Monday, July 9, 2012

Qubee double bandwidth offer review: Never go for this stupid offer

Qubee is one of the two Wimax operators in Bangladesh. I'm using this service for a year. Wimax service is still very poor in BD compared to other countries. But still, it's worth using. Qubee uses to declare double Qubee double bandwidth usage offerbandwidth offer very often to expand its user-base. I experienced such offers 4-5 times in last 12 months.

People love free stuff and tend to grab such offers. And business institutions revamp such offers to expand their reach. I don't have any trouble in such offers. But it troubles me greatly when I find that this offer turns to be a rogue one.

Let me expand the case.
Usually all Wimax network divide standard bandwidth by 8 for shared connections.
Ex: If you purchase 1MB/s speed, then you would get 1024/8 = 128Kb per second.
But actually users get much less speed in pick hours. I can cope with 60-70 Kb/s. But when it dumps below 1Kb/s then hazard ensues. Nothing can be done with this bullshiet speed.

Qubee double bandwidth usage offer produces such stupid occurrences. If you are lucky then you can hope to get 10-30 Kb/s and 0-2 Kb/s if you are unlucky.
The most disgusting part is, the net speed fluctuates and slumps down to null very often. And sometime, simply you cannot connect to internet.

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