Monday, October 24, 2011

Bangladeshi politics and mathematics

Shamim Osman and Mathematics:

Shamim Osman is the selected candidate from Awami league for the election of Narayanganj city. Recently he expressed a fact about politics of our country and confessed that he is very good at mathematics. According to his speech “rajniti purotai mathematics, rajniti depend kore kisu mathematics er opor” and he claimed that BD politics is extremely abide by some mathematical factors. Good candidate, honest political morals go washed away due to these factors. I’ll explore the mathematical factors below.

Mathematics in BD politics:
Politics in Bangladesh truly depend on some mathematical factors. It needs huge funds as well as power in order to survive. If the political fields were honest and candidates were really patriotic then there would be no need for such trauma. Usual math features are –
1. Political parties need huge funds to operate and participate in elections. They need adequate funds to meet up their needs including but not limited to party equipments, house rents, organization costs, employee costs and other preparation costs. Downside of funds [massive amounts] are heavily used to organize procession, strikes, fighting, murders of opponents, hiring as well as bribing government officers, hiring foreign lobbyists, spread nasty news about opponents and so on. To do such things they need enormous money and election is the source of their funding. The candidates who take part in elections carry most costs and ambitious businessmen carry the rest. Therefore, a simple math applies for election candidates “give us money and get the nomination”.
2. Only funding is not enough for a political party. They need power as well as brutal control over areas. To gain such control, they need brutal people and gang leaders who can possess high voltage fighting squads and recruit ugly people who are adept in fighting, killing and damaging. If a political party can have such gang leaders then they are sure to control certain regions.
3. Political parties consistently need volunteer people to attend their processions and meetings. The more people arrive the more successful the program is. Media circulates the mass popularity of a party based on hired supporters and the parties become popular among the crowd. Gang leaders can supply such people either by hiring them by payments or forcing through abuse. Simple math “if you have splendid supply of people then you will win the nomination”.
4. The political parties need influence over numerous organizations including business organizations, black-market syndicates, labor organizations, student organizations and so on. If a candidate has enormous links in such fields then he must get extra advantages. Because parties will need him for their own influence and survival.
5. Political parties need foreign lobbyists to operate for them, spread news about then in abroad and engage foreign government decision makers to favor the political parties. If a candidate has links to efficient lobbyists then he must win privileges from party leaders.
6. Top leaders need followers who can oil them and carry out their orders blindly. Leaders use to calculate followers oiling capacity based on following features –
-How many roads and institutions are named after leaders’ favorite personnel’s? What’s the role of the candidate behind such naming procedures?
-How many times the candidate shows gratitude to the leaders while speaking in public?

These mathematical factors are very common in our country. Each political party that wants to cope with power must deal with the above issues successfully.

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