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Top films of 2016 :: Box office hits

2016 Box office hits of Dhallywood:
2016 is the rebound year for BD film industry. Many films made profit while 5 movies became blockbuster hits.
 *Shikari collected 18 crore breaking all-time record
Badsha- 8 cr
Rokto- 7 cr
Purnodoirgho prem kahini2- 5.5 cr
Niyoti- 2.5 cr
Hero420- 2 cr
Angaar- 1.5 cr
Somrat- 1.5 cr
Aynabazi [see later]

Some good films of Bangladesh of 2016:
Shonkhochil, a joint venture film of Bangladesh & West Bengal received several  awards including India's best movie prize. It didn't hit the box office, but some films don't need to storm halls because they're meant to last for long in people's heart.
  Oggatonama received several international awards and was featured in several international magazines for its special theme.
  Krishnopokkho is based on Humayun ahmed's story of the same name, featured Mahiya mahi in lead role.
  Icecream, a film by Redwan rony failed in box office, though people expected better work from this meritorious young director.
  Black and Sweatheart were Bidya sinha Mim's works, while 'Black' made profit in both Bangla instead poor script.

The film created sparks in audience of both Bangladesh & West Bengal due to its strong script, trailer, songs & actors. Top actor & actress were chosen for lead roles that thrilled the audience of both countries. The trailer paved the way to decipher a strong & appealing script, and finally the video songs made history.

Records of Shikari:
Shikari collected 18 crore breaking all-time Box office record. It earned 76 lakhs on its 1st day run and after 1 week it grossed 49 million (Agnee led by Mahi still tops in 1st week earnings bagging 78 millions). Its budget is 45 million.
Shikari toppled 'Chader pahar', an adventure film based on famous writer Bivutivuson that earned 15 crore and wrote news history with its lashing 18 crore collection.

Production company Jaaz Multimedia announced that The film will be released in over 200 screens in Bangladesh, as the production company plans to revamp and bring over 100 outdated theaters under its server.
Its released in Bangladesh on 7 July 2016 on the occasion of Eid and on 12 August 2016 in India.
The film is produced by Abdul Aziz, his production Jaaz Multimedia funded approximately 70% of the film's budget while Eskay Movies funded the rest.

Promotion of Shikari began in 16 June 2016 with release of a song, "Harabo Toke Niye" on YouTube. The track featured Shakib Khan, Srabanti Chatterjee and the track was shot in London. The video received an overwhelming response of YouTube, and created a record of to be the fastest Bengali language video track to reach 1 million views in just few days.

Shakib Khan charged whopping 15 million fee for the film, and became the highest paid actor in the history of Bengali cinema.
Khan underwent extensive training for the action sequences and has reportedly lost 15 kg weight for the new role.

2016 is the money-maker year for movie hall owners:
Our cinema halls began to shutdown due to extreme poor & quality-less films, about 350 halls survived from 750 in a decade. Shikari stormed box office and made the hall owners smile after long time, and pocketed them very good profit. Moreover some closed halls returned to life just to run this film, the number may be about 100 halls!
 Next support came from Badsha, some village halls watched lifetime highest revenues for running this film.
 Rokto continued to rock ticket sales. Porimoni, latest sensation centered the plot, a song 'danakata pori' stormed the industry. Many movie halls relaunched this film for 2nd term, same goes for Shikari.
 Purnodoirgho prem kahini2, Niyoti too continued to pour honey to movie halls.
 Some newspapers claimed that Aynabazi grossed 3-cr against 2-cr budget. But its not clear if the net amount is including sponsor-scandal (Robi ajiata donations- 40 lakhs) or absolute ticket sales. However, its Nabila's debut film [good luck to her] & Chonchol chwoudhury played well.
  See more box office report list here.

