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Top films of 2015:
Gariwala: The best documentary film of the year, will be in very short list of all time. The scenes, camera works, story line & direction are just outstanding, absolutely flawless. Real life is depicted without pampering, a master piece ... Read More
5 songs of 2015:
Few songs touched our heart while hundreds of good songs were gifted in 2015. Among them my preferred songs are listed below ... Read More
Hemonter Parod - My 1st novel:
After publishing poetry book and writing several short stories, I decided  to write novel. I had numerous plots in my head [for several stories & novels & scripts based on real life things], initially thought to use those plots. But recent serious issues won over my previous plots and I made up my mind to explore those sticky things, so that general public can learn ... Read More
Humayun Ahmed's absence will long in Bangla literature:
The morning began with the mourns of Humayun Ahmed. When I opened my eyes, got up from sleep, the sad comments of demise of Humayun grabbed my attention. The news flashed my memory within a second that today is the day when his corpse would be fetched to Bangladesh. After quick morning jobs, sat down before TV, all members of my family did the same. Everybody watched the procession to respect to Humayn with keen interest. All TV ... Read More
My 1st novel is in half-way:
After writing 2 books (in english & distributed through amazon), 1 short story, and 2 short stories (in bangla), I`ve decided to write my 1st novel and publish on the upcoming `ekushe book fair`. Things are rolling fine, I`ve already plotted the story, made 4 main characters, more than 30 subordinate characters and main event through which all characters will enroll. I started ... Read More
`Ekhane probesh nishedh` _ hit of this eid:
Another Eid passed with boring, stupid, nonsense and irritating dramas. I heard that an idiot actor acted in only 50 dramas and all are showed by 15 chanels. However, I found 2-3 dramas that were really good. `Ekhane probesh nishedh` tops the list, its of 7 episodes, showed on DESH tv. The drama was a thriller & touchy one, 180 degree turn from other bullshiet dramas. ... Read More

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