Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Italy plans for prostitution penalty

The overall criteria of prostitution in Italy is worse than any country in European region and the situation is worsening day by day. 'Luisa' is one of the most beautiful leading prostitutes in Italy. She revealed her harsh reality to a secret reporter of local magazine. According to her: she came to Rome for work from her hometown Florence. But soon after arriving Rome she faced the worse mentality of people alongside, specially the corporate houses. She is fairly appealing beautiful with her tremendous figure. But she wanted to use her talent, not figure. She went to several corporate houses for work. But everywhere she went the situation is the same, the 'lust' rich men wanted to eat her. She went door to door, but had no way. The next step is really terrific. Instead of being a model or star she had to get used & exploited by others.

There are thousand of Luisa's are in Italy.

After a long time the government realized & began to take step. But their step is to make the prostitutes starving, throw them in darker side. According to BBC:

Giulio Amato also revealed plans to serve legal papers in clients' homes in order to shame them.

He told a Senate committee he was examining efforts to keep prostitutes off the streets where they were near children or places of worship.

Italy allowed brothels to operate legally until 1959. It now has laws to stop pimps exploiting prostitutes.

Critics say the laws have served to drive prostitutes onto the streets.

They say the problem has worsened with the accession of 12 more countries to the European Union over the past three years.

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