Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 songs of 2015

   6 songs of 2015:
Few songs touched our heart while hundreds of good songs were gifted in 2015. Among them my preferred songs are listed below:

1. Saawan Bairi [Commando- a one man army]


2. Khamoshiyan

3. Parbo Na Ami Charte Toke [borbaad]

4. Banjara [Agnee2]

5. Bolte bolte cholte [Imran-Tisa]

6. Gerua

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hemonter Parod - My 1st novel

After publishing poetry book and writing several short stories, I decided  to write novel. I had numerous plots in my head [for several stories & novels & scripts based on real life things], initially thought to use those plots. But recent serious issues won over my previous plots and I made up my mind to explore those sticky things, so that general public can learn something. After working hard for months to prepare outlines & dialogues, analysis, review issues & completing research on the topics, I finalized the novel that acts to grow public awareness on malwares.

 Hemonter Parod is my first published novel. I started to write since early December and completed by early January, and the novel published on 1st February.

 Hemonter Parod revolves through 3 main characters, 2 lead roles run their lives parallel and situation takes the turn after third quarter. Pranto works as a computer programmer, but bashed by some serious malwares that eventually push him into severe troubles. Soon he learns about the dark sides of malwares & spywares that can kill any people's life or seize any organization or penetrate national security with its viper feature 'zero hour attack', begins to fight, when goons make it more complicated he interacts & resolves with bravery & extended focused head.
Hoimi is good at studies but blessed with splendid beauty. She passes busy time with her thesis works with a view to her upcoming career but things got heated up when she came to know a booming financial formula. With time she learns that the formula can be leading one, and to get hold of it some people like her teacher & thesis partner taste bitter injuries, even faces dangerous threat to herself.

The entire novel is based on real life and real things, so first I thought of making it a simple novel, but its neither romantic nor drama type. Therefore I concluded to make it a thriller revolving real things that matters unlike those typed thrillers with murders & crimes. Its all about our simple lives and real things, not fictious crimes. And I'm really happy to write it in my way.

While writing, I focused on balancing man-woman ratio throughout the novel, left same length & preference to both hero and heroine.

After completing writing, I had to run after publishers for weeks. Some publishers showed disgusting attitudes while some came up with greedy views. But I was really late to come up with my novel as Boi-mela is knocking at the door and the publishers didn't have the time. After vivid search, I got a publisher but without a book fair stall, but he helped a lot.

About the book:
Hemonter Parod
Md. Abu Tarique Lasker
Publisher- Nahid Ahsan Khan
 Nahid Prokashoni
 35, Banglabazar, Dhaka-1100
Cover- Tabassum Mehrin
Compose & Format- Rajib Ghosh
Price- Bdt 150 only

Monday, March 21, 2016


Unpublished posts





    Celebrating 100th post

This is my 100th post on this blog. 7 years ago, I started this blog out of hobby and began to write about things that interest me. Posts boomed on my spare time while got limited on busy mode. My hobby things soon branched to several topics and I'm glad that I could write when it was needed most.
I'm really happy to see its 100th post!

    Dream sees light:
When I began to write blogs, I got a dream and that's to publish my own written book on Amazon. Wao, its done!
Tim Tim, my first poetry book is published and live.

I'm not happy with this book & quality of poems as they're written too quick. I was in a hurry for my upcoming assignment, hence got only 3-4 days to write. It was really quick to think, make outlines, play verses and finalize all things. Anyway, I made it.
I'm sure that the next books will be much better and written well in fair amount of days.