Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6th :: India supported Bangladesh as Free Nation

December 6th, 1971, is a memorable day in history of Bangladesh. In this day India supported Bangladesh as a Freeland, new established country in the map of universe. People of this country were eagerly waiting for this day for long time.
Freedom fighters fought for this country for 9 long months, suffered from deem to esteem, did all possible things to make this country free. 3 million people died due to torture of Pakistan (so called Islami republic who didn't hestitate to kill human for the sake of muslim, a true animal-land). Millions of women were tortured by Pakistani armi and our pride 'Rajakars' (more powerful than the freedom fighters). During this independence war people of this country suffered a lot, but never gave up their hopes, the result is ultimate and they gained it by their own try. Freedom fighters were fucking Pakistani army in every sector of Bangladesh, Pak army escaped like dogs.
By this time a strong confessed backing was urgent. Top politicians of Awami league including acting President of Republic Bangladesh, Prime minister of Republic Bangladesh wrote to Indian government several times to support Bnagladesh officially. If any country supports officially our Independence could achieve another decade. Indira Gandhi officially announced their support fro Bangladesh in Parliament in this day. She explained from bean to nuts what happened in East Pakistan and why India is supporting Bangladesh. With this support Bangladesh got a strong backup, able to face US rejection in UNO.

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