Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mystery of Benazir's murder

3 days passed, but still Benazir's murder is in mystery. A militant group said yesterday it had no link to Benazir Bhutto's killing, dismissing government claims as a bitter dispute erupted over how the opposition leader was killed.
A close aide to Benazir Bhutto told AFP Saturday she saw a bullet wound in the Pakistani opposition leader's head when she bathed her body after her assassination.
Benazir's spokeswoman Sherry Rehman, who said she was in the former premier's motorcade at the time of the gun and suicide attack, rejected government claims that the death was caused when Benazir Bhutto's head hit her sunroof.
"I was actually part of the party which bathed her body before the funeral," said Rehman, who added that her car was used to transport Benazir to hospital.
"There was a bullet wound I saw that went in from the back of her head and came out the other side.
"We could not even wash her properly because the wound was still seeping. She lost a huge amount of blood."
Rehman accused the government of mounting a cover-up over Benazir's death.

The clip conveys such on this humor:

But the government challenged the cover-up claim saying the Pakistani government would let the body of Benazir be exhumed for inquiry if her party requested it, interior ministry spokesman Brigadier Javed Cheema said on Saturday.
"We do not require the assistance of the international community," he said when asked about calls for an outside probe into her assassination, which has plunged the nuclear-armed Islamic nation deeper into turmoil.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir's murder: The end of Pakistan's stability

Benazir Haque was the last symbol of democracy in Pakistan. Although she was blessed by the 'West power-house', she was the only lady who can stand against unfair activities like 'moulana, mufti, fotoa' etc. The terrorists were displeased at her from the very beginning. They began to threaten her since the day she declared to return to her country. But she was so brave & well-determined to rescue her country from the black-sheep (slur of Pakistan) including Military backed government & Terrorists backed by Al-Quayeda.
When Al-Quayeda stood against nasty America many muslims supported them for moral reasons. But day by day this organization is showing their black-sheep signs. Their activities is becoming irritating, dangerous, self-destructing & above all NASTY.
With the murder of Benazir the last deem-light of democracy in Pakistan deemed away, don't know how long, but its a long time without any doubt. Let's look at the other alternative political leaders of Pakistan. Neoaj Sharif is associated with the Islami fundamentalists along with 'moulana, mufti, peer'. He is quite unable to make the people free from inhuman activities so far going on in Pakistan (often treated as the Acts to serve family prestige). Mosharraf Hossain is another vagabond, who can do anything for his power, whatever harmful it may be he doesn't care. In no way we can expect him to ensure democracy. Last one Imran Khan, often speaks the just, but he lacks of splendid knowledge, backup, dedicated people, perfect motivation.
Taking these things into consideration it can be concluded that the democracy in Pakistan faded away for a long time.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Stylish cheat

I found several cheat style through emails. These emails contain same type of contents, same writing style, same words. One of the examples is as follows:

Dearest one
I am writting this letter with due respect and heartful of tears
since we have not known or met ourselves previously I am asking for
your assistance after I have gone through a profile that speaks good
of you. I want to find out if it's possible for you to deal with
individual as to investment . I came across your profile and I feel
it's highly reputable that is why I pick an interest getting across to
you in respect of investment at my disposal. I will be so glad if you
can allow me and lead me to the right channel towards your assistance to
my situation now.I will make my proposal well known if I am given the
opportunity. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you.
Well I am amina sarri from republic of Sudan in Central Africa Dafur,the only daughter of HON DR. ALMAMMY SARRI.
My father is now late,he died during the last crisis in my country(SUDAN).
He was one of the high officers in the leadership of killed many innocent soul were killed,My father was
unlucky to be among those that was killed by therebel.
The main reason why I am contacting you now is to seek you assistance in
the area of my future investment and also for a help hand over some huge
amount of money in my possession. This money (US2.5 Million dollars)is
deposited in a secuirty and finacier company some years ago by my father
he made me the sole beneficiary I am now asking you to stand on my behalf ,
to stand as my partner and in time of the claim and investment as well.
As I have mention earlier I will make the procedure to this issue to
be well know to you,if I am given the opportunity to do so. Pls attach
your direct and full information as you reply to me. You can also contact
me with this email
Thanks and remain bless.
Miss amina sarri
Thanks and remain bless.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sidor pics

Sidor affected Bangladesh

Sidor means 'eyes'. From my childhood I grew up hearing the songs 'chokh je moner kotha bole', 'chokh holo sei ayna jake thokano kokhono jayna' etc. I learned that eyes represent the most beautiful organ. My concept turns into strict & rigid one when I watched the marvellous blue eyes of Aishwarya. From then I knew that eyes are the most attractive part.
But I never thought that 'beautiful eyes' can turn into such disaster. These eyes can not only creates calamity but also kills human & animals, breaks tress into pieces by making it several folds.
I just put on some pics of the disaster.
Have a look at the dreadful eyes.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New cheat style on Job Issue

