Case study: A poor girl trapped by girl trafficker :
During my stay at home, I heard a heart-breaking story, obviously its true. But this is not the only case, there are numerous and hundred times ugly cases occur almost everyday. Some we can count, most we can't and abandon those. I'll reveal the ugly truth ... Read More

Do you know that illegal transport toll is the prime source of income to major political parties in BD? :
Did you ever ask yourself how the political parties of Bangladesh run their daily activities that cost huge amount of funds? Everybody faces the situation in their day to day lives, but probably miss the deep impacts. The true story may shock anybody. I'll shade light to this issue today. Perhaps you have noticed that all political parties ... Read More

Transport vehicle owners' syndicate :
Dhaka-Khulna route is busy with numerous bus companies along with local routes, Satkhira-Benapol routes added double amount of buses few years ago. 3-4 old bus transport companies like Eagle, Sohag, Hanif exist since the beginning; their vehicle quality was good once but now below average. New companies including Talukdar, Alom brought newer models of vehicles facilitating added flexibility, better frame & quick schedule. While passengers had to struggle to place ... Read More

Qubee double bandwidth offer review :
Qubee is one of the two Wimax operators in Bangladesh. I'm using this service for a year. Wimax service is still very poor in BD compared to other countries. But still, it's worth using. Qubee uses to declare double ... Read More

Brac Bank Review: A bank blessed with useless customer care center :
Since my versity life, I know that all banks of Bangladesh are worthless. These banks can cause lots of pains to users but serve very little. But my recent harassment knows no limit. Brac bank is the ultimate  bank that made my legs kick on they fly. I'm a client of Brac bank since last 3/4 years. I used their ATM card frequently since last year ... Read More

Did Awami league make any mistake nominating Shamim Osman?:
The question may arise ‘did AL mistake nominating a terrorist’. What if Ivy wins and AL’s candidate looses the election? Well, we have already discussed the mathematical factors on BD politics. Now, you know how a political party operates in our lovely country. It’s the high time to discover ... Read More

How Shamim Osman can win Narayanganj city mayor election 2011?:
Nasim Osman, brother of Shamim Osman and eldest son of the great Osman family declared that whatever happens Shamim will be the city mayor. The statement amused people while Ivy’s supporters fell into deep peril. The query is ‘can Shamim win’? Yes, he can win. And again mathematics play vital role here. The Osmans may trigger ... Read More

Why did Awami League nominate Shamim Osman for Narayanganj city mayor election 2011? :
Awami league had to undergo a difficult situation when both Osman and dr. Ivy seek nomination for Narayanganj city mayor election. General people supported Ivy but top leaders preferred Osman. This scenario pushed League into a great trauma. However, Osman won the nomination despite Ivy. And again the mathematics played a vital role for the nomination ... Read More

Bangladeshi politics and mathematics:
Shamim Osman is the selected candidate from Awami league for the election of Narayanganj city. Recently he expressed a fact about politics of our country and confessed that he is very good at mathematics. According to his speech “rajniti purotai mathematics, rajniti depend kore kisu mathematics er opor” and he claimed that BD politics is extremely abide by some mathematical factors. Good candidate, honest political morals go washed away due to these factors. I’ll explore the mathematical factors ... Read More

How to get a "Freedom-fighter certificate" :
Freedom fighter certificate (1971) is the most expected certificate now-a-days. If anybody can manage a certificate then he can get access to several types of facilities offered by Bangladesh Government. In the past we have seen uncounted number of people getting listed as freedom fighter although they never fought in 1971, nor even dream of it. People are buying this certificate ... Read More

December 6th :: India supported Bangladesh as Free Nation :
December 6th, 1971, is a memorable day in history of Bangladesh. In this day India supported Bangladesh as a Freeland, new established country in the map of universe. People of this country were eagerly waiting for ... Read More

Fierce gun battle rages inside the headquarters of the BDR in Dhaka :
Thousands of rounds of gunshots and mortar firing are rocking the BDR Headquarters and adjacent areas in Dhaka as “angry and aggrieved” BDR soldiers launched a violent and armed mutiny against their high command from around. An army helicopter patrolling above the barracks was fired at, and mortar rounds were also fired. One soldier was heard addressing the mutineers by megaphone, saying they should fight the army "by any means". It comes a day after PM Sheikh Hasina visited the HQ to hand out medals. She is featured in photographs ... Read More

Let me bamboo into PSC..... :
PSC chairman 'Sadat Hossain' repeated his 'Ajij style' attempt again. He refused the admit cards for the candidates for 28th BCS Preliminary exam (specially who passed in 27th BCS & attended 27th BCS viva, and sons/daughters of freedom fighters). This g-r-e-a-t guy proved the old proverb 'Rabon has 10 heads, if u cut one, another will replace it', and ... Read More

Sidor pics:

Sidor affected Bangladesh :
Sidor means 'eyes'. From my childhood I grew up hearing the songs 'chokh je moner kotha bole', 'chokh holo sei ayna jake thokano kokhono jayna' etc. I learned that eyes represent the most beautiful organ. My concept turns into strict & rigid one when I watched the marvellous blue eyes of Aishwarya. From then I knew that eyes are the most attractive part ... Read More

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