Monday, July 23, 2012

Humayun Ahmed's absence will long in Bangla literature

The morning began with the mourns of Humayun Ahmed. When I opened my eyes, got up from sleep, the sad comments of demise of Humayun grabbed my attention. The news flashed my memory within a second that today is the day when his corpse would be fetched to Bangladesh. After quick morning jobs, sat down before TV, all members of my family did the same. Everybody watched the procession to respect to Humayn with keen interest. All TV channels except Ekushe TV displayed live memorandum.

Humayun Ahmed at a glance: Humayun took birth on November 13, 1948, in Mymensingh district. He was a legend in Bangla literature, portrayed his career as an author, dramatist, screenwriter, and film director. Besides, he wrote some poems, songs and drew several paintings. His notable fictions are - Josna o jononir golpo, Nondito noroke, Akash jora megh, Omanush, Hotel graver in, Noboni. I can still remember his notable dramas including Ei Shob Din Ratri, Bohubrihi, Ayomoy, Badol Diner Prothom Kodom Ful, and so on. His notable films are - Shonkhonil Karagar, Aguner proshmoni, Srabon megher din, Amar Ache Jol.
He received number of awards in his colorful career including Bangla Academy Award, Shishu Academy Award, Bacsas Prize, National Film Award and Ekushe Podok.
He died on a few days ago, on 19th July, 2012 in Newyork.

Did I like him?  The answer is not that ordinary. I liked some of his works; some TV dramas like Bohubrihi compelled me to sit before TV. I didn't read too many fictions of him, but some were really praiseworthy like Akash jora megh, Hotel graver in, Noboni. And I enjoyed his several films like Aguner proshmoni and Srabon megher din.
I was never a fan of his writing nor his films or dramas, as they seemed too choppy and repeated characters to me. However, I can't refuse his literary skills as well as the ability to entertain large audience.

I didn't like him as a person. Ask me why? I didn't adore him because his character was not so good. He fell for a girl of his daughter's age [35 years junior to him] and divorced his wife. Sawon, his new bride was a classmate of his daughter, Shila who never called him as 'father' later; instead she used to call him as 'Humayun'. Still I can't figure out why he did this. Because Gultekin was a rich girl who left his paternal concerns for him, raised his career and aided in his writings in various ways. But still he kicked her off. Surely, I'm not going to praise such personality.
Besides, he was caught drunk in the public in remote areas. Villagers often claimed that he, along with his drama party, come to the places, drink and do ugly things that don't match with rural people's living.

Some queries about his unhappy married life:  Gultekin was from a rich family. She left her family to be with him, raise his family and support him in al possible ways. But still he went off her. The query often troubles me, why he did so. Humayun's personality is good, he's polite with others and most importantly [to my point of view] he was a generous and free-thinking man. I don't know if it created the barrier between him and his wife. Because, I know that all rich Dhakai girls fall for social status, reputation and do only those things that match with their high pattern. They don't care for good or bad, even they can prompt for devil acts if they go with their status.
Sometimes, I fear it created the wall between them. But I can't sustain the reality that he never cared for his son and daughters who had to struggle since their childhood desperately. Instead he cared for his new bride's infants too closely.

Some moments closely tied to me:  I passed 6 long years in Dhaka versity and stayed in FH Hall. I used to roam in the book stalls almost every week during Ekushe book fair every year. But I never cared to see Humayun Ahmed; instead I visited Dr. Zafor Iqbal and other scholars.
Several times, Humayun visited Shohidullah hall [just beside my hall], met with boys and passed some time there, almost every year. My room-mates used to attend the meetings and told me how he spoke, his notable comments, funny speeches [like tumi 2*2=4 banate parle ami 2,2 diye 22 banate parbo], sweet memories of his hall-life and some fancy things. Besides, they mentioned eagerly of Sawon, how she looked, how she dressed, how much she showcased her twins etc. But I never felt any sort of interest to visit him.

But he deserves the respect of all Bangalis:  Humayun Ahmed brought new era to Bangla literature. He distinguished himself with a unique simple literary diction that quickly became popular. His prose style is lucid and he resorts to dialogues rather than narration by an all-knowing story-teller. As a result his writing was compact and could be easily understood by a large audience.
Our literature was extremely affected West Bengal literature before his arrival. But soon he grabbed the hearts of young people of our land and successfully reduced the effects of West Bengal literature from our pattern. His easy-going writing, unique story telling style and the ability to cope with different situations made him unique.
I can't figure out who wrote novels, short-stories, dramas and at the same time science-fictions, kids-stories, rural stories, thriller series and super-natural series recently. He was all in one. his two creations - Himu and Misir ali will long for years even centuries among teenagers.

We lost the brightest star of our literature:  I have no doubt that we've lost the brightest star of our Bangla literature. I don't who can fill up the gap. May be this gap will remain for years, even decades.

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