Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why did Awami League nominate Shamim Osman for Narayanganj city mayor election 2011?

Shamim Osman – part 2:

Awami league had to undergo a difficult situation when both Osman and dr. Ivy seek nomination for Narayanganj city mayor election. General people supported Ivy but top leaders preferred Osman. This scenario pushed League into a great trauma. However, Osman won the nomination despite Ivy. And again the mathematics played a vital role for the nomination. Let see how Osman won the mathematics game.

1. Shamim Osman confirmed huge financial funding for Awami league while Ivy was unable to fund big amount of money to League treasury. Osman has giant money sources through out the city, entire country and even foreign countries. So, he didn’t have any trouble to arrange the money needed for his nomination. Further it aided League to accommodate proper funding for the next general election. League need enormous funds for the upcoming general election and Osman confirmed significant amount of money for his nomination. Assume that Osman managed 10%-20% of total AL funds, and then AL doesn’t have to worry for money. Then why AL should go for Ivy?

2. Osman can support brutal power to AL. He and his terrorist army are capable of fighting, killing and damaging opponents’ properties. He has the ability to control whole city from all point of views. While Ivy is a fair and honest lady who will never tolerate such terrorist activities. AL definitely took this thing into consideration.

3. Osman can provide mass number of volunteers for political activities like meeting, procession and picketing. Assume that Hasina called for a public speech herself and Osman provided over lakhs volunteers to the place. She never has to worry for presence of mass people.

4. Osman is very good at torturing opponents. He used to torture his opponents and even washed away some people forever. Once he stopped Khaleda’s procession in Narayanganj and forced her to get rid of the place. Rumors say that he had records of murders and terrorist acts. AL surely supported this qualification.

5. Osman has potential influence over numerous organizations including business organizations, black-market syndicates, labor organizations, and student organizations and so on. His brothers are at very high positions in FBCCI, BKME and one of them is a MP. He can control the city and do whatever AL demands. Ivy cannot afford such things, thus it turned against her.

6. Osman ha significant connections with foreign lobbyists to operate for them, spread news about then in abroad and engage foreign government decision makers to favor his political party. He remained uncaught while an Interpol red alert was going on for years.

7. He is very obedient and perfect oilier. He knows how to oil his leaders. He frequently remembers top leaders names in front of public appearances and voice ‘joy-bangla’, ‘joy-bongbondhu’. These feature surely please Hasina and other top leaders. He already renamed several institutions and continues to name after top leaders choice. While Ivy really lack the qualities.

Taking all things into consideration, AL confirmed Osman’s nomination. And Ivy failed to win nomination despite her exclusive roles for general people and the city for past 8 years. She was very honest and did all sort of good works that resulted mass betterment for the people of the city. But still AL supported Osman due to the above mathematical factors.

And once again, mathematics wins in politics.

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