Sunday, September 4, 2011

BD government raised IT frustration about Paypal gateway

Paypal was largely condemned to form so-called aristocratic zone for payment gateway supporting only 55 countries. Can you imagine, PP served only 55 countries on this earth while it possesses over 230 countries! But its true, the case was so disgusting for about 20 years.

But Paypal solved their shameless strategy recently. They expanded their payment support up to 190 countries recently. People now can enjoy their payment freedom from 190 countries

What nuts can you roll when you discover that 8th largest country is not in the list of 190 countries? Yes, that's true. PP is still restricted in BD. Although very tiny countries like Bhutan and Maldives are enlisted!! But a country having 170 million people is not in the list!!

Who nagged the but while you looked for a solution? Isn't BD government that refused PP gateway in Bangladesh? So, what can you hope from this nerd government? Rather exposing to all people BD government introduced some cheat dealers to devour freelancers' earnings.

Let's follow conversation between two important people from BD. One is 'Abul' who's a top IT consultant of BD government and other is 'Habul' who's PM's counselor.
Abul - We should resolve paypal issue.
Habul - What is paypal? Is it a new perfume?
Abul - [Laughing] No, it's a payment gateway to send & receive money online.
Habul - No, no, no online payment. You know online payment is a very dangerous thing. Hackers will devour everything.
Abul - If things are done properly then hackers have very little scope for theft.
Habul - Will they not get my naked photos with models?
Abul - No. Don't worry for that.
Habul - Ok, then I don't have problem. But why should I propose to the ministers? What will I get in return?
Abul - You won't get anything from this issue.
Habul - Then I must not do it. I never did anything without commission in my life.
Abul - Then you can do one thing. Allow only some people [dealers] who will do the payment jobs. Then you can earn big percentage from them.
Habul - Ok, done. That's good.

This is how paypal payment issues was resolved in Bangladesh.