Few words on joint venture films:
2 years ago, when our film industry was about to destroy (50% movie halls closed down), government planned to fetch Indian films. I said to make joint-venture films with WestBangla because we speak same language & our culture is identical, just a border divided two Bangla but couldn't separate us. Then the first initiative was taken, 'Ami Shudhu Cheyechi Tomay' was produced that earned 5.7 cr. But there were some limitations with it that's very reasonable because it was the first try. But the director of the film was barred out from our director society [I can't blame/support it as details is unknown to me]. Jaaz multimedia was reborn and tried several attempts to lead the industry. But the steps faced serious criticisms from some media persons who used both tv & newspapers to attack joint venture films. Almost everyday somebody is to blame this type of films on any occasion.
 But after 2 years we see a different story. These joint venture films not only made good profit, they also dragged our film industry upwards. Moreover closed movie halls begin to open and running halls that were to abandon are making good profit. Our dying film industry rebounded in just 2 years because of joint venture films only.
 If proper steps are taken, good scripts are directed into good films, then I see our lost golden time for film industry is to return.

Top West Bengal films of 2016:
Love express- while watching I couldn't check my belly-shaking laughs. The film is so funny and equipped with powerful script & direction, and the actors were awesome (specially Kanchon [also credit goes to Dev & Nusrat]). Some scenes & dialogues are still memorized.
  Kelor kirti- made good profit, but the plot is disperse and don't sit with children to watch it.
  Beporoyaa- did good.
  Power- did good, but poor script.

Top Bollywood films of 2016:
Dangal made by Aamir khan topped box office and pleased critics by powerful script.
  Sultan played by Salman & Anushoka blasted movie halls, grossed 300 crore in just 2 weeks. The film portrayed a wrestler and his struggles, production was quite good.
  Fan brought up Shahrukh khan's 2 roles as star & his fan that mimicked his early age. It succeeded with good earnings.
  Airlift & Rustom acted by Akhay kumar did good, both are based on real stories.
  Ay dil hai mushkil saw 100+ crore. But to make it such hit, Aishwarya rai had to undergo hot & kinky role, playing sexual chemistry with a junior actor Ranvir kapoor. May be she did it because her last 2 films didn't rock box office (though Jazbaa & Sarbjit collected more than budget), so became desperate and opened her up.

Pink portrayed a victim lady & 2 other working girls who were harassed severely by some powerful political nerds [spoiled high class boys & backed by high fellows], and a retired lawyer who stinged power & political influence with great merit & logic. The movie was a powerful piece, would last for decades and Amitabh bachchan did awesome, his performance was speechless.
  Rocky handsome and Birappon may not have performed well in box office, but both had good stories.

Jungle book
Passenger on train
Now you see me 2
Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2

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Rohingya muslims Vs Buddhist monks Vs Aung San Suu Kyi

  Rohingya muslims of Myanmar:

The Rohingya are one of the world's most persecuted minority groups.
The estimated one million Rohingya are seen by Rakhine's Buddhist majority as illegal migrants from Bangladesh. They are denied citizenship by the government despite many having lived there for generations.
Communal violence in Rakhine state in 2012 left scores dead and displaced more than 100,000 people, with many Rohingya still remaining in decrepit camps.
They face widespread discrimination and mistreatment.
The Rohingya are disliked by many in Myanmar, who consider them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, despite many having lived in the country for generations.
Rights groups say the Rohingya population has been subject to severe restrictions on movement and are denied the most basic of human rights.

Are Rohingyas citizens of Myanmar?
Myanmar government denied its citizenship to the Rohingya muslims. They reasoned that Rohingyas arrived from Bangladesh and hence they can't keep in their country. But is it true?
600 years ago, Arakan (now Rakhaine state) king Normekhla seek assylum to Bangla sultan Jaluluddin Shah after loosing a war. Sultan gave him shelter and aided him to re-capture his kingdom in 1430. Some people helped him to clinch the battle from Bangla, king Normekhla asked them to stay in Arakan as gratitude. The Rohingya muslims are the descendants of those people who assisted the king. Thus they are staying in Myanmar from generation to generation since last 600 years. Rohingyas are rightfully Myanmar's citizens, but the government suddenly began to deny.
 The same goes for Bummers who arrived in Myanmar 1200 years ago Tibet. Now they are crying to eliminate Rohingya.