Cheat people are cheating with innocent, job-seeking people in Dhaka. Specially these cheats are targeting the newcomers to Dhaka who comes here to seek a job for their livelihood. They use to publish ads on newspaper, bulletins in the same words, same language, even their tricks are the same. They ask the people that they can serve job if anyone registers in their booth. When people registers they ask for money to arrange all necessary things for that job & finally provide a false job with fake address.
You can find the details here:

I found another interesting cheat style on 'Bdjobs'. Some cheats advertised on 'bdjobs' & 'jobstreet' (both are well-known job portal in Bangladesh) seeking some freelancer for contract based works on data editing. The ads were very impressive, anyone can earn tk10,000 working from home. Their job is to fetch a cd from them & edit the data from scanned image using OCR(optimized character recognition) technique. They would provide the softwares needed for OCR, the freelancers are to edit the data & check back with scanned image & finally submit the cd with corrected data to the job providers. Each cd can earn tk6000 & one can take maximum 2 cds, it indicates that anyone can earn tk12,000 per month, and the job is completely freelance. We estimated that to complete 1 cd takes only 1 day or 10 hours, 5 days if done 2 hours per day. This was nice enough specially for people in this country's jobless job-market. But the key problem is: they demanded only tk10,000 for for providing 2 cds monthly & tk5000 for providing 1 cd monthly.
Knowing the key-trick we realized the situation and got back to our places. Some of my friends were curious, they plotted to collect information. And they found some amazing scenes, about 200 people submitted money to the company, very few of them could retrieve their money, others lost everything. Those who submitted their cds' the cheats reasoned that their worl was erroneous & cut off their estimated payment.
This cheats' firm's name is "Chayaninfosys limited", earlier 4 months ago its name was "didital think". 4 months ago when we went to their office found that they shifted their office from Dhanmondi to Lalmatia due to some strong reasons (we discovered later what the strong reasons are).
Actually there's no freelance job available in Bangladesh. So, everybody should overlook any ads regarding freelance jobs wherever the ad may be placed (even if its placed on bdjobs/jobstreet).

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Italy plans for prostitution penalty

The overall criteria of prostitution in Italy is worse than any country in European region and the situation is worsening day by day. 'Luisa' is one of the most beautiful leading prostitutes in Italy. She revealed her harsh reality to a secret reporter of local magazine. According to her: she came to Rome for work from her hometown Florence. But soon after arriving Rome she faced the worse mentality of people alongside, specially the corporate houses. She is fairly appealing beautiful with her tremendous figure. But she wanted to use her talent, not figure. She went to several corporate houses for work. But everywhere she went the situation is the same, the 'lust' rich men wanted to eat her. She went door to door, but had no way. The next step is really terrific. Instead of being a model or star she had to get used & exploited by others.

There are thousand of Luisa's are in Italy.

After a long time the government realized & began to take step. But their step is to make the prostitutes starving, throw them in darker side. According to BBC:

Giulio Amato also revealed plans to serve legal papers in clients' homes in order to shame them.

He told a Senate committee he was examining efforts to keep prostitutes off the streets where they were near children or places of worship.

Italy allowed brothels to operate legally until 1959. It now has laws to stop pimps exploiting prostitutes.

Critics say the laws have served to drive prostitutes onto the streets.

They say the problem has worsened with the accession of 12 more countries to the European Union over the past three years.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bus-mantra at Bijoy-soroni in Dhaka

If I ask the god 'who r the most sufferer people in Dhaka', he would answer 'Mirpur'. If I ask the same question to a ghost it will instantly reply 'if not Mirpur then why I'm there, for rolling what balls'.
This is the real scenario of people of Mirpur zone. Hundreds of bus rush on busy road daily, they use 2 lens to pass through 'Bijoy-soroni' to reach Farmgate. Earlier there was no ban-order on any of the roads. In such condition (earlier) we had to face regular jam at 'bijoy-soroni', we had to accept the troublesome waiting (may be standing, sitting, pushing each other in crowded bus), 2/3 times signal was usual to pass just a signal.
But the situation worsened 2 weeks ago when traffic stopped the lane to direct bijoy-soroni, the traffic compelled all buses to go through only local-root, even they ban 'Volvo' which used to go through the restricted path from the day it started on road. You can think what can happen in such connection!! The buses use to stop before 'Agargaon', traffic-jam occur every now & then, a bus had to wait 50/60 minutes to reach 'farmgate'. The situation is really miserable when people go to their office in the morning in office-hour. Not only that, for VIP-coinsurance one signal turns into 3/4 consecutive signals, it means one has to wait 10/12 minutes to pass just a signal that would take 2/3 minutes.
I really don't know what's the fault of the people of this area! I try to imagine if I could have a 'balloon' then I would fly to push away this bullshit traffic-decision.