promising start slipped from its goal, poor script.
Anjan Aich, the director made several high grade film before, and surely he'll make more, this one is just an exception.

I downloaded 2 copied from youtube, but all were fakes. I want to see it.
Reviewers said that this film slipped from Agnee's glorious path. To remind, Agnee, the 1st installment of the series earned 8-crore in just 3 days and in Bangladesh only.

Mohua shundori
Poddo patar jol

 Waste of time:
Piprabidya [very poor film, horrible script based on SAFA logic].

  Parbona ami charte toke:
This movie raised good buzz, everybody was expecting its release and surely it pleased all.
Its a funny film that cultivated 2 neighborhood's stories in very funny & natural way. It kept us tuned from first to last, never felt boring nor pampering.
No doubt that this film will live for decades, you'll get excitement even after years.

  Shudhu tomari jonno:
Biggest film of the year, earned 15-crore from box office. The script is great & exceptional, different from other as usual stories. 4 characters are brought up gradually without breaking flow. Fun, family issues, romance, real life movements & tragedy made the movie very special. In a word, its a flawless film.

The film is based on India-Pakistan division, focused the cruel implementation of border lines. It beautifully portrayed a brothel, inhabitants living and their life-giving protest against inhuman tortures for vacating the house.
 In a word, the film revolves through touchy script, portrays real life disasters in appropriate manner. Specially the finishing can kick anybody even stone's back to pay tears across eyes.
 But the film lacked smooth flow, sometimes it seemed to be boring. While watching I had to switch channel several times due to very slow start.

  Asha jaoar majhe:
The critics highly praised the film, audience too hailed it.

 I'm looking for its download copy, but not available. We want to see this movie in a tv channel because its worth it.

Beporoyaa- did well as per box office
Angaar- average
Besh korechi prem korechi- lacked a good script

A fictious film features an intelligent father to turn impossible things into possible to save his family. The unbelievable tension between Ajay & police, custody, clever moves & intellectual steps held the nurves of the viewers from first to last. While watching for the first time, we even forgot to look aside, it so fascinating.
 There's no doubt that this movie will live for decades. Tabu & Ajay did their best. Every minute of this film is thrilling.

A journey by taxi and silly father-daughter matters from our real life are tightly featured in this film. All 3- Deepika, Irfan & Amitav did their best. This movie would tie viewers from beginning to end.

 Bajirao mastani:
Epic film, portrayed well & making is a master-piece.

 Bajrangi vaijan:
Biggest bollywood film of the year, focused India-Pakistan issues successfully. A brother risked his life to save his unknown sister and dropped her at home. Difficulties in border & clashes along with funny sequences made it unique.

Tanu weds manu returns- Kangana bagged awards for her double roles.

MI5- Tom rocks again
Star wars- movie of the year
Revnant- Leonardo got his 1st oscar
Hot pursuit- Reese lacked a good script
Mad max: fury road- really madness, but liked it.
Hobbit 3- Excellent piece of work.

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