   Can you kill & rape a non-citizen?
Rohingya muslims are citizens of Myanmar, there's no doubt. But assume that they're not citizens, still it doesn't allow Myanmar army & government to commit murders & rapes on them. Can you treat with a man/woman in animal-type manner (kicking their faces-chests-backs, tie with ropes & beat mercilessly, break their hands-legs-limbs)? Which animal allowed you to kill and rape a non-citizen?
 Now its time for the government & Suu ki to ask themselves and look for answers. Because we'll ask these questions again and again. Not just us, the next generations and next will continue to ask.

  Rohingya vs Monks clash:
Here the antagonism is spearheaded by the 969 group, led by a monk, Ashin Wirathu, who was jailed in 2003 for inciting religious hatred. Released in 2012, he has referred to himself bizarrely as "the Burmese Bin Laden".
March saw an outbreak of mob violence directed against Muslims in the town of Meiktila, in central Burma, which left at least 40 dead.
On Tuesday, Buddhist mobs attacked mosques and burned more than 70 homes in Oakkan, north of Rangoon, after a Muslim girl on a bicycle collided with a monk. One person died and nine were injured.
 Since then Rohingyas are being tortured by the monks, army, police, government & civil people.

Read- Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims?

  The Buddhist monks of Myanmar:

The monks slipped away from real Buddhist lessons. Now-a-days the monks of Myanmar left prayers and got involved in nasty things like murders, beating, burning houses. Moreover, they continued their sole support to the butcher army & police for treating Rohingyas like animals. These monks are not following real Buddha religion, rather they're turning into demons.

More- Radical Buddhist monks target Muslims in Myanmar

  What Lord Buddha taught?
Of all the moral precepts instilled in Buddhist monks the promise not to kill comes first, and the principle of non-violence is arguably more central to Buddhism than any other major religion.

  Monks rallied against humanity:
The Buddhist monks of Myanmar began to rally in procession for 2 major reasons-
 1. To push the government & army to attack the Rohingya muslims & kill/beat/rape them in order to reach their final goal 'eliminate Rohingyas from the land of Myanmar'.
 2. If any legal step is taken against the inhuman activities led by the army/police/government, they jump on the road & protest to lift the steps. Besides they made huge protests against UNO fact-finding-team led by Kofi Annan, so that the inhuman treatments against Rohingyas remain undiscovered.

Details- Monks join hundreds in Myanmar anti-Rohingya rally

  The Buddhist monks do pinch:
The monks are really good at pinching. First they pinched against Rohingyas in 2012 to burn down villages and eradicate muslims from their shelters. About 500,000 rohingyas fled to Bangladesh leaving their motherland Myanmar.
 Secondly they pinched the army & police to attack rohingya muslims for any silly reasons. They even motivated the civil people of Myanmar to play aggressive roles against rohingyas.
 Thirdly they pinched to validate the murders, beating, rapes, burning houses led by the army, police & local rogue people. They made processions to stop any investigation or action against these inhuman treatments.
 Fourthly they pinched the government led by Aung San Suu Kyi to abolish Rohingyas from Myanmar by making new rules.

More- The Burning Hatred of Burma's Ugly Buddhists

  The son of devil- Ashin Wirathu:
Ashin Wirathu, who was jailed in 2003 for inciting religious hatred and released in 2012, he has referred to himself bizarrely as "the Burmese Bin Laden".
 This monk pinched other monks & formed 969 group of monks. This group spread hatred among civil people, pinched others to make inhuman treatments to other religions.
 His works prove that he is the son of devil.

More- The serene-looking Buddhist monk accused of inciting Burma's

  Aung San Suu Kyi did nothing to stop Rohingya genocide:

Nobel winner Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi didn't take any step to halt the ongoing genocide against Rohingya muslims in Rakhaine state. Her life-long struggles against inhumanity & army's oppression faded with time. We all know that army bothers elected government a little, but that doesn't mean that you can close your eyes and say nothing happened.

