Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did Awami league make any mistake nominating Shamim Osman?

Shamim Osman and Mathematics – Part 4:

The question may arise ‘did AL mistake nominating a terrorist’. What if Ivy wins and AL’s candidate looses the election? Well, we have already discussed the mathematical factors on BD politics. Now, you know how a political party operates in our lovely country. It’s the high time to discover the inner momentum of AL.

My point of views says that Shamim is the ideal candidate for any political party. Because he has all sorts of qualities an ideal party-bend candidate should have including huge funds, terrorist army, influence over potential personnel and ability to torture opponents. Ivy is a very honest and sincere personnel. But what a party can do with honesty whereas they badly need funds and ability to eliminate opponents? Therefore, AL would never repent for their nomination. But what they will say after the election?

There can be 2 options for AL to face. One is if Ivy wins and other is if Shamim wins. Let’s disclose what would be the policy of AL after election.

1. If Ivy wins and Osman is defeated, then AL will have to play some diplomatic role. They will congratulate Ivy for her glorious victory. And on the other hand, they will console Osman. They will say to Osman that they moved all possible stones to make him win, but the vast people supported Ivy. In that case they can’t do anything, although they took great risk by supporting him against mass people’s preference. Thus, they can continue to get next financial funding, influence over the zone and mass volunteers for their political movements.

2. If Shamim wins and Ivy is defeated then everything will be in AL’s favor. The next day, Awami league will state that they are very pleased with the result and it will be a notice to those people who want to play at their own and against party decision. Ivy may have to undergo some great perils caused by Osmans and AL.

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