Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did Heidi Montag's Miss Universe 'Body Language' appeal to you?

Heidi Montag, the former playmate who appeared in Mss Universe grand final made some spectacular head-blow jobs.

Were you reading Heidi Montag's "Body Language" or were you too distracted by the real Miss Universe beauty queens stealing her spotlight?

On the Sunday night live telecast, Montag got in a few hair-flinging head tosses, hip thrusts and even yanked off her jacket off to reveal a sparkly, nude-colored pants and bra combo that was Britney Spears-esque -- except more covered up. And what's with the ugly black stripe down the side of the pants?

Then the Miss Universe production interrupted the majority of her dance number with images of the 15 finalists doing a bikini photo shoot in the Bahamas, pushing "Body Language" into background music status. 

Check out Heidi's big moment, with most of the Miss Universe photo shoot cut out:
Really, was it worth it? The dancing was lackluster, and don't even tell us that singing was live. Maybe her mic was only on when she said "Thank you" at the end.