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Rohingya muslims Vs Buddhist monks Vs Aung San Suu Kyi

  Rohingya muslims of Myanmar:

The Rohingya are one of the world's most persecuted minority groups.
The estimated one million Rohingya are seen by Rakhine's Buddhist majority as illegal migrants from Bangladesh. They are denied citizenship by the government despite many having lived there for generations.
Communal violence in Rakhine state in 2012 left scores dead and displaced more than 100,000 people, with many Rohingya still remaining in decrepit camps.
They face widespread discrimination and mistreatment.
The Rohingya are disliked by many in Myanmar, who consider them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, despite many having lived in the country for generations.
Rights groups say the Rohingya population has been subject to severe restrictions on movement and are denied the most basic of human rights.

Are Rohingyas citizens of Myanmar?
Myanmar government denied its citizenship to the Rohingya muslims. They reasoned that Rohingyas arrived from Bangladesh and hence they can't keep in their country. But is it true?
600 years ago, Arakan (now Rakhaine state) king Normekhla seek assylum to Bangla sultan Jaluluddin Shah after loosing a war. Sultan gave him shelter and aided him to re-capture his kingdom in 1430. Some people helped him to clinch the battle from Bangla, king Normekhla asked them to stay in Arakan as gratitude. The Rohingya muslims are the descendants of those people who assisted the king. Thus they are staying in Myanmar from generation to generation since last 600 years. Rohingyas are rightfully Myanmar's citizens, but the government suddenly began to deny.
 The same goes for Bummers who arrived in Myanmar 1200 years ago Tibet. Now they are crying to eliminate Rohingya.

   Can you kill & rape a non-citizen?
Rohingya muslims are citizens of Myanmar, there's no doubt. But assume that they're not citizens, still it doesn't allow Myanmar army & government to commit murders & rapes on them. Can you treat with a man/woman in animal-type manner (kicking their faces-chests-backs, tie with ropes & beat mercilessly, break their hands-legs-limbs)? Which animal allowed you to kill and rape a non-citizen?
 Now its time for the government & Suu ki to ask themselves and look for answers. Because we'll ask these questions again and again. Not just us, the next generations and next will continue to ask.

  Rohingya vs Monks clash:
Here the antagonism is spearheaded by the 969 group, led by a monk, Ashin Wirathu, who was jailed in 2003 for inciting religious hatred. Released in 2012, he has referred to himself bizarrely as "the Burmese Bin Laden".
March saw an outbreak of mob violence directed against Muslims in the town of Meiktila, in central Burma, which left at least 40 dead.
On Tuesday, Buddhist mobs attacked mosques and burned more than 70 homes in Oakkan, north of Rangoon, after a Muslim girl on a bicycle collided with a monk. One person died and nine were injured.
 Since then Rohingyas are being tortured by the monks, army, police, government & civil people.

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  The Buddhist monks of Myanmar:

The monks slipped away from real Buddhist lessons. Now-a-days the monks of Myanmar left prayers and got involved in nasty things like murders, beating, burning houses. Moreover, they continued their sole support to the butcher army & police for treating Rohingyas like animals. These monks are not following real Buddha religion, rather they're turning into demons.

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  What Lord Buddha taught?
Of all the moral precepts instilled in Buddhist monks the promise not to kill comes first, and the principle of non-violence is arguably more central to Buddhism than any other major religion.

  Monks rallied against humanity:
The Buddhist monks of Myanmar began to rally in procession for 2 major reasons-
 1. To push the government & army to attack the Rohingya muslims & kill/beat/rape them in order to reach their final goal 'eliminate Rohingyas from the land of Myanmar'.
 2. If any legal step is taken against the inhuman activities led by the army/police/government, they jump on the road & protest to lift the steps. Besides they made huge protests against UNO fact-finding-team led by Kofi Annan, so that the inhuman treatments against Rohingyas remain undiscovered.

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  The Buddhist monks do pinch:
The monks are really good at pinching. First they pinched against Rohingyas in 2012 to burn down villages and eradicate muslims from their shelters. About 500,000 rohingyas fled to Bangladesh leaving their motherland Myanmar.
 Secondly they pinched the army & police to attack rohingya muslims for any silly reasons. They even motivated the civil people of Myanmar to play aggressive roles against rohingyas.
 Thirdly they pinched to validate the murders, beating, rapes, burning houses led by the army, police & local rogue people. They made processions to stop any investigation or action against these inhuman treatments.
 Fourthly they pinched the government led by Aung San Suu Kyi to abolish Rohingyas from Myanmar by making new rules.

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  The son of devil- Ashin Wirathu:
Ashin Wirathu, who was jailed in 2003 for inciting religious hatred and released in 2012, he has referred to himself bizarrely as "the Burmese Bin Laden".
 This monk pinched other monks & formed 969 group of monks. This group spread hatred among civil people, pinched others to make inhuman treatments to other religions.
 His works prove that he is the son of devil.

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  Aung San Suu Kyi did nothing to stop Rohingya genocide:

Nobel winner Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi didn't take any step to halt the ongoing genocide against Rohingya muslims in Rakhaine state. Her life-long struggles against inhumanity & army's oppression faded with time. We all know that army bothers elected government a little, but that doesn't mean that you can close your eyes and say nothing happened.

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  Backed up the army's murders & rapes:
Aung San Suu Kyi not only kept mum about the Rohingya genocide, but also backed up the evil crackdown led by the army. She aided army by
- Never withdrawn the crackdown
- Didn't take any legal step against the culprits who're committing sins against humanity
- Stopped journalists to enter Rakhaine state in order to hide the fact
- Cut off food and health equipment supplies to Rohingyas

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Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi Oversees Rohingya Genocide

  Banned journalists in Rakhaine state to stop spreading of genocide news:
Probably this is the worst step taken by the government. The elected government prevented any news outflow from the victim region, Rakhaine state. They stopped journalists to enter the area, made sure that the reporters can't collect any news or image or video as proof of the naked crackdown.

  Traveled the world but not burning Rakhaine state:
Suu Ki went out on tours around the world few weeks ago, traveled Singapore & Japan. But she didn't get any time to go to Rakhaine state where mens are slaughtered & beaten and women are raped.
 If she's a good leader then she must have gone to the victim area, watch the naked truth with her own eyes, talk to the victims, console them and take proper actions against the criminals, and surely stop the genocide. But she failed completely.

Protest- Nobel laureates warn Aung San Suu Kyi over 'ethnic cleansing' of

  Limiting ties with the countries who protested Rohingya oppression:
Bangladesh is the close neighbor country where the Rohingyas are dealing with asylums and already burdened with 500,000 refugees. But Myanmar government led by Suu Ki never discussed the burning issue with them. Rather Myanmar postponed two border meetings with Bangladesh.
Malyasia protested the devastating army crackdown. In reply Myanmar stopped sending labors to Malyasia, although it won't bother them.

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