Read- Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is failing to stop military violence against Rohingya Muslims

  Backed up the army's murders & rapes:
Aung San Suu Kyi not only kept mum about the Rohingya genocide, but also backed up the evil crackdown led by the army. She aided army by
- Never withdrawn the crackdown
- Didn't take any legal step against the culprits who're committing sins against humanity
- Stopped journalists to enter Rakhaine state in order to hide the fact
- Cut off food and health equipment supplies to Rohingyas

More- Aung San Suu Kyi's shameful silence on the Rohingya

Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi Oversees Rohingya Genocide

  Banned journalists in Rakhaine state to stop spreading of genocide news:
Probably this is the worst step taken by the government. The elected government prevented any news outflow from the victim region, Rakhaine state. They stopped journalists to enter the area, made sure that the reporters can't collect any news or image or video as proof of the naked crackdown.

  Traveled the world but not burning Rakhaine state:
Suu Ki went out on tours around the world few weeks ago, traveled Singapore & Japan. But she didn't get any time to go to Rakhaine state where mens are slaughtered & beaten and women are raped.
 If she's a good leader then she must have gone to the victim area, watch the naked truth with her own eyes, talk to the victims, console them and take proper actions against the criminals, and surely stop the genocide. But she failed completely.

Protest- Nobel laureates warn Aung San Suu Kyi over 'ethnic cleansing' of

  Limiting ties with the countries who protested Rohingya oppression:
Bangladesh is the close neighbor country where the Rohingyas are dealing with asylums and already burdened with 500,000 refugees. But Myanmar government led by Suu Ki never discussed the burning issue with them. Rather Myanmar postponed two border meetings with Bangladesh.
Malyasia protested the devastating army crackdown. In reply Myanmar stopped sending labors to Malyasia, although it won't bother them.

20 images and videos of victim Rohingya muslims

20 images and videos of victim Rohingya muslims

Monday, January 2, 2017

Myanmar plotted Total-Annihilation instead thorough investigation

Myanmar, the black-hole nation, planned total annihilation of Rohingya muslims from the very beginning. They needed a reason to initiate strike on the armless civil people. When nine police officers were killed in co-ordinated attacks on border posts in Maungdaw, they got their cause in hand. That's why instead of running a proper investigation to find the culprits, they carried out their annihilation plot.

A satellite image of the village of Wa Peik, Maungdaw district on 10 November and then 18 November clearly rectifies the massacre led by Myanmar army backed by the government.

Myanmar army launched a massive security operation immediately and the government led by Aung San Suu Kyi backed them in all possible ways.
The army paired with police & gunmen
-brutally murdered civil people, clearly violated human rights
-raped women from child to old
-burned down maximum houses, somewhere entire village
-pushed civil Rohingyas' to flee from their own homes

Rohingya activists say more than 100 people have been killed and hundreds arrested amid the crackdown on the first day.
Human Rights Watch says "More than 1,200 homes have been razed in villages inhabited by Myanmar's Muslim Rohingya minority in the past six weeks". They released a batch of new satellite images showing 820 structures destroyed between 10-18 November.
 *The BBC cannot independently verify the extent of destruction in Rohingya villages as the government has blocked international journalists from visiting the area, from where tens of thousands of people have fled.

 A BBC correspondent on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border has spoken with fleeing Rohingya families who described what was happening in northern Rakhine as "hell on earth".

Details report on murders:
 Dozens killed as army clashes with Rohingya in Rakhine state, 14-Nov 2016
 At least 86 people have been killed and 30,000 displaced outside Maugndaw in Rakhine state

How divastating the army strike is:

 1. They cordon first:
After speaking to the Rohingya victims, several journalists claimed that Myanmar army organized strikes in very planned manner. The villages they target for attack, cordon the area first and freeze the outer border so that no living person can enter or exit from the village. Victims said when their houses were burnt, they tried to flee from the area towards nearby secured spots, but they never got the chance because the army blocked entire passage with gunshot. Tahmina, a rohingya refugee said "when we were running to nearby village army shot at us, some got injured & caught by the army, some were dead and I could live somehow".

 2. Massacre in group:
After entering the villages, the army fetched the victims from their houses & some caught after being injured by gunshot. Then they make the rohingyas' stand in line and began to torture. They used to beat the people in line, somewhere tied the victims hands & beat severely. Then they killed many of the victims by open fire. They fetched the women including child-girls and raped seamlessly.
Mostofa, a rohingya refugee claimed that local Mog's (tribal) accompanied the army and attacked the rohingyas in groups. They used to beat them, kill them & rape the women.

 3. 70% houses burnt:
The army accompanied by Mogs burned down the Rohingya's houses. They successfully burned more than 70% houses in villages of Maungdaw. Army forced the rohingyas to make out of their hidden places by burning houses, so that they can perform murders.

 4. Strike to force civil people to flee/vacant:
The army forced the civil Rohingyas to vacant their houses and flee from their villages. They use to burn homes, then kill & rape them, push the rest out of the area, so that they can vacant the places.

 5. Ethnic cleansing:
Myanmar is on their verge to ethnic cleansing. They first killed & raped the rohingyas, then force them to flee from their homes where they were born, then they cut down the supply of food & health equipmemnts and put them to die.
UNHCR and Amnesty have accused the Burmese government of “collective punishment,” as the Burmese military carries out counterterrorism operations in the remote and conflict-torn state.
Humanitarian aid workers and independent journalists have been barred from the area since the start of the lockdown. More than 150,000 people who normally receive life-saving assistance have received no food or medical aid for more than six weeks. Over 3,000 children diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition have not received treatment; as many as half of them are at serious risk of death.
Reports of atrocities have surfaced over the past few weeks. Reuters reported that dozens of women claim to have been raped by Burmese soldiers, and Human Rights Watch this week revealed satellite images that appear to show more than 1,200 buildings that had been burned to the ground.

The role of Army:

The total crackdown [massacre combined with death-troll, beating, rapes] came from Myanmar army's head. They planned the outline, initiated things and finally staged it.
 Some harsh terrorists killed 9 policemen and the army began crackdown in vengeance. But the Rohingya area is never gifted with guns & explosives, army & police bind the area so strongly that anybody can't get hold of guns without prior support of army. There are claims that the army sold guns to the terrorists according to their plan. Then they began to massacre.
If you're to believe the army version you have to accept that Rohingya men armed only with "wooden clubs and machetes" would launch attacks on soldiers equipped with guns.
For example- The Myanmar army says it shot dead at least 25 people in Rohingya Muslim villages in restive Rakhine state on Sunday. But he Rohingya images and videos from this last weekend show dead women and children and people fleeing burning homes; Helicopter gunships fly overhead. 
UN's special rapporteur on human rights in Burma, Yanghee Lee, said serious violations, including torture, summary executions, arbitrary arrests and destruction of mosques and homes, threaten the country's fledgling democracy. 

Attack passed to Nadala [army+govt strategy]: 
When human rights organizations began to protest the army for inhuman treatments with Rohingyas, they changed their strategy. The army passed their torture & murder agenda to Nadala which is formed by some rogue young goons & bandits. Now-a-days Nadala continue to torture Rohingyas replacing army.

The role of Government:
The government backed up the army crackdown, protested any criticism against the massacre & tried to prove that nothing happened.
 BBC cannot independently verify the extent of destruction in Rohingya villages as the government has blocked international journalists from visiting the area, from where tens of thousands of people have fled. 
Jokes: The government of Myanmar, says that the Rohingya are setting fire to their own homes to attract international attention.
You also have to accept the idea that the Rohingya are setting fire to their own homes, making themselves intentionally homeless.
State media report that the Rohingya torched 130 homes on Sunday in order to "cause misunderstanding and tension" and get international aid.
Presidential spokesman Zaw Htay accused the group of exaggeration in responding to the report: "Human Rights Watch previously identified 430 destroyed buildings in three villages from satellite images released on 13 November". Because he along with his government believes that they can do whatever they want, then why this reporting? 
"The government should end its blanket denial of wrongdoing and blocking of aid agencies, and stop making excuses for keeping international monitors from the area," said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch. 

The police of Myanmar accompanied the army in this massive crackdown. They participated in beating-killing-rapes-burning.

When the government go wrong, its the responsibility of the politicians to stand for the right and force the govt to change their ugly-moves. But it seems that the politicians of Myanmar either sold to the potential parties or they don't have any conscience, let alone humanity.

Of all the moral precepts instilled in Buddhist monks the promise not to kill comes first, and the principle of non-violence is arguably more central to Buddhism than any other major religion.
But the monks of Myanmar walk in the opposite path of Lord Buddha. Ashin Wirathu, referred to himself bizarrely as "the Burmese Bin Laden" lead the monks in demonic way since 2012. The monks attacked people, burned mosques & houses, and finally began to protest the human aid programs. 
In 2012 March, the monks killed 40 men in Meiktila, in central Burma.
 On Tuesday, Buddhist mobs attacked mosques and burned more than 70 homes in Oakkan, north of Rangoon, after a Muslim girl on a bicycle collided with a monk. One person died and nine were injured.
 The students:
The students are said to lead any nation towards right direction. We have seen many revolutions led by students shape the world to right path like French revolution. But the students of Myanmar puzzled us all. Not a single university or college protested this extreme inhuman crackdown.

 Reporters banned:
The Burmese government is not allowing independent journalists into Rakhine, so it is impossible to verify claims about the scale of the fighting.

Mass exile from Myanmar (total annihilation):

Burmese authorities are carrying out a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya Muslim minority in the country’s western Arakan state, a senior U.N. official said, as the military continues to sweep the area for what it has labeled Islamic militants.

The BBC reports that John McKissick, a representative of the U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, said Burmese troops have been “killing men, shooting them, slaughtering children, raping women, burning and looting houses, forcing these people to cross the river” into neighboring Bangladesh.
Families in Rakhine depend largely on humanitarian aid for food and health care, but that support has been cut off for weeks by officials who will not allow outsiders into the region. Under military lockdown, a humanitarian effort to provide food and medicine to more than 150,000 people has been suspended for more than 40 days in the area, home mostly to Rohingya.
Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar poured into neighbouring Bangladesh this week with some feared drowned after a boat sank in a river during a bid to flee escalating violence that has killed at least 86 people and displaced about 30,000.
Some Rohingya refugees have been missing since Tuesday after a group crossed the river Naaf that separates Myanmar and Bangladesh. Those who managed to enter Bangladesh sought shelter in refugee camps or people's homes.
"There was a group of people from our village who crossed the river by boat to come here, but suddenly the boat sank," said Humayun Kabir, the father of three children untraceable since the mishap.
Although many of those on board could swim, and were able to reach the river bank, seven people are still missing, he added, his children among them.
Sirajul Islam, who arrived on Monday at an unregistered camp in Bangladesh's southern coastal town of Teknaf, said he did not know what happened to his eight-member family after soldiers set fire to their home in Rakhine.
"I don't know where my wife and children are," Islam said. "I somehow was able to cross the border to save my life."

 A BBC correspondent, Akbar Hossain on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border has spoken with fleeing Rohingya families who described what was happening in northern Rakhine as "hell on earth".
I had the opportunity to talk to at least five families who fled from their homes in Myanmar to take shelter in Bangladesh, joining more than 500,000 Rohingya Muslims already living here unofficially.
Those I spoke to said the Burmese military are burning the houses of the Rohingya, they are committing torture and women are being raped.
"Instead of responding with military-era style accusations and denials, the government should simply look at the facts and take action to protect all people in Burma, whatever their religion or ethnicity," Human Rights Watch Asia Director Brad Adams said.
He added: "A government with nothing to hide should have no problem granting access to journalists and human rights investigators.''
 But Zaw Htay began to cry on this issue and claimed that all media are posting fake news and only 2 persons are right- Su chi & Then sen.
"The government should end its blanket denial of wrongdoing and blocking of aid agencies, and stop making excuses for keeping international monitors from the area," said